Zygi Wilf refinances his debt

The Vikings have closed a loan that finances the debt incurred by Zygi Wilf when he bought the team five years ago, according to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal.

Per the report, the acquisition debt now stands at $135 million.  When Wilf bought the team, he borrowed $175 million.  So his debt has been reduced by . . . engaging abacus . . . $40 million.

As Kaplan points out, the NFLPA has bristled at a recent attempt by teams to pay down debt in large chunks, since that money could instead go to the players.

Speaking of the players, the fact that Wilf’s payments will surely continue to be due on the debt even if there’s a work stoppage represents the primary reason why the union would love to block the league’s ability to continue to receive television money during a lockout or a strike.  With those payments, the owners have a lot of leverage; without them, the pendulum swings decidedly toward the players.