Crunch time for the Jaguars

So I was driving to Pittsburgh yesterday morning and Bob Papa and Ross Tucker of Sirius NFL Radio were devoting plenty of time to the crisis in Jacksonville. 

Though the team supposedly has been selling plenty of tickets (as former Jags standout Tony Boselli has pointed out to us via Twitter), the fact remains that the editor of the team’s website has sounded the alarm regarding the importance of selling enough tickets. 

So where are things heading in Jacksonville?  PFTV ponders the situation.


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  1. Dear Mike,
    The ask Vic segment released on the 18th of this month also included this” It was carefully considered and the decision was made, not for the purpose of punishing those who don’t have tickets, but to reward those who do have tickets because adding value to a season ticket might help sell more of them. ”
    I am now a proud season ticket holder and will be for the long haul. The jags have sold more tickets this year than any other team in the NFL and have a great renewal rate of over 90%. Mr.Freeman.Real sports reporters collect facts then report them…

  2. No way Tebow would “save the franchise.” He would temporarily help ticket sales. Nothing more.

  3. So where are things heading in Jacksonville?
    Ladies and gents….. meet your 2012 Los Angeles Jaguars!!!

  4. I agree with Florio-Jacksonville will be moving to LA at some point in the next few years, or sooner. The fans in Jacksonville are passionate but there are not enough of them. It is puzzling that the NFL even put a franchise in Jacksonville to begin with, as it is a very small market. The expansion franchise in 1995 should have gone to Baltimore (though Baltimore did eventually get the Cleveland Browns a bit later).

  5. my god Michael Silver….I mean Florio, You REALLY don’t even BOTHER to read peoples comments…that or you purposely blab swill like this to anger the fans in order to only increase the number of hits to your site. Tebow made NO SENSE here in Jacksonville. For a lawyer to be giving out business advice makes me understand why you started and obviously devote more time to this site instead of your legal practice. You are dangerously close to comminting slander with your accusations against Wayne Weaver. You ignore the FACTS that everyone from Mike Dempsey to Tony Boselli continue to give you and then broadcast your asinine “theories” that have NO fact or merit behind them. NO source and NO fact equal yellow journalism. Good thing your a lawyer because I believe Wayne Weaver is on line one. and I personally hope he sues you, your pathetic site and leaves both you and little on the streets. So, once again, from the Jacksonville Jaguars and the people of the city of Jacksonville…F**K YOU FLORIO

  6. To quote the great Yogi Berra, this is deja vu all over again. Every year this time of year, the “dead zone” we get this Jags to leave siren call. We have gone through this as long as I can remember and you know what? The Jags are still in Jacksonville.
    We’ll be fine.

  7. and here comes Florio’s little gay chrous tooting his lies as gospel…You would think Florio was Tebow himself.

  8. @mama tried
    Dude the Ladies and gents….. meet your 2012 Los Angeles Jaguars!!! thing is getting pretty old it is about as worn out as “Stay Classy”

  9. “So where are things heading in Jacksonville?
    Ladies and gents….. meet your 2012 Los Angeles Jaguars!!!
    Someone needs to consult a map…

  10. dafish says:
    June 24, 2010 9:14 AM
    To quote the great Yogi Berra, this is deja vu all over again. Every year this time of year, the “dead zone” we get this Jags to leave siren call. We have gone through this as long as I can remember and you know what? The Jags are still in Jacksonville.
    We’ll be fine.
    THIS! We’ll said…

  11. Haven’t the Jaguars been “getting ready to move to LA” for a while now? For almost as long as the “Texans will bust into the playoffs”.

  12. This is not a shot at other teams & other fanbases, but the fact is that the Lions & Raiders had worse attendance figures last year than the Jaguars did. Our fanbase still has serious work to do, but the Jags have sold over 12,000 new season tickets thus far.
    Ticket sales are not just a Jaguar problem. In ’08, the Jags had NO blackouts. The Raiders have had multiple blackouts for years. Hell, last season the Bengals needed an extension to avoid a blackout of a PLAYOFF game. The Bucs’ owners have stated they expect multiple blackouts for this upcoming season. The Vikings’ owner states they will not extend the lease on the Metrodome & there’s no new stadium in sight. There’s nothing wrong with the Jags’ stadium except empty seats from last year that will be filled this year.
    Bottom line is, we’re not the only team with ticket sales issues, we’re just the only team that it gets reported about.

