IRS, Illinois attorney general scrutinize Chris Zorich Foundation

When Chris Zorich played for the Bears, you could hardly turn on the local news in Chicago without seeing a story about his Christmas toy drives, his Thanksgiving meal donations and his hospital visits. But new questions are being raised about how scrupulous Zorich was in his charitable activities.

Jared S. Hopkins of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Chris Zorich Charitable Foundation never distributed hundreds of thousands of dollars it raised, that the Internal Revenue Service filed a $10,000 lien against the charity and that the Illinois attorney general’s office, which canceled the charity’s registration six years ago, said it was trying to reach Zorich for an explanation about the charity’s operations.

Zorich told the Tribune he forgot about the $864,645 in assets the charity said it had when it last filed a tax return, in 2002, and that he assumes the money is still in the bank but can’t produce a bank statement to prove it.

I was kind of concentrating on other things, not necessarily that the foundation was up to par,” Zorich said. “To find out things weren’t in order is kind of shocking to me.”

Zorich said the charity closed in 2008, even though its web site is still urging people to mail donations.

Zorich played football at Notre Dame and is also a graduate of its law school, although he did not pass the bar exam. He currently works for Notre Dame’s athletic department as Manager of Student Welfare & Development.

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  1. I thought Mike Rotunda gave up that gimmick when he went back to WCW as M. Wallstreet.

  2. back in 2005 I sent the foundation an email and called them on the phone because i had obtained a Zorich game used jersey and wanted him to sign it. I offered them a $100 donation to the foundation if I could mail them the jersey, have it signed and pay to have it sent back. I’m pretty sure Zorich was lucky to get the standard $25 “signing show fee” for his signature at the time so I felt my offer was more than fair. I was told someone would get back to me and I never heard another word from them. $100 isn’t a lot of money but it would’ve provided several meals for some needy kids, no doubt. Apparently the organization wasn’t being run using the best of help.

  3. What a BS’er this idiot is. He is as crooked as Blagojevich what a state! FIBs should be proud

  4. RossyRoss says: “FIBs should be proud”
    You bet we are! By the way, is RossyRoss your gay porn star name? Kinda sounds like Dirk Diggler (except a lot shorter).

  5. This never would have happened if the Bears had moved him to middle linebacker like they should have…

  6. “RossyRoss says:
    Jun 23, 2010 12:43 PM
    What a BS’er this idiot is. He is as crooked as Blagojevich what a state! FIBs should be proud”


    As proud of them as you are of Mark Chmura, Paul Hornung, Latrell Sprewell, Johnny Jolly, and your lovely Gov Walker.

    By the way, to complete my order, I’d like fries with that.

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