OTA complaints causing friction between players, assistant coaches

As Rosenthal pointed out earlier today, the NFL currently is investigating whether two more teams violated the offseason workout rules spelled out in the labor agreement.

Already, the league has punished four teams by taking away multiple sessions of their Organized Teams Activities.

It’s no surprise that an increasing number of league insiders believe that the uptick in OTA violations arises directly from the increase in ticked off players.  As one league source explains it, players have complained more than ever this year regarding the intensity of offseason workouts.  It’s causing friction, we’re told, between players and assistant coaches — particularly those assistant coaches who were players within the past decade.

So where’s it all heading?  As we’ve heard it time and again, the union has for years looked the other way regarding most offseason workout violations because the work done from April to June results in a less intense training-camp experience.

This year, look for that to change.  And look for more players to complain.

The difference?  Nothing in the CBA prevents the coaches from subjecting players during training camp to high-intensity, full-padded, two-a-day practices under the supervision of Denzel Washington.

10 responses to “OTA complaints causing friction between players, assistant coaches

  1. Even in high school and college they have “high-intensity, full-padded, two-a-day practices,” and those kids are doing it for fun. These guys are being paid millions of dollars to play football. Shut up, and go do your work. I guess they’re just mad because they only get, what, three or four months off each year? And they have to wait all the way into their thirties to retire.

  2. ‘As the World Turns’ the NFL gets softer and softer……..
    Someone force-feed these whiners a few clips from ‘Remember the Titans.’
    Happy Fathers’ Day you bums.

  3. Hey Florio! Damn fine link at the end.
    The NFLPA is seriously miscalculating fan reaction to their tactics.
    Players need to realize that stepping out onto the field is not “just a job” to fans who work hard twelve months a year and make a fraction of the money players make.
    When players or their union complain about the intensity and duration of OTAs, it tells fans that players aren’t committed to winning.
    Fans don’t give a damn about the player’s union or rich boys getting richer. We just want our teams to win. If players don’t like that, they can quit and get a real job.

  4. I guess it’s too much to ask that these guys work! I guess they should just make 5 million a year to come in on Sunday and play! The sense of entitlement with today’s NFL players is really ridiculous. Whatever happened to work ethic? Are we scared of hurting their feelings by telling them they need to work hard? Athletes are becoming more and more wimpy and it’s because they’re getting more and more pampered!
    right now these players are all ticked off over what else…MONEY! The absence of salary caps all of a sudden makes them think they’re entitled to a raise…and the majority of them actually deserve a pay CUT! I wish I would go to my job acting like the diva so many of these players are! I know more CHILDREN playing sports with greater fortitude than some of these players!

  5. Coaches are reaping what they sow. It seems like Mike McCarthy of the Packers stays up nights dreaming up excuses to excuse players from practice. The first paragraph of every Packer article is the list of those players trying not to strain a muscle OBSERVING practice.
    If well conditioned players in the prime of life can’t practice during the week, it’s lucky for them they don’t work factory or construction jobs. They’d be crying to the union nonstop. They’d also learn how to work hurt. At the wages earned by the SMALL people, you can’t buy groceries by skipping work without a serious reason.
    I count myself a Packer fan, but they have their share of leakers and prima donnas just like the rest.

  6. If any one of you big, badass posters think you can do what they do without complaining, then get up off your fat, jealous backsides and go try out for the NFL!!!

  7. Please you NFL players, you don’t know what the real world is!!! It would be nice to see somebody who plays because they want to.
    Appreciate the opportunity you have. Otherwise you’re just a spoiled punk!

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