Court denies request for expedited appeal in StarCaps case

When it comes to the popularity of its product, the NFL has had a great year.  When it comes to the performance of its lawyers, the NFL has had a crappy year.

Rochelle Olson of the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports that the Minnesota Court of Appeals has denied a request from the league to expedite the appeal of the NFL’s victory in the StarCaps case.

Vikings defensive tackles Pat and Kevin Williams proved that the league violated Minnesota law by failing to give them timely notice of their positive test results for Bumetanide, the secret, active ingredient in the over-the-counter diet product known as StarCaps.  But Judge Gary Larson found that the violation did not justify blocking the four-game suspensions imposed on the players.

That said, Larson ruled that the suspensions should not be imposed until the appeals process expires. 

Thus, by refusing the league’s request for an expedited appeal, the players almost certainly will be able to play for all of the 2010 season, especially since another level of appellate review remains available to them.

For Pat Williams, a 37-year-old who has expressed in the past a desire to resolve the case, the ruling could mean that he’ll never be suspended — he thought about retiring after the 2009 season, and he has said multiple times that he’d like to win a championship and call it quits.

For the league, the setback comes on the heels of a stunning 9-0 ruling by a typically-divided U.S. Supreme Court on the question of whether the NFL constitutes a single entity under antitrust laws, and also only days after the league suffered yet another defeat regarding the interpretation of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

24 responses to “Court denies request for expedited appeal in StarCaps case

  1. I wish these fat assholes would just take their 4 game suspension that THEY DESERVE, so I never have to hear the word “starcaps” again.

  2. Even as a Packer fan I don’t care anymore. It is too late to suspend them. Better luck next time.

  3. # jahrasta311 says: June 23, 2010 6:15 PM
    I wish these fat assholes would just take their 4 game suspension that THEY DESERVE, so I never have to hear the word “starcaps” again.
    your ignorant ass keeps hearing about it because they actually have a case…

  4. Typical biqueen homer judge making sure the roid wall can play longer. Was their any doubt he was going rule for his hometown players?
    I for one will be glad when they move that pos franchise to LA and play by the same laws as the rest of the league.

  5. jahrasta311 — Go read the facts before you post something stupid again. StarCaps is a legal product that can be purchased by anyone ata retail fitness store. The ingredient in StarCaps that is banned by the NFL was NOT listed on the packaging with the other ingredients, meaning there is no reason to believe the Williamses or any other players knew it was in there. The NFL knew about it, but failed to tell the players, instead opting to let the ingest the product, then try to nail them with a suspension. So get lost.

  6. The NFL doesn’t care about their players. They knew about starcaps a long time but failed to add them to the list. The turf sucks too.

  7. I agree that they have a case otherwise we wouldn’t be hearing about it. Bottomline is the NFL messedup, they should admit it, give these guys small fines and be done with it. What are the players supposed to do, test everything they recieve over the counter..NOT GOING TO HAPPEN………THE WALL will play the entire 2010 season..not good for the teams we play..TRY running on the WALL…not very good odds!!

  8. The lesson here is: Go ahead and cheat, if your caught they still won’t punish you.

  9. These steroid maskers and their phoney Star Cap excuse will be suspended.
    It is simply outragious for allegedly grown men argue that like babies they are not responsible for what they put in their mouth.
    Like little boys they have whined and cried that they should not be held accountable for their actions.
    Real men would stand up and take their punishment and get over with it.
    They will have paid multiple game checks to their lawyers when the outcome will inevitably be the same as if they had apologized and take the punishment like real and honorable men.
    With no expedited appeal the vikings defense will line up a prior steroid abuser at Left End,
    2 Steroid Maskers at Defensive Tackle,
    and a multiple DUI offender at Right End, A DUI offender at CB and they have an LB caught abusing steroids last season.
    When Commissioner Goodell will franchises be held accountable for failing to discipline their players?

  10. i get a kick out of people saying “what a non-story” or “this isn’t newsworthy”. anyone who’s spent more that 5 minutes on this site should realize that the bulk of what gets published here is exactly that. how can you be surprised???

  11. f*** you goodell. you’ve spent more time on this than the real cheaters/criminals in this league. you let them get off with a slap on the wrist, but you throw everything at the starcaps case. moron.

  12. Wow, NFL plants acting like fans. Nice. Yes, we all feel really badly for you having to hear about starcaps man, if only there were a zillion other websites you could read and comment on……..
    These players took an over the counter supplement, and even called the NFL hotline to inquire about it, the hotline had no info, and they took it to lose weight.
    Talking about what they ‘deserve’ is silly. They deserve to be left alone and allowed to pursue their careers. If the hotline cannot provide useful information then it should not exist. Players cannot be expected to run their own testing labs to determine contents of over the counter drugs.
    Also, you are an asshole.

  13. sven_ftw says:
    June 23, 2010 6:27 PM
    keeps hearing about it because they actually have a case…
    Only in front of a home town judge with an agenda and a bias. I bet if they moved the case to Nebraska (or any state without a football team) the roid wall would be sitting for 4 games rather quickly. But we cant have the biqueens going by the same laws as every other team can we?

  14. @sven: what freakin case do they have? the NFL has ITS OWN RULES, and these two violated it. They knew what they were getting into when they joined the LEAGUE. Because the STATE has different laws should not apply to them because EVERYONE else in the league has to follow these rules, not just these two.
    With that said, they will retire without ever getting suspended (At least Patty will anyways).

  15. If they actually had a case, this would be over with. They broke the rules. Plain and simple. Knowingly or unknowingly.

  16. The football gods are not amused. Last year’s championship game demonstrates that you can’t totally cheat the system and get away with it.
    How many games in NFL history does one team outgained the other by over 200 yards, have a time of possession in their favor by 2 to 1 and still lose? Some blame the turnovers and Chilly’s 12th man in the huddle but I chalk it up to just plain ol bad karma.
    The good news is the longer the Williams sister fight this, the longer the football gods will not smile on the Vikings.

  17. The football gods continue to smile on the Vikings and allow them to keep the Williams Wall on the field. And the football gods continue to punish the Packers with the Favre Curse – post Favre, 0 division titles, 0 playoff wins, 1 dropkick OT choke by Rodgers.

  18. Jimmy/Bob…..(or is it Boob)Nelson/Smoking Joe:
    All viking haters…..GOD BLESS THE VIKES!!!!
    Also, little Jimmy, I think you have the curse wrong:
    Ever since your green and puke have started Erin Rodgers, essentially running Favre out of town, YOU STILL HAVE ZERO PLAYOFF WINS!!
    Now, that is an angry football god!!!!!
    Favre has more playoff victories in ONE YEAR with our beloved purple than your girl Erin has in 5 YEARS.
    I know you are challenged by this new math, so please read slower or have your 4th grade neighbor read it for you!

  19. rovibe/sven/anyone else who thinks they should serve their DESERVED suspension:
    Charles Grant and Will Smith.
    That is all.

  20. “Favre has more playoff victories in ONE YEAR with our beloved purple than your girl Erin has in 5 YEARS”
    Rodgers didn’t become starting QB until 2008, dumbass.

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