Babin criticizes Seahawks coaching staff

It took me a while to remember that defensive end Jason Babin even played for the Seahawks.

(And it may take some of you time to remember who Babin is: a former Texans first-round pick that has bounced around the league, last with the Eagles.)

But Babin’s time in Seattle under Mike Holmgren left a mark on him, and he compared the experience to the excellent coaching he’s received in Tennessee.

“I think the biggest thing here is just that I’m getting coached,” Babin told the Tennessean. “In Seattle, they didn’t want me, didn’t coach me, didn’t talk
to me. Here, I’m wanted. I’m getting coached. [Jim Washburn] tells me I
what need to work on, tells me what I need to work on and boom, boom,
boom, it works.”

That tends to happen with Washburn, perhaps the best defensive line coach in football. 

What happened in Seattle could very well be a reflection of a team where the G.M. and coach were not on the same page.

25 responses to “Babin criticizes Seahawks coaching staff

  1. Who the hell cares what Bill Babin thinks? He doesn’t even have a wiki-page, loser.

  2. I actually didnt think this guy was that bad as a backup role last year but I guess know the Eagles were going to drop 6 draft picks on DE’s. (3 for Graham, 1 for Te’O, 1 for Sapp, 1 for Tapp)

  3. Now we’re posting stories about a mediocre player criticizing a coaching staff that hasn’t been at the lousy team in 3 years?
    Seriouly, why don’t you find some ‘where are they now’ pieces? It would be better than this garbage.
    Man I can’t wait for September.

  4. …or just a whinebag player looking to pin the blame for his bust status on someone else.

  5. That was two coaching staffs ago so the headline should read Babin critizes former coaching staff. The bigger issue here is he was a first round pick, really?

  6. Yeah, Babin hasn’t been very good. But the Schmohawks’ staff has done their share of sucking, as well. Actually Babin and the Schmohawks seemed like a match made in the NFC Worst cellar. Oh wait…

  7. headrush4you says:
    June 24, 2010 4:12 PM
    Who the hell cares what Bill Babin thinks? He doesn’t even have a wiki-page, loser
    Who is “Bill Babin”? Seriously, the guy’s name is Jason Babin… a former first round draft choice that anybody other than a casual fan would know.
    So who’s the loser, the guy that plays in the NFL and gets paid handsomely for it, or a douchebag with a 1st grade reading level commenting on a sport he clearly knows nothing about>

  8. Oh ya Holmgren really sucked didn’t he QB_of-the-future? Can you name the last time they finished last? Oh ya and all their front office was hired as GM’s or other executive positions with other teams. I won’t bore you with all the names since you have no idea what the F you’re talking about anyways…
    Oh wait what???….finish your sentence.

  9. Who are you idiots? I’m with Brasho – most football fans know Babin.
    He is a solid player – and the fact that he keeps PLAYING in the NFL (as opposed to sitting) says a lot.

  10. Get out, Jason Babin is a Titan?
    I saw “…criticizes Seahawks coaching staff”, and instantly thought he was talking about Carroll’s staff.

  11. I’m with GoLions…more than causal knows babin…i’m not even in the same conference and I know this..come on playas!!

  12. I’m a texans fan and I remember when we drafted Babin…everyone said “who is this guy??”….after all the years, I think everyone is still saying the same thing….guy has no reason to criticize anyone….1st round pick my @$$

  13. C’mon Gregg, he’s criticizing the previous coaching staff. A.K.A.- no longer the Seahawks coaching staff

  14. I’m of the minority when it comes to this guy. I watched a few Texans games when he was with them and saw some real potential there. Maybe Washburn can help flip the switch. I think he can play.
    headrush4you: What an appropriate handle. It’s Jason Babin. In between doobers, have fun searching wiki for Bill Babin.

  15. of course you do sleepless, he is from michigan and went to college in that state. no offense against the texans, but what were they thinking? this guy’s regular season is called the exhibition season. i mean this guy is a total waste of a draft pick

  16. He’s been in the league since 2004 and he’s still waiting around for people to tell him how to play his position ? Is it any wonder he’s been on 5 teams in 6 years ?
    I’m a Texans fan (yeah, it’s as frustrating as you think). Trust me when I tell you that we’re ALL waiting for Jason Babin to take even one game to show he was worth a 1st round pick.
    We could have drafted Karlos Dansby, Chris Snee, Matt Schaub, Michael Turner, Jarad Allen, Wes Welker or any of the 16 other Pro Bowlers and 100 serviceable, full-time starters picked after Babin (27th pick in the 1st round). Thank you Charlie Casserly … U F N A H O L E !

  17. At least you guys got Mario Williams. That ended up being a great pick! Babin will never live up to his first round hype. Hell, he isn’t even mediocre and bounces from team to team more than Kim Kardashian.

  18. Nothing but a tatted up wrestler wanna-be who has perfected the patty cake spin move to nowhere.

  19. i’m with 23… 5 teams, 6 years, and now he is finally getting the coaching he needs???

  20. Come on fellas – you know as well as I do that no one (unless they work the fry machine) does well in any job without continuous coaching. NFL players are just the same.
    Let’s see what happens this year.

  21. Babin…isn’t he the one that went red-shirt because he couldn’t deliver for the SeaHawks with a fake injury shoulder? He was a liar cheater in his personal life in Michigan, why not on the field? He always blames somebody else for his being a fool. Why not a coach three years ago?

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