Giants sign Mitch Petrus, Matt Dodge

The New York Giants have their fifth-round and seventh-round draft picks in the fold.

The Giants’ Pat Hanlon tweeted that the team has signed fifth-round pick Mitch Petrus and seventh-round pick Matt Dodge.

Petrus, a guard from Arkansas, tied the bench press record at the scouting combine by putting up 225 pounds 45 times.

Dodge was drafted after longtime punter Jeff Feagles decided to retire, and the Giants placed their faith in him as their punter for 2010 by releasing the only other punter on the roster, Jy Bond.

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  1. 2010 New York Giants Draft
    1 15 Jason Pierre-Paul DE 6-5 270 South Florida –
    2 46 Linval Joseph DT 6-4 328 East Carolina –
    3 76 Chad Jones FS 6-2 221 LSU – Signed
    4 115 Phillip Dillard LB 6-0 245 Nebraska – Signed
    5 147 Mitch Petrus OG 6-3 310 Arkansas – Signed
    6 184 Adrian Tracy DE 6-3 248 William & Mary – Signed
    7 221 Matt Dodge P 6-1 224 East Carolina – Signed

  2. wins in extra time. a tie would not have been good enough to advance. and for second game in a row had a perfectly good goal disallowed by a ref!
    worse reffing than hochuli!

  3. Thanks, jerks, I had the game on DVR and was hoping to watch it later. WTF; this is a FOOTBALL site?

  4. Yes this is a football site and a damn good one. Unfortunately while there are a handful of knowledgeable commenter’s for the most part they are jerks, very juvenile, constantly repeat the same old nonsense know very little about football and simply like to bash their team’s divisional rivals with their childish posts. I wish Mom would revoke their computer privileges so we would not have to read through the B.S. to find some realistic adult conversation about the NFL.

  5. “I wish Mom would revoke their computer privileges”
    Said the guy who wrote a comment that was the equivalent of a temper tantrum. Classic “everybody’s a douche but me” attitude.

  6. A temper tantrum? Just saying I’d like to see more post actually about football than all the mud slinging.

  7. Here, here. Unfortunately, since the merge with NBC, the main goal has been to increase “clicks”, so more and more posts are deliberately inflammatory. Mud slinging generates more revenue than actual football analysis. Don’t know how long you’ve been here, but way back when, it really was focused on football and the ongoing discussion of the sport. Sure, a few mud fights broke out here and there, but nothing like it is now. Sad, really. I thought Florio’s ongoing legal analysis of the Mike Vick criminal case as it unfolded was some of the best sport reporting that had been done in years. It was borderline criminal that he didn’t receive more recognition for it. However, it appears that level of quality and insight has suffered the same fate as one of Vick’s dogs that had lost it’s match.

  8. You are correct of course. Florio knows if he post’s some meaningless story about the Steelers he’s going to get 50 or so posts about Ben the serial rapist or a Jets story same thing with Rex Ryan being fat etc. Shame really but if the commentors wouldn’t take the bait he would have to up the quality.

  9. @ jram and east
    Is it that time of month?

  10. “Is it that time of month?”
    No, your wife said she was good to go. Sorry if you spent twenty minutes looking up the meaning of “inflammatory”. On the upside, it’s good for you to learn a new word now and then. Makes your lunch break at WalMart more engaging.

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