Does Brian Westbrook have more options?

The Rams, Redskins and Broncos have been publicly identified as the three teams that could sign free agent running back Brian Westbrook, who seems to be taking his sweet old time about deciding where to play in 2010.

But is Westbrook taking a long time to sign because he’s sorting through more than three offers?

That’s what Steve Wyche of said Thursday on NFL Network’s Total Access. Wyche reports that more teams than just the Rams, Redskins and Broncos would like to sign Westbrook.

However, Wyche didn’t identify the source who told him that, and he said he didn’t know which teams were interested in acquiring Westbrook’s services. That leaves open the possibility that this is really about Westbrook’s camp trying to make it look like he has more suitors than he really does.

One way or another, though, Wyche reports that Westbrook, who will turn 31 in September and is coming off an injury plagued season, definitely wants to play in 2010.

9 responses to “Does Brian Westbrook have more options?

  1. I’m hoping that one of those options is to be a running backs coach, preferably with the Eagles

  2. Patriots.
    1. They don’t mind signing older backs
    2. Faulk is what, 34, Westbrook could take over/supplement Faulk in the 3rd down/pass catching RB role for the Pats
    3. He would have a pretty light workload with them

  3. Alan would usually be right here, BUT since everybody found out about hee-heespn’s BOGUS claim that “everybody wants to play for Jill Jellyprick” & “everybody wants to play for The Krap’s” was a bunch of bull, players have wised up to being used by them and cast out ON THEIR FACES.
    I’d say he’s pullin a Brett move to avoid TC.

  4. What Hap says. In his 2nd paragraph.
    BW knows he has only a few more good reps in his knees, and doesn’t want to waste m/any of them in TC. Otherwise, he be in either DC or Denver right now. (StL is a non-starter – turf AND a shitty team/OL).

  5. For once, I have to agree with Hap – B-West doesn’t want to sweat his butt off, while increasing the chances he gets his bell rung again for just for training camp meal money.

  6. AlanSaysYo says: “Watch him sign with the Patriots for a pack of gum.”
    lol I heard he was very interested if he could recieve trident layers.

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