Saints likely dumped Bobby McCray to avoid $1.25 million roster bonus

Why did the Saints cut defensive end Bobby McCray on June 21?  In only 10 days, they owed him a $1.25 million roster bonus.

Per a league source, the team did not attempt to negotiate any reduction to the contract or delay in the bonus.  Instead, they simply dumped him.

Said McCray on the matter, per WWL-TV:  “I’m speechless.”

And so the Saints won’t owe him the $1.25 million roster bonus or a $2 million base salary in 2010.

So much for the uncapped year.

20 responses to “Saints likely dumped Bobby McCray to avoid $1.25 million roster bonus

  1. “So much for the uncapped year.”
    What the hell are you talking about? The Saints are paying Jahri Evans $18m or so this year and have a payroll in the $150m range even after this cut. Leave your cheapness implications for teams that it actually applies to.

  2. Keep this move in mind when all of you owner-apologists fuss and cry about a player not wanting to “live up to the contract they signed”. Loyalty works in both directions or it works in neither direction.
    Where is the outcry when a team refuses to live up to the contract they also signed- and a man winds up without a job because of it?
    Cue all the “these guys make millions for playing a game” parrots. I guarantee you Tom Benson has more money in the cushions of his couch than this guy has in the world.

  3. Sadly, this is the kind of world we live in. And it’s only going to get worse. Over optimizing and trying to be ultra efficient in everything we do is going to hurt everyone.

  4. Teams that stand pat year to year lose.
    The Saints have made the decision to move forward.

  5. To realitypolice. Your argument is false. The contract includes the provision for the owner to cancel and the player accepted and signed the contract.
    You may say it is a favorable contract for the owner, but it is still the contract the player agreed to.

  6. I hear ya “Ray”, but don’t you find this move a little confusing? Bobby was not making big money and we are not exactly stacked on the ends. Even if he was just there for depth, his price was reasonable, so why not keep him? This move just does not make any sense. I hope there is more to this than just the $1.25M bonus.

  7. The AINTS can thank BOBBY MCRAY for his dirty hits on Brett Favre or they wouldnt have rings right now!!

  8. Obviously if the Saints wanted McCray they would keep him regardless of the extra $1.25 million. They must have decided he wasn’t going to be able to contribute next year.

  9. I’ve lived in Louisiana all my life (careful w/ the redneck jokes), and I was an Aints fan up until the 90s. Enjoyed rooting for the Dome Patrol & Bobby Hebert back in the 80s and still have his jersey. But I finally wised up, realized what a complete con man Benson is, & stopped calling myself a fan after the Mora fiasco. After watching Benson unload Championship caliber talent time after time, I finally lost interest in a team that has NO INTEREST in promoting a winner.
    Well now that they’ve won, that’s all changed right? Not exactly. In order for the Aints to win last yr. it took 6 TOs by the Vikings, and Peyton Mannings patented choking job at the end of the SB. Throw in a few questionable calls, & the onside kick that was bobbled by Kendra’s hubby for good measure. Granted Brees is a machine to be sure, & due plenty of credit. But mark my words this won’t be the last Aint who gets cut, traded, or dumped on if Benson has anything to say about it.
    The Dome patrol got dismantled shortly after their 12-4 yr. in 87. Sam Mills had to go to Carolina to finish up what should eventually be a HOF career. Rickey Jackson had to finish at the hated 49ers to get into the HOF as the first Aint EVER. Hebert & Morten Anderson were sent packing to the Falcons, and the Aints went back to their losing ways. Until Haslett found a way to steal the Division crown from the Rams in 2000. Shortly thereafter though Aaron Brooks fell out of favor, Ricky Williams was traded away, & the rest of that championship caliber team was unloaded. The Aints began losing again.
    Now after Benson fired a couple of GMs over the last couple of yrs., threatened within DAYS of Katrina to move the team to San Antonio because the cheapskate wanted more money, & has generally done NOTHING but screw Louisiana tax payers out of their money? NOW New Orleans has woken up to a SB championship, & a HOF QB. Who wants to make a bet with me that Benson’s not going to keep them around for very long? Trust me he’ll find some way to mess things up, & it will no doubt center around MONEY. Once a snake always a snake, & until that slimeball gives up the Aints, I won’t be a fan of that squad. Not that it matters, there’s so many bandwagon jumpers getting on board they won’t notice one fans absence. I’m just looking forward to the day when Benson brings the Aints back to N.O. Which should be in just a few yrs. if history serves as a guide.

