Bengals "open" to contract talks with Cedric Benson

Some Bengals reclamation projections work out very well, thank you.

Cincinnati picked up Cedric Benson off the scrap heap in 2008, then signed him to a two-year, $7 million contract last offseason.  That’s one of the better free agent bargains of the last few seasons.

And like any undervalued NFL player, Benson now wants a raise.  His representatives recently approached the Bengals about a contract extension, according to the Dayton Daily News.  The Bengals are “open” to the idea, but no timetable has been set for talks.

We suspect the Bengals won’t be in a huge hurry.  Benson is only 27 years old, but must prove his career revival is lasting.  Cincinnati should have bigger priorities to re-sign, like cornerback Johnathan Joseph.

After all, Benson won’t be a bargain any longer if the team quickly awards him a raise.

25 responses to “Bengals "open" to contract talks with Cedric Benson

  1. Memo to Bengals – Tell ol’ Ced that he needs to repeat last year’s performance before he gets any more manna from heaven, ’cause a whole lot of us think he ain’t gonna do it…

  2. he deserves an extension without a doubt, Benson has also said this offseason that he would love to retire a Bengal…sign J Jo first, but make no mistake Ced deserves to be paid! Who-Dey!!!

  3. Yeah let’s not rush into giving him a raise. We have to focus on Joseph first and foremost.

  4. Benson’s representatives are still the ones that caused the worthless holdout with the Bears and caused his NFL worthless career to nosedive in Chicago before it ever began.
    Good luck finding any other team that would take an aging RB with a substance abusing past. Just be glad someone is willing to pay Benson much more than most players.

  5. Sorry, 1 year of production doesn’t “deserve” a guy a new contract. Remember, there was a reason why he was on the scrap pile and only got a low salary contract. Do it again and you’ll get paid, here or somewhere else.

  6. “Memo to Bengals – Tell ol’ Ced that he needs to repeat last year’s performance before he gets any more manna from heaven, ’cause a whole lot of us think he ain’t gonna do it…”
    Memo to you – Get a life.

  7. Originally, he signed the 2-year contract because it gave him enough time to showcase his wares while hitting free agency shy of his 30th birthday, allowing him to still get a good payout if he played well.
    Now, he’s going off that plan potentially to be with the Bengals longer-term, potentially at the expense of timing free agency. That may suggest that he actually wants to be in Cincinnati. That’s a good thing, right?
    See if he’s willing to do a deal that benefits everybody, or if he just wants more money.

  8. you mean to tell me he has blown thru the millions he stole from the bears already?he is under contract so don’t rush to resign him or he will go back to being the back who sucked for the bears.

  9. Bob, are you high? Do you have a substance abusing issue? Since when do most teams care about past indiscretions when the more recent news about a player is that they have effectively blown up? And, if the Bengals don’t pay him, someone will, guy’s a beast, and has his head on straight at this point, listen to him talk, listen to his teammates. I’ll be looking for ya come week 1 after his first 100 plus game. Priority should be Joseph no doubt, and I doubt a deal gets done for Benson before the end of the season, but I predict another pretty damn good year from him, and see no reason not to tender a market value three/four year offer at that point.

  10. CAN STAND THE BENGALS,but even i can say that,that wasnt just one of the best free agent pick ups,it was the 2nd best behind brees,the dude has a fire and runs with anger,and yes the bengals make many mistakes,but this is a hugge gem,,,,pains me to say

  11. dont give him the extension. 1) he is getting old, 2) he’ll revert back to his old ways.
    Next year it will be bernard scott’s turn to take the helm.

  12. While I definitely don’t think Ced is a one year wonder, I still don’t think they need to extend him before this season. They need him to prove he can do it again (behind an O-line that now has a year together). I think he’ll prove all you nay-sayers wrong. He has obviously turned himself around and is now ready to commit himself to the game of football. He was put into a $hitty situation in Chicago. So he basically “rebelled” against that. Now he’s in a situation where he’s the true #1 back and doesn’t have to fight a vet for it and he’s showing what he can do when a team shows him love and doesn’t have his own teammates against him.