  13. If I was a Jags fan, I would be really pissed at Florio.
    Think about it: if the Jags had drafted Tebow, he’d be whining on PFTV about how they didn’t address their “real needs” and instead drafted someone who’d help sell tickets. Since they drafted Tebow, he spews this crap.
    Isn’t it possible the Jags just drafted a player who they think would best help, you know, the football team?

  14. Gotta love how Florio buys into the whole “Hometown Hero” angle, as if Tebow rekindle fan interest in the Jags and rescue the struggling franchise simply by showing up.
    Remind me….how did the whole “hometown hero” angle work out for Brady Quinn?
    For that matter, why didn’t the Browns make the Ravens an offer they couldn’t refuse and bring in OSU fan favorite Troy Smith?
    Could it be because the whole feelgood/hometown-boy angle is nothing but a big steaming pile of media-driven crap?

  15. Slow Joe said it so well it has to be repeated:
    And seeing how Gene Smith is the new Bill Polian (minus the being a douchebag part) it makes even more sense.
    Win on the field and everything else will take care of itself. Drafting Timmy will not help you win on the field.

  16. Jacksonville is NOT an NFL town……..bottom line……….The NFL should NEVER have gone there…… is beyond moronic. The only reason Jax got a franchise in the first place is becasue the NFL didn’t want to have to decide between Balt and ST. Louis……..when that is the main reason, you are bound to fail!

  17. No, no, no….it’s the Vikings that will be moving. You wanna know how I found out? BobNelson and JimmySmith posted it on the message boards.

  18. I laughed so hard when I read this from today’s Ask Vic column I had to repost it here. Mostly the last line though…
    Ray from Nampa, ID
    I lived in Jacksonville for two years and I miss the city a lot. What’s your favorite reason for living in the Greater Jacksonville area?
    Vic: My job covering the Jaguars is the reason I’m here and it’s introduced me to a world of things I love about Jacksonville. I love the weather in the winter. I love putting on a sweater or a light jacket and walking down one of Jacksonville’s beautiful fairways in January, because I love to play golf and I love the golf courses in Jacksonville. I love South Hampton and North Hampton and Long Point and every point in between, and I love the “Ask Vic” golf tournament because my favorite golf hole in the world is number 18 at Osprey Cove. I love the beach and I hate it that I don’t go there more often. I love the fact that I’ve made so many friends, despite my abrasive personality and annoying accent. I love Jacksonville’s location; the mountains aren’t that far away and neither is Myrtle Beach. When I still had family in Pittsburgh, I would drive back there every summer before training camp began and I loved the drive through the low country and over the mountains. I miss that drive. Most of all, I love game days in Jacksonville. Yeah, I’d love them anywhere, but game day has its own feel in Jacksonville and the feel I like best is that crisp, clean and sunny late-season weather that makes you happy to be alive. I hate the fact that we have ticket-sales issues right now and I’m going to love writing the story that’ll pronounce the general bowl seats sold out and all games to be televised locally in 2010. I have no doubt will link to that story and help us celebrate our triumph, and I’m gonna love it.

  19. The two outside consulting firms that the Jaguars paid to investigate how many season tickets would be purchased as a result of drafting Tim Tebow concluded that they could expect to sell an additional 2000-2500 season tickets by drafting him. That many tickets is not enough to save the team and after a season of seeing him on the sidelines, some of those would be lost the next year. It’s probably a safe bet that addressing the weakest spot on your team and winning more games will result in a greater increase of tickets sold than drafting Tim Tebow. Winning early would increase ticket sales for later in the year and a winning season would create an increase for next year.

  20. I want to bang my head everytime I read this freaking CRAP.
    I just bought season tickets this year for the FIRST time, not because I felt that I ‘had’ to but because I’ve been a diehard fan since I was 9 years old and I’m finally in a position to afford them…and it’s extremely annoying to read this shit over and over again, isn’t there anything else you can report? I mean..really?!

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