Jeff Fisher: Chris Johnson has some catching up to do

Titans running back Chris Johnson is only six months removed from one of the best seasons in football history. But in the last six months Johnson has been staying away from the team in a contract holdout, and coach Jeff Fisher says that means Johnson is falling behind.

“Not only has he missed the conditioning, but from an offensive standpoint he hasn’t had a day with his new running backs coach,” Fisher said. “So he’s missed a lot. . . . He’ll have some catching up to do. And it’s certainly better for everyone involved if he is familiar with whatever changes and special types of things we’re doing for him offensively.”

It’s true, Fisher fired Earnest Byner and replaced him with Kennedy Pola as the Titans’ running backs coach this offseason, so Johnson hasn’t worked with his position coach yet. But Johnson’s teammate, receiver Nate Washington, said he’s sure Johnson can get ready quickly even if he misses the entire offseason.

“C.J. is not a football illiterate person,” Washington said. “He has been playing football his whole life, and we are very confident he has been working out. We are not worried about where he’ll be at physically or where he’ll be at mentally. . . . Everything he’s missed, that can be caught up.”

21 responses to “Jeff Fisher: Chris Johnson has some catching up to do

  1. Yeah let’s see…….. Fire the guy who helped get a running back to 2000 yards and pretty much saved you from having a 4-12 season?
    Oh yeah and the same back, who did great, needs to get back into camp because he needs to learn something from his new position coach? GTFO. Jeff Fisher needs to be fired like Shanahan.

  2. He wants to be paid right up there with the highest paid quarterbacks and hes only had one great season. Hes gonna be worn down soon….
    Id trade him.

  3. “C.J. is not a football illiterate person,” Washington said.
    He’s just a more generally illiterate person.

  4. “He has been playing football his whole life”
    Haven’t most people in the NFL. And please spare us all the anecdotes about those few people that were walk-ons. My point is, obviously he is familiar with the game of football.

  5. Marv_Sleezy – I agree trade him now. CJ has only had one good season and now wants tons of money. I agree with his, its not far his backup is making more money then he is but still you need to prove you are worth that money. 1 good season does not prove anything.

  6. @lilwhiteguy1 says:
    June 22, 2010 12:10 PM
    “C.J. is not a football illiterate person,” Washington said.
    He’s just a more generally illiterate person.
    couldn’t have said it any better myself……

  7. “Chris Johnson has some catching up to do”
    We’re gonna need him to come in on Saturday.

  8. “C.J. is not a football illiterate person,” Washington said.
    I’m glad he put that “football” qualifier in there. 😉

  9. And you thought your last performance review was a bit harsh? Did Earnest steal Fisher’s lunch from the fridge or something?

  10. Why was Byner fired when his lead RB ran for 2000? That had to be unprecedented… he even had to put up with LenWhale. Instead of being fired he should have been Knighted or given Saint status.
    I agree that Johnson is football literate…. as evidenced by the fact that football plays consist of pictures and very few words on the page… because if the plays had the plsyers’ assignments written out, his lack of reading literacy would seriously hold him back because he seems like a really moronic person.
    I wonder if the Titans could present him with a “new” contract and tell CJ what it says and have him put his little “X” next to the signature part only to have given him the same contract he signed when he was a rookie. I guess morons like CJ is why there are agents.

  11. themage78, I think you’re giving a little too much credit to an RB coach for a back having a record-setting season and improving the teams record. As if Johnson wouldn’t have accomplished much without him on the sidelines. More likely a case of him being blamed for the lack of progress of all the other running backs, along with recognition that Johnson only needed to be handed the ball then run like a bat out of hell.

  12. @lilwhiteguy1 says:
    June 22, 2010 12:10 PM
    “C.J. is not a football illiterate person,” Washington said.
    He’s just a more generally illiterate person.
    ==================== ============
    “couldn’t have said it any better myself……”
    Neither could Chris Johnson.

  13. Vince Young gets in a fight in a stripper’s dressing room and Jeff Fisher is worried about the league’s leading rusher catching up? If anyone has some catching up to do it is Javon Ringer, he is only 3,186 yards behind C.J.

  14. “Just finished my camp had a great time in nashville with the kids”
    A tweet from CJ a few days ago on twitter. Yes, the guy can read, type and spell. Yes, he uses slang on most of his posts, as do many athletes.
    How many of you who post here use perfect grammar or syntax? He’s a nice young man [from the projects] who stays out of trouble, works hard (ask his teammates how hard he practices and works out during the season, he works out hard during the off season too, just not at OTAs).
    One year wonder? he had 1228 yards (4.9 yds/carry & made Pro Bowl) in his rookie year, 2008)
    He is quite productive at his job, how about some of you haters, how’s your job going?

  15. Michael F clearly has not heard johnson try to speak. I put “try” in there for very obvious reasons.

  16. @ Michael F
    My job is going so well that I am ahead of the work I have to do so I can comment on here to let you know about it. The use of his slang or whatever you want to call it is a general problem with all of the youth in this country from the projects to the rich kids.

  17. Alright everyone beat me to the “football illetrate” joke that just wrote itself. That is funny and I do not see how one could think that he thinks CJ can read anything other than a defense.
    It is a good thing he is the fastest guy in the NFL and everyone has an even harder time keeping up with him, when he is running…
    If I was him, there is no way I would show up and even play RB for 550K. He coud most likley get that racing Hussain Bolt or a horse in the 100.
    I am not sure what the rules are, but he should change to CB or WR anyway. Look at LT, LJ, Brandon Jacobs, Westbrook. RBs do not last. Tiki Barber is already off TV and Ronde is still in the NFL. Just play CB and return some kicks or punts or part time like Reggie Bush.

  18. wow!! u titan fans hate CJ trade him 2 bflo for a 5th round pick and marshawn lynch. we will be happy 2 take him off your hands!!!

  19. Yeah, it’ll be real hard to catch up.
    “Chris, when Vince Young hands you the ball, run as fast as you can for the end zone. When Vince Young DOESN’T hand you the ball try to find where he fumbled it and fall on it.”

  20. Here’s my problem with CJ, he signed a contract for “said cash” and now it’s not good enough for him. Did he sign the contract originally thinking he would put up a season of poor numbers?

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