PFTV looks at the Steve Smith situation

So the Carolina Panthers have decided not to pursue any money from Steve Smith.

A smart move, Ken Lucas would say.

But that doesn’t mean the situation doesn’t deserve further discussion.  So here’s some more discussion.


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  1. The situation doesn’t deserve one minute of further discussion. Smith could just as easily have gotten hurt lifting weights or running sprints, both of which would be encouraged by the Panthers.
    Teams want their players to stay in shape in the offseason. If Smith includes flag football games as part of his off-season regimen, he shouldn’t be punished for it. I know it’s in his contract that he won’t play football, but in this case the Panthers should obviously exercise a little discretion.
    Do you think the Raiders would have been pissed if Jamarcus Russell had played a few flag football games to stay in shape instead of showing up for camp every year looking like a walrus?

  2. Get rid of Steve Smith?! For T.O.?!?! Not worth the trouble?! Are you suffering from some sort of mental disease??? Is this real life?
    Maybe the worst little PFTV segment I’ve ever watched.

  3. Florio’s constant bashing of Steve Smith show him for the sensational hack journalist that he is. Smith called him out for saying that Smith had problems with Clausen, which was a flat-out lie, and now Florio is doing everything in his power to drag Smith’s name through the mud.
    Not only that, but all of the jokes are old and tired. How many times are you going to make the same jokes about Smith?
    We can all tell by now, Florio, that you’re wittle feelings are hurt. Give it a rest. Steve Smith is one of the best at his profession; you are one of the worst at your own.

  4. haha florio, your like a spurned ex girlfriend…steve doesn’t like you you don’t like him move on with your life.

  5. I really need to get some of dat whacky weed that Flo MUST be hittin’ in the VW Bus!!!!!
    I DON’T WATCH YOUR LAME MOVIES, BUT I can figure out what was said…….
    Once again, LAME MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I talked to a source that i must protect, i hope you can respect that, and they said they they saw someone that saw someone talk to someone that spoke with someone close to the situation. They said Florio was a tool and a worthless hack. Leave Superman alone or he will mess you up. 89 Forever!
    P.S. TO over Smith? just another sign that you have no clue about football. Trade Smith’s past for TO’s past? Your sir are a FOOL.

  7. Florio, you punk-@ss biatch, you need to just step away from this situation. You’ve lost all credibility now.
    I better not hear you call yourself a journalist.
    Here’s the challenge for you, douchebag. Why don’t you ask Steve Smith for an interview for your 2-bit webcast. Oh, and make it face-to-face.

  8. I actually heard from someone that went to college with Florio. I would trust this source with my life. He says that Florio was quite the experimenter in college, and I don’t mean in the computer lab.

  9. @realitypolice
    You don’t get it. He has breached his contract. The teams have that clause in there because engaging in any number of prohibited activities substantially increases the chance of injury when there is already plenty of risk in team activities, not because they get all happy and fuzzy warm feelings when players do things they’re not supposed to be doing.
    The would be entirely right to fine or suspend him for doing so.

  10. Florio, your only valid comment came at about the 1:12 mark. The rest of that was garbage and ignorance.

  11. You guys sound like you could ref some world cup matches! T.O. for Steve Smith? Not even in T.O’s wetdream! Team Obliterator sure has picked up a new team in a hurry. How much longer until your run with NBC is canceled? Was this segment supposed to be funny?

  12. @Bite-me-Florio
    I can confirm that the person that saw someone talk to someone that spoke with someone close to the situation, told me the same thing !

  13. “PFT Looks at the Steve Smith Situation” and PFT looks more pathetic than Sid whatshisname.
    Beaux Berry says:
    “Steve Smith is one of the best at his profession; you are one of the worst at your own.”
    I have to agree.
    He wants Steve gone. For over an infraction.
    He didn’t beat puppies. He didn’t rape an underaged girl. He didn’t shoot himself in the leg with an unregistered weapon. He didn’t run over someone. He was driving drunk and tweeting at the same time.
    But Mike makes him sound like he did.
    Let it go, dude.
    Cause Carolina ain’t gonna let Steve go.

  14. if you think reality police doesn’t get it, then YOU don’t get it, dude. you don’t know what smith means to carolina and what carolina means to smith…his point was that discretion and decent judgment should be used. it would probably be justifiable to fine him IF he were a diva wide receiver that wanted a new deal every year and didn’t show up to half the team activities. he may miss the preseason games…big effin deal…carolina is right to not dollar and dollar and dollar a superstar who never quibbled about his pay or bitched about his organization. if athletes were more like smith, they’d get the benefit of a doubt too…but there are not many players like smith, and carolina is smart enough to see that.

  15. Being Steve Smith’s bitch really makes your butthole hurt, doesn’t it Florio.
    How about a report on how scared you were to talk to Smith face-to-face when you made a comment about him you couldn’t back up?
    I think you are more trouble than you are worth to PFT and you should be let go and replaced with Len Pasturbelly.

  16. Not only should the Panther’s rid themselves of Smith, they should also scrap the entire 2010 season, and bulldoze their stadium flat to the ground. That will be a lesson to the next guy who thinks it’s ok to play flag football with toddlers during the off-season.

  17. I don’t understand how anybody could swap Steve Smith for another wide receiver. And honestly, I’d rather Steve smith of the giants over T.O.

  18. Florio, I am not watching the video but being that out of 23 comments, not one person sides with you or even defends you. I am confident that I am not missing anything. I have been coming to this site for about a year, and I have gradually seen your support dwindle to a handful of people.
    This is not an exaggeration or a stab, but my 11 year old daughter has more football sense than you do. Yes you have unnamed sources, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about football.
    Your success with this website is such an illusion. You get alot of traffic here but not because you’re a journalist, because people come to watch other “fans” let you have it. You’re like the principal sitting in the dunking booth at the fair who thinks the students come because they like him.

  19. —-reality police posted–The situation doesn’t deserve one minute of further discussion. Smith could just as easily have gotten hurt lifting weights or running sprints, both of which would be encouraged by the Panthers.——
    This is exactly right. If the injury had occurred during “non-contact route drills” no one woud have a problem with it. But since it was an organized rec league everyone is freaking out. But for a WR… isn’t that pretty much what flag football is “non-contact route drills”?

  20. Florio, your hatred for Smith can only be rivaled by the level of hypocracy in your blog.
    You call out Smith’s character…then recommend the best known team CANCER in the league as his replacement.
    There is only ONE PART of your job that you do well…. and that is write garbage so inflamatory that people (myself included, against better judgement since 2/3 of this is baiting people for just that) feel compelled to respond.

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