Michael Dean Perry says Fridge is getting better

Former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Michael Dean Perry says his brother, the 1980s Bears star William “Refrigerator” Perry, is recovering from an illness that struck him last year.

Michael Dean Perry says Fridge has some hearing loss but has gotten better after a bout with Guillain-Barre syndrome last year.

When a patient has Guillain-Barre, his immune system attacks his body’s peripheral nerves.

Last year there were reports that the Fridge, whose girth was celebrated during his playing days, had been so sick that he weighed only 200 pounds, but Michael Dean Perry says Fridge is back up to around 330 pounds.

Refrigerator Perry played for the Bears from 1985 to 1993 and for the Eagles in 1993 and 1994. Michael Dean Perry played for the Browns from 1988 to 1994, for the Broncos from 1995 to 1997 and played one game for the Chiefs in 1997.

16 responses to “Michael Dean Perry says Fridge is getting better

  1. Cheers to you Fridge. I liked watching you play because you always had that big smile on your face, there was no doubt you were having a good time.

  2. Michael Dean Perry sounds like he should have been in 80’s movies with Molly Ringwald.

  3. Call me naive, but why would a doctor encourage you to go back up to 330, if you battled weight your whole life and dropped down to 200lbs?

  4. “there were reports that the Fridge … had been so sick that he weighed only 200 pounds, but Michael Dean Perry says Fridge is back up to around 330 pounds.”
    Yer doin’ it wrong. I wouldn’t call 330 pounds on any non-active former football player “healthy” by any stretch. Perry was arguably much healthier (at least in a cardiovascular sense) when he got down to 200.

  5. wish him the best.. and what made the bears vs bengals game better this past year?? for one.. benson raping them.. for two they lined peko up at full back.. haha mini fridge

  6. I’m very happy to hear the Fridge is getting better. Watching a loved one consumed by disease is very tough.
    In sort of related news, the M.D.P. was the best burger McDonald’s ever offered!!

  7. Only in this country is putting on 100 pounds considered “getting healthy”.

  8. Yeah, how can you be happy that he’s “back up to around 330” when he was 200. If the Guillain-Barre syndrome didn’t get him, at that weight, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart problems, etc., will.

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