  10. To realitypolice. Your argument is false. The contract includes the provision for the owner to cancel and the player accepted and signed the contract.
    You may say it is a favorable contract for the owner, but it is still the contract the player agreed to.

  11. Just look at the facts 2009 stats are 12 tackles and 1.5 sacks. With the new players coming in chances are he does not make the team. After OTAs he was out played dump him now save the money. Nothing wrong with that.

  12. Are you guys that are crying over fairness even football fans? BooHoo, the mean owners cut a player…. The player is now jobless…. What a joke. Grow up and face the real world. He will be signed again to another multi-million dollar contract in just a couple weeks so don’t cry for him.
    The Saints have the 5th highest payroll.
    Need a tissue? I figured you would have dried out your tear ducts by now. How many more excuses can you guys come up with? Now that Bobby is gone, maybe your coach won’t have 12 in the huddle. Or maybe your team can hold on to the ball. Or not throw last minute interceptions. Or give up 40 yard returns in the kickoff in overtime.

  13. NFL teams are no different than any other employer — even YOUR employer.
    If you’re not delivering, or they can save a buck, it’s good bye.
    Welcome to America 2010.
    Why is anyone surprised?

  14. LA_Rams_Fan, you are a typical turncoat who knows nothing about how the NFL game works. Your diatribe is filled with errors.
    It was 5 turnovers (and all but 1 was forced by the defense), and Peyton Manning, like him or not, is one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play. Many supposed Saints fans have stated for years that the Saints trade away their best players, well here are the facts. Rickey Jackson was at the end of his rope and was no longer a Pro Bowl player who wanted a ring and chose to go to San Fran. Sam Mills was a stud and the Saints were wrong to let him leave. Tom Benson has never been cheap, that’s just the opinion of many who don’t know the facts. He had done a terrible job of hiring the right people to run the organization after Jim Finks died but he spent money, for example – they paid Michael Haynes top 5 receiver money, Renaldo Turnbull was paid ridiculously, they traded up to get Rickey Williams, paid Drew Brees 60 million coming off a shoulder injury, etc. (the one good move) And there are many more examples.
    Bobby Hebert was, at best, a servicable quarterback. Only people here in LA think he was anything more. To say we are bandwagon really indicates how much of an idiot you are. How can you on one hand claim we’ve sucked for so long and then make that claim when we are in the 2nd smallest market in the NFL. To help you understand, Chicago on a given Sunday has 1% of it’s population in Soldier Field. The Saints have 10% of the total population in the Dome.
    You probably became a Rams fan when the won the Superbowl!

  15. truthhurts says:
    June 21, 2010 5:26 PM
    To realitypolice. Your argument is false. The contract includes the provision for the owner to cancel and the player accepted and signed the contract.
    You may say it is a favorable contract for the owner, but it is still the contract the player agreed to.
    And the process as established allows players to hold out if they are willing to accept the consequences. It is the only weapon they have to get ownership to re-negotiate and extend contracts that have been outperformed. The witholding of services is standard labor practice in hundreds of industries.
    Yet when players use the hold out to exert pressure on management, they are blasted.
    And when billionaire owners put someone on the unemployment line to save 1.25 million, people on here trip all over themselves to defend ownership.
    I find that ironic given the fact the overwhelming majority of the people on here are most likely in situations much closer to McCray’s than Benson’s, that they would probably support Benson 5 to 1.
    There is this over riding myth on here that contracts are some sort of sacred covenant, only to be broken by God, and that players who attempt to get out of them are Satan himself. As a business person who has negotiated contracts of various types for over 15 years, I can tell you that contracts in all aspects of business are altered, amended, broken, renegotiated, litigated, transferred, cancelled, and otherwise abused on a daily basis all over the world. It’s not personal, it’s just business.
    I’m not even saying the owners are wrong for cutting players, I’m just asking for people here to apply a little balance before knee-jerkedly (new word!) siding against players all of the time.

  16. LA_Rams_Fan ,
    4 paragraphs and hardly a single correct statement. How did you manage that??

  17. Football is the only sport where sometimes as much as 40-60% of a contract is collected up front before a down is ever played. The owners and players know the risks. They chose the system.

  18. He probably ate all the star caps looking for the vicodin….either way…life goes on!
    Should have tried to trade him unless he due to be suspended and PFT hasn’t contacted TMZ to figure it out!
    TWO DAT!

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