Chad Jones alert after accident, still in surgery

The most serious injuries to Giants safety Chad Jones after his devastating car crash on Friday were to his left ankle and leg, WDSU in New Orleans reports.

The injuries are reportedly career-threatening, but not life-threatening.  Amputation remains an option.  (PFT reported earlier doctors were trying to save Jones’ leg.)  Juan Kincaid of WWL-TV writes that Jones shattered his tibia
and fibula
and suffered severe lacerations to his thigh.  Jones remains in surgery, where he’s been for more than three hours.

Two passengers were in Jones’ vehicle at the time of the accident, and remarkably only suffered minor injuries.  They were not taken to the hospital. 

It reportedly took 20 minutes, on the other hand, to extricate Jones from his mangled car.  Jones’ father, a New Orleans school principal Al Jones, said that his son was alert after the accident.

“My understanding is that he was awake and he actually gave my cell
phone to the police officer who was talking to him,” Jones told the Baton Rouge Advocate.

New Orleans police also revealed they charged Jones with “careless operation of a vehicle.” The police also said
they would be looking at toxicology reports.

UPDATE: Jones is expected to be in surgery for the next few hours, according to Newsday.

16 responses to “Chad Jones alert after accident, still in surgery

  1. I’m glad he signed a contract already. Not sure how any of that works, but I seriously hope he didn’t just wreck himself out of all he’s worked for financially speaking.

  2. I hope he ends up being OK and I really hope he was not out driving under the infuance.

  3. Good luck kid, I hope they can save your leg and you can make a comeback, some day. See you in 2011.

  4. I watched the video on of them removing him from the wreakage and it looked like his right leg was in worse shape than his left. Either way, hope he’s going to be ok.

  5. i relate to him…i was hit by a train 4 years ago, and severed the main artery in my leg and my sciatic nerve. i still have no feeling below my knee, but i now can walk, run, and jump. Obviously not on an NFL type level, but i am alive and still have my leg.
    I understand every bit of what he is going through, and i wish him the best. He just has to stay positive, and know how fortunate he is, no matter what. I’ll pray for him, and wish him a speedy recovery. Its going to be a long road, but he will find out more about himself than he ever thought possible…I did.

  6. That really sucks, hopefully he can keep his leg, even if he cannot play football anymore. Hopefully all goes in his favour, no one deseves this or any injury.

  7. I remember watching him play in the CWS last year against Texas. He’s a great personality and appeared to love everything about both football and baseball. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.

  8. Very sad–a tremendous athlete doing the stupid things that many of us did at that age. Of course I am assuming he was on the wrong side of 7:15 AM…

  9. Poor guy. Hope he recovers. Being a Giants safety must be a curse. A guy’s career should never end before it even begins. Even as an Eagles fan I hope for a speedy recovery

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