Chris Johnson is mindful of 30-day rule

The 30-day rule may be the best leverage teams have right now against holdouts.

In a recent interview with Michael Smith of ESPN, Chris Johnson was very mindful of the rule that states he must report to the Titans at least 30 days prior to the start of the regular season or lose a year credited to free agency.

“So [Johnson] could stage a brief holdout but doesn’t
want to be in
more or less in the same position next year,” Smith wrote on Twitter.

Translation: The Titans know Johnson must show up by August 10, so they don’t have to worry much.

Florio wrote about the implications of the rule a few weeks back, but we doubt its significance has caught on.  The New York Daily News ran a splashy column this weekend saying it made no sense for Darrelle Revis not to holdout and that he wasn’t likely to lose his nerve into late August and September.

It will take a lot more than nerve to risk losing a year towards free agency, when Revis is only entering his fourth season.

17 responses to “Chris Johnson is mindful of 30-day rule

  1. Question: What if he shows up but does not perform?
    Be lazy or don´t do team drills at all??

  2. For Revis it may not make sense because he supposedly has an out in his contract after this year, but CJ is locked up long term anyway and would be in the same postiion next year unless he gets a new deal, so why not do it now?
    He is worth a lot more than 550K, unless gets injured playing for that amount before he gets a new deal.
    I think he should change to CB anyway if he wants to get real NFL money like Revis or Asomogha.

  3. Free agency doesn’t mean much to starting RBs since they tend to be spent by the time they are allowed to hit the open market.
    Johnson needs to hold out regardless of the cost or he may never get paid.

  4. “He is worth a lot more than 550K”
    @Harm City Homer,
    First of all he’s getting a lot more than 550k as a portion of the signing bonus applies and just because he received it in advance doesn’t me it no longer counts.
    Second, he still has to prove he can do what he has for more than 1 or 2 years, and the fact that he already wants a new contract is disgusting and greedy. I hope the Titans make him play out the full contact.

  5. Free agency for Chris Johnson isn’t going to be that big of a deal. In three years his value will be much lower and teams don’t really ever get into bidding wars to begin with.
    Chris Johnson needs to come up with a reasonable number and say he either gets paid that or he retires- DONE…
    I guarantee the guy will be paid- fans will buy tickets just to see him- he is really unique right now due to his speed- and that speed isnt going to last- it may leave him three years from now very easily.

  6. Well if you strain a hamstring then i guess you’d just have to sit out practices huh? CJohnson would be wise to have something “tighten up” on him. The Titans can risk their entire season by not taking care of him.

  7. I hope he skips out on all of this practice then only runs for like 500 yards this year…then we will see how much he is “worth”..

  8. Being one of the best players in the N.F.L.for Johnson the time is now… the Titans should also use this time to get a better (incentive ladden)deal than having to shell out more bonus money later…

  9. “Florio wrote about the implications of the rule a few weeks back, but we doubt its significance has caught on. ”
    The NFL is a business and most of the players have a competent agent and good legal counsel. I know Florio views most of the players as dumb jocks, but try and not let this site choke on its own hubris.

  10. @Harris hits
    His contract is worth a total of 14 million dollars. Which means his signing bonus is probably worth 6 or 7 million. That would bump his salary for this year to around 2 million, thats STILL underpaid for a player of his caliber. And even more if if goes into training camp and has a career ending injury, the Titans can cut him and the money he has now is all the money he will ever see from the NFL.
    Showing up is way to risky of bussiness move for him.

  11. I usually think guys should just play out their deals as signed but if I were Johnson or Revis I wouldn’t play until I got paid fairly.
    Teams don’t live up to their contracts either. They can cut you at will. Why shouldn’t players who are way outperforming their deal use whatever leverage they have. RBs don’t last long. I would be trying to get everything I could and would risk the 500k to do so.
    Sit out or have a pulled hammy, migraines, light headed etc for the entire season if necessary.
    You run for 2k and you should be seeing the team at your door ready to lock you up long term. If the Titans play hardball – I would too.

  12. It should read Chris Jonhson is mindless of the 30 day rule. Or mind full of non english words…He received about $14 Million already. Damn expensive teeth CJ….

  13. @ jungle juice – big signing/roster bonuses balance out the fact that a team can drop you at any time. In two seasons I believe CJ has collected 4.9 mil.

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