  13. The way they run him, I don’t expect him back next year. Running backs are easily replaced. Draft a dude next year. You don’t sign a soon to be 28 year old running back to the 4 to 5 year contract he wants. Run him wild this year, and replace him next year with a younger, cheaper guy.
    He should be thankful the Bengals gave him a chance.

  14. Some of you seem to forget that Cedric is asking for a raise from Mike Brown, the man who made Ochocinco blink. Old Mikey is only “open” if he thinks he can get a bargain, and he will get around to the negotiations on his terms, not Cedric’s. Right now, Cedric wouldn’t get more than a loaf of stale bread and a half-empty box of rubber bands.
    I doubt Cedric will get the contract he wants in Cincinnati. He will have to have a monster year to get anything close to what he thinks he deserves. But Old Mikey has a distrust of players over 30, particularly RBs. And given how poorly Rudi Johnson performed after his big contract, Mike is more likely to go rummaging through the scrap heap again than to pay big for Cedric for more than 2 years after this season. (And Cedric will want more years than that.)

  15. Ced has done a fine job. At some point you have to realise a running back is only as good as his Oline. Benson was hurt for several games last year and two different guys stepped in and dropped 100+ yard games. Larry “scrap heap” Johnson and Benard “6th round rookie” Scott. I guess the moral of that story is running backs are a dime a dozen if you have a good rushing offensive line.

  16. Ced was great with a chip on his shoulder, hard to say if he’ll run with same enthusiasm if he gets the fat contract. RB’s are a dime a dozen anymore…

  17. If Ced reverts back to his old ways, why wouldn’t B Scott? I don’t even know what you mean by that, and how you can quantify that, nevermind trying to use it in an argument.
    He’ll be fine this year. The o-line has another year together and is more experienced, (hopefully) Palmer has the necessary weapons to open up the passing game, and Scott should be used more, easing Benson’s work-load.
    I don’t think it’s too early to talk extension.

  18. “Memo to Bengals – Tell ol’ Ced that he needs to repeat last year’s performance before he gets any more manna from heaven, ’cause a whole lot of us think he ain’t gonna do it…”
    Your motivation fuels his fire…KEEP TALKIN! PLEASE! We need all the motivation we can get…Last year 10,000,000 fans said we would be 4-12 and Benson was a BUST! I would say about 5,000,000 of those fans came from Chicago….But keep talkin! You would think after being made to look like an Ass people would shut up! but its a free country if you want to continue to look like an ass YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT! But know this REAL AMERICANS STEP UP and say when they wrong and I look forward to 10,000,000 “I was wrong about the Bengals” comments….KEEP TALKIN!

  19. He has really proved himself over 2 seasons and did it without a passing game.
    Pay the man. Sign him long term. He will only get more expensive.
    He has matured and I don’t know of any “substance abuse” unless you are talking about alchohol. I’m sure at least half of us here get hammered at least once a week.

  20. Sorry, but they are grooming Scott for the starters role, and good young backs come out every year. The 2yr/7mil is probably what he has to look forward to for the next contract. Not saying he doesn’t deserve more, but they will work Scott onto the field alot more this year, not only to keep Benson fresh and healthy, but to lower his value.

  21. sure they’ll just give him bigger incintive money. He does need to prove himself more than just one year. But he’s a beast.. I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

  22. Here’s what Cedric does do in Year 2 of that contract even if he doesn’t put up the same numbers as he did last year………he has made defenses respect the fact that he can break it long at any time, so they can’t cheat. And…….IF Carson can get his act together and the passing game gets off and rolling early……..WOW! What’s the opposing defense going to look to minimize? I would say try to keep the Bengals under 30 a game and pray you can score points on the returning Top 10 defense.
    Holy shit, I’ve got a woody!

  23. thegoldengod- and you have to understand the situation he was thrown into. it was a hostile environment for him. the players didn’t want him there b/c he was there to replace one of them. he was essentially shunned by the locker room. so what’s the guy to do? no i don’t condone the off field issues but most people would probably do some stupid $hit when thrown into a hostile environment like that.

  24. Bottom line though is that This is his contract year. They can sign him now and use all his past, and only 1 year junk as leverage, or risk that he does well again this year and then either really have to pay him, or possibly lose him. A little more now may save them a lot next year.

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