Giants pick their punter, Matt Dodge

The Giants waived five players on Monday, including punter Jy Bond, signaling that they’ve chosen Matt Dodge to be their punter in the regular season.

The Giants took Dodge in the seventh round of the draft, days after veteran punter Jeff Feagles told coach Tom Coughlin he was planning to retire. Dodge had been competing with Bond, a former Australian football player, and appears to have won the competition.

Dodge punted for three years at East Carolina and was known for having both a strong leg and the ability to kill the ball inside the 20-yard line.

The Giants also waived waived defensive back Vince Anderson, tight end Carson Butler and linebackers Lee Campbell and Micah Johnson.

14 responses to “Giants pick their punter, Matt Dodge

  1. Good thing they got the punter locked up. I bet all of the Giants fans can rest much easier tonight.

  2. I went to school w/ Matt Dodge and he is a beast. Huge dude, always in the workout room, could definitely of played tight-end. I’ll just never forget his punt that went behind him… Definitely not the most accurate kicker, needs to get the punt off quicker and work on direction.

  3. Now that they have Dodge they can go after Carter “Bullett” Rutherford and Big Gus they can have a team.

  4. damnit…. I did not want them to cut Micah Johnson. I think he is going to turn out to be one of those UDFA gems.

  5. I went to school with him to when he was at App State. Got kicked off the team after the 2005 season for steroid usage.

  6. red4skins says:
    June 22, 2010 9:10 AM
    Ray Guy Award winner i believe… ’08?
    No, not Matt Dodge. Your thinking of Matt Fodge, signed by Dallas in 2009 and cut before training camp. Nice try though…

  7. When doing their job right punters can change the direction of a game. Jeff Feagles proved that point many, many times. If he hadn’t he certainly would not have played for as long as he did. Most punters’ careers end with one final cut. Feagles got the rare opportunity to end his career on his own terms plus walk away with a very well earned Super Bowl ring, and a great reputation both on-and-off the field. Hey, any player could do a whole lot worst than that nevermind the position they play. You listening out there, Albert?
    Good luck to Matt Dodge

  8. The Giants got a big bang for the buck with this kid. He’s not only a great punter, but can also kick -off, and I mean to the end zone! On top of that, he is built like an inside linebacker and likes to put his helmet on returners and knock the snot out of them. I wish we could have got him down here in Miami!

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