Brandon Marshall makes the Miami radio rounds

NFL_marshall.jpgA couple of months after joining the Dolphins, receiver Brandon Marshall has made his debut on the Miami morning-show radio circuit.  He appeared earlier today with Joe Rose of WQAM and Jorge Sedano of 790 The Ticket.

Sedano brought up Marshall’s one-time feud with former Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, whom Marshall accused of having popcorn muscles.  Fast forward to the present, and Marshall apparently is using Porter’s popcorn machine.  Marshall said that he’s staying at Porter’s South Florida home, and that they’ve ironed out their differences.

Marshall also mused about the possibility of taking snaps in Miami’s highly-regarded Wildcat attack, before quickly pointing out that he was only kidding around.

“I’m glad to be here, and looking forward to the season,” Marshall told Rose.  “I can’t wait to get started.”

Marshall deflected talk that he’ll personally help the team overcome the Jets and the Patriots in the AFC East, pointing instead to the team and expressing a desire to help the running game.

Marshall also said that he prefers balls thrown by Chad Henne to passes from former Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler.  (We’d expect Marshall to say that regardless of whether he believes it, since Henne is the guy who’ll be serving up the passes now.)

And just as the interview with Rose looked to be getting good, with Joe asking Marshall to compare and contrast his current head coach, Tony Sparano, and Marshall’s former head coach, Josh McDaniels, Marshall was disconnected.

Later, Marshall returned, but the question focused only on Sparano, who according to Marshall caused “the hairs on my arm to stand up” on a daily basis.

He also said he’s not the best receiver in the NFL right now, but that he hopes to become the best.

Marshall made the appearances in connection with a youth football camp he’s hosting on Saturday, June 26 at the team’s facility.  It will be free to the first 500 kids who sign up at the team’s web site.

18 responses to “Brandon Marshall makes the Miami radio rounds

  1. I am SHOCKED that Sedano’s overnight radio show on Fox Sports radio didn’t work out. I mean who didn’t want to hear a taped interview with Shaq during Superbowl week?

  2. If Dan Marino in his prime was throwing balls to this guy he still wouldn’t be making the playoffs. Marshall alone is much less of a threat than Duper and Clayton. So BIG DEAL!

  3. The Dolphins dont need much help in beating the juts and pats. The Dolphins have beaten the juts 3 times in a row without Marshall. The Fins typically split with the patzies but a sweep would be progress. They are still the team to beat in the division.
    However, he will help continue that jet beating streak to 5 by end season.

  4. Yes NYMets you’re absolutely right he’s not a threat at all. 3 straight 100 catch seasons, this guy must suck. Hopefully we can get someone better, you know maybe someone who thinks they should catch wide open bombs with their helmet on national tv.

  5. njdorkmets- The Dolphins have enjoyed MANY more winning seasons, playoff victories, AFC championships, Super Bowls, on and on than the hapless jests. You can’t mention both franchises in the same sentance when it comes down to winning.
    That’s why the Dolphins rank #2 in the NFL in winning % while the wobegotten wets rank #7th worst. Try to do better next time with something mildly inteligent. Good luck with that.

  6. Nymets/jets fans with another foolish comment. Every time you post its about Marino. I realize you find him attractive but a restraining order is a restraining order. Keep your 200ft distance please. Oh yea, BM will make Henne look as close to Marino as any WR ever could, so don’t mancrush on him once it happens.

  7. nymets u never cease to amaze me. whats your beef with dan marino? when he was around he made 5 or 6 consecutive playoff appearances. when have the jets or the mets done that?

  8. Jet fans why do you insist on coming onto the phins board and make such stupid comments…. Do I now sound like all you d-bag loser jet fans now. Jealous b/c we have a better QB, RBs and WRs????
    Yeah I would rather have stone hands or your suspended receiver – no doubt. You really got us there……..

  9. i used to listen to sedonos show on fox overnights and wow it was terrible. he was the host but the other cast mates were all funnier and clever than him. im sure his brandon marshall interview was awful

  10. I found out NYMETS true identity….Florio, you can stop with the comments, we already know your an idiot. You don’t need to use your alter ego.

  11. he’s our Ron Artest… glad to have him, fingers crossed he doesn’t have an “episode.”

  12. I know it’s still early, but he has said and done all the right things since arriving in Miami. Hopefully all the off field nonsense is finally behind him.

  13. Dolfans:
    Over the last 12 years The Jets are 18-6 vs. Miami.
    During that period the Jets have swept Miami 7 times. Miami has swept twice. The Jets beat Miami 8 in a row from 98 to 02 and won 8 out of 9 from 04-08. Yes, Miami swept last year but the Jets went to the AFC Championship game and even had the Jets swept Miami the best they could have still done was road team in the Championship game, which the Jets were. And lets not forget the Jets 44-38 all time head to head lead. And for about 34 of those games you had Dan Marino.
    I expect Miami to fold up like a cheap suit as they do EVERY year. After they lose to Buffalo in the opener they will be well on their way.

  14. mets –
    i almost agree with everything you wrote about the last 12 years. for most of that stretch the games were tight but somehow miami did fold down in the end – it seemed like everytime.
    as a dolphins fan (in NJ nonetheless) i had to respect the grit the jets showed in crunch time – be it at the end of the season or the end of the game.
    but this team the dolphins have is different (although we did blow the end of games and the end of last season hahaha).
    if they were the same dolphins last season, we would have found a way to lose the monday nighter at home and surely that fiasco in East Rutherford would have been a loss.
    i think the jets have good reasons to be excited this season. but i wouldnt consider the dolphins a walk in the park for 2 reasons- they always play the jets tight – and somehow we pulled out those 2 games last year. maybe a miracle – maybe not.

  15. Fanboy — The Dolphins are certainly a dangerous team. I think Henne is a good player and will be better this season. If Marshall can keep his attitude shut he’s a great addition. The Jets wanted him as you know. Although I doubt they’ll make the playoffs a win against Miami is no given. The Jets are no slam dunk either especially with these contractual issues.

  16. @nymets
    yes, the Fins have been known for choking in December.
    You mention the last 12 years, Since you use that time frame, your Jets have won 2 more regular reason games in those 12 years.
    Well, since you are including our 1-15 season in those numbers and YOUR 1-15 season happened 14 years ago, it’s only fair to go back 14 years instead. If you do that, then the Fins have won 5 more regular season games. Go back to 1990 and they have won 19 more games and if you went back to 1980, they won 50 more.
    All the knocking on the Fins just goes to show the jealousy that your fan base has for a team that has been better than the Jets historically. They have accomplished more than the Jets historically and will continue to do so.
    I have respect for your team. There is a collection of good talent there, but that is where it stops. For the most part, I have no repsect for Jet fans, except for a few that actually are a bit objective about what’s going on.

  17. I’ll take Henne over Sanchez anyday.
    I’ll take Marshall and Hartline over the entire Jet WR core.
    I’ll take our O-line (9 excellent players) over yours.
    I’ll take Ronnie, Rickey and Lex over Greene and Tomlinson.
    And the defenses are more even than Jet fans will realize. Just wait til Nolan install the same chaotic blitzes that he taught fatty Rex to use.

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