NBC parts ways with Tiki Barber

The spectacularly disappointing run of Tiki Barber at NBC is over.

PFT confirmed two months back that NBC Sports did not renew Tiki Barber’s contract on Football Night in America, a decision that was made before his personal life became tabloid fodder in New York.

We can now pass along that Barber’s role with the Today Show also officially ended, according to the New York Post.  (I knew he was on borrowed time when my wife gave two big thumbs down years ago.)

The item was buried in the latest update on Barber’s divorce proceedings, in which Tiki’s “friends” accuse Ginny Barber of spending too much money and trying to “bleed him dry.” 

We could include more details, but the entire episode depresses us.

21 responses to “NBC parts ways with Tiki Barber

  1. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.
    Hey, Tiki, it’s tough to kiss up to the housewives of America when you leave your eight-months-pregnant wife for a woman half your age…

  2. NBC = no black conservatives. They’re thinking about changing their name to NC, just to make their stance official.

  3. You are SUCH hypocrites! Florio works for NBC, so he barely makes a mention of this whole episode in the blog. But Jeff Ireland makes a stupid remark (reported second-hand BTW, which presumably an alleged lawyer like Florio would know is heresay & thus inadmissable), & this blog goes 24-7 beating it to death.

  4. Has anyone ever fallen farther faster than Tiki? He was the most popular football player in town when he retired. Now he is routinely booed. And that was before leaving his pregnant wife!

  5. NBC should dump itself. Its virtually bankrupt (content wise) what with its psycho-Liberal, ObaMao is god agenda…

  6. NBC should dump itself. Its virtually bankrupt (content wise) what with its psycho-Liberal, ObaMao is god agenda…

  7. Meanwhile Florio is thinking…. “pick me, pick me – oh God, please pick me!!!!”

  8. The only reason Barber ever got on TV in the first place was that, to use the cliche, “chicks dig him”. I could never understand it, but it was so widely true. Now that he’s screwed that up, there’s no point in the network keeping him.

  9. Careful young Rosenthal… if your wife reads your work, she may take exception to your refering to her big thumbs. There is only one thing on your wife’s body you should ever say is big, and it isn’t a thumb.

  10. Oh look an ex-jock turned TV personality who turned out to be a douchebag…….Stunning.

  11. Screw Tiki! He says he is broke? Ask Ronde for some money! I am sure Fox will pick him up and team up with Strahan and they can discuss the problem with women in their lives!

  12. If Millen were to get fired then incompetent morons everywhere would have to be concerned about their jobs.

  13. Finally NBC got something right. Now it is time for them to review, closely, Matt Lauer’s contract in the reports of several alleged affairs. We women, who make up your audience, to not approve or want to listen to a Host that is also an adulterer and does not practice what he preaches. Bring back Stone Phillips or one of the other popular NBC hosts that were cut along the way. I am wondering if it is time to move over to GMA. That said, I wonder if the young chick, the glorified mistress to the rich and famous former footballer, will stick around when her honey has no money!

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