Dolphins won't comment on Brandon Marshall radio block

Earlier this week, Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall launched an extensive Miami-area radio tour, to promote an upcoming youth football camp.

He was due to visit with our friend Sid Rosenberg of WQAM on Wednesday.  But Sid says that the Dolphins pulled the plug on the appearance. 

So what was the problem?

“I don’t stop at, ‘You think you’ll catch 100 passes?'” Rosenberg told Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald.  “I go for the personal stuff.  I put people on the spot.  I learned
that from Don Imus.  I try to find out who these
people are, and that makes some people very uncomfortable.”

Per Jackson, Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene declined to comment on whether the team advised Marshall not to do the interview with Rosenberg.  Which possibly means that the Dolphins did it, and that Greene doesn’t want to give the story more legs by admitting it or, even worse, denying it and giving Sid something he could whine about for the balance of the decade.

28 responses to “Dolphins won't comment on Brandon Marshall radio block

  1. Well, Imus is a Douchebag and you are certainly following in his footsteps.
    I’m all for asking more than the soft questions most do, but sometimes you got a bit overboard and I can see why Shannon and Marshall won’t go on your show.

  2. Sid is a lowlife bum who thinks he is gods gift to sports radio. He wants to be taken seriously as a host and be able to talk politics as well as sports….you cant do that if you are burping and talking about midgets a segment before. I have an uncle that used to work with him an Sid still owes him $600. Every time my uncle calls he just hangs up on him

  3. All Dolphin players should avoid this clown. He’s nothing but a self-promoting transplant malcontent ny’er d-bag.
    He is everything everyone hates about the transplanted ny’ers who do nothing but whine and complain once they hit Florida. I’m amazed he even has a job here in Miami.
    He should look at his own checkered past before trying to “grill” anyone else.

  4. Listen–the Dolphins are right to mitigate his interviews. All the media types just want to stir the shit pot and ask how awful McD is…how bad/good Cutler is, etc.
    We live in a society that champions “fresh starts” but rarely give anybody a chance to really have one.
    I have given that turd enough guff on this blog to fill a McDonalds bag (zing!) but sometimes you just have let a person move on from a dark time (the death of DW) and get going in a new direction.

  5. or maybe its none of your business what he does in his personal life,maybe he should just stick to “do ya think youll catch 100 balls this year”,media has gone way too far with the whole,how many girls this guy is with,how much money is this other guy spending,who is getting a divorce,stick to the court,field,track,turf,worry about taking care of your own personal life

  6. Make a new rule I will answer your question
    If it’s not about Football you must answer my question.

  7. Make a new rule I will answer your question
    If it’s not about Football you must answer my question.

  8. So he’s gonna follow in the footsteps of Don Imus by asking a player who is doing a radio tour for a youth football camp about the personal details of his life and “put him on the spot.”
    Dude seems to think he’s 60 Minutes or something. When a guy comes on to promote a youth camp, you ask him about things like working with a new QB and how he is progressing in a new offense, not about murdered teammates or domestic disputes. Maybe, possibly about punting footballs in Denver. But that’s about it.

  9. So Sid learned a thing or two from Don Imus and is proud of it. Wow… if the interview took place we would have heard Sid addressing Brandon Marshall as a “nappy headed whoe.”
    Really dumb stupid stuff like that. Sid is a low life looser and it shows with everything he says.
    Imagine being proud of learning from Don Imus who was thrown off network TV for his racist humor.

  10. Damn Florio…do you have a chubby for Sid the Kid??? Why do you keep posting things about him…he sucks. QAM needs to bring back Neil Rogers…hell, bring back Jorge Rodriguez…even he was better than that jackoff!!!

  11. Marshall’s a great player and not near the thug that some make him out to be, but…
    He’s also the kind of guy that, in his own mind, doubles his own IQ (making it 50) and then pretends like he understands what he’s hearing and saying. It’s kind of sad, really, but this was probably a good move by the ‘phins to put a stop to this. The less Brandon opens his mouth the better – – –
    RIP D-WILL!!!

  12. Sid needs to clean his own house before he tries to criticize anyone else.
    I remember him from his Imus days, even Imus and the rest of the crew stated how much a piece of crap he is. Hey Sid you still snorting the coke and ripping people off for their money to afford the white stuff.

  13. Props to Matty from thephinsinsider for calling a spade a spade:
    To fully understand the irony in all this, though, you have to know about Sid’s own past. Many of you probably know Sid as an obnoxious, arrogant, self-promoting transplant from New York. But what you may not realize is that Rosenberg’s past is every bit as checkered and controversial as that of Brandon Marshall. Sid’s may even be worse.
    Rosenberg has been involved in many on-air controversies over the years – particularly when he was with WFAN in New York. Some of his highlights – or lowlights, I suppose – include saying “******s play tennis” and delcaring that female soccer players were just “juiced up dykes.” He also told Don Imus that Palestinians are “stinking animals” and that we “ought to drop the bomb right there, kill ’em all right now.”
    But the most disgusting comment ever to come out of Sid’s wretched mouth was when he seemingly mocked music artist Kylie Minogue when she was diagnosed with breast cancer, saying that “she won’t look so pretty when she’s bald with one t–.”
    Rosenberg was taken off of the Imus in the Morning show by WFAN following that comment. But he still had a job with WFAN even after all of these disgusting comments as co-host of their mid-day show. That changed, however, when Rosenberg decided to simply blow off his duty as host of the Giants’ pre-game show for the station on September 11, 2005. It was reported that Sid was given the opportunity to turn in his resignation or else he would be fired.
    Personally, Rosenberg has had an admitted problem with cocaine, having twice been admitted into rehab for cocaine addiction. DirecTV also filed a lawsuit against Sid for openly admitting he was stealing their satellite signal and even suggesting that Don Imus do the same.
    He’s a real winner, huh?
    Despite this absurdly ridiculous past, the turd known as Sid Rosenberg still found a job down in South Florida – which has to make you wonder what the hell is going on at WQAM. Of course, we all know that controversial hosts help generate ratings, which explains how this train wreck was able to find work so easily after being dismissed from WFAN.
    The point of this, though, is to show how hypocritical it is for Sid to want to “grill” Brandon Marshall about his past.
    Considering the second and third chances Sid has gotten in his profession, shouldn’t he be less likely to bring up Marshall’s past mistakes and be more understanding than most?
    The way I see it, if Marshall was ever going to do an interview with Rosenberg, it would only be fair for Brandon to “grill” Sid about his past if Sid was going to “go for the jugular” and attack Marshall’s past.
    In my opinion, I think that Marshall made a huge statement of his own about how he’s matured and grown as a person by taking the team’s advice and not walking into that likely on-air ambush.

  14. You learned that from Imus? Really, Sid?
    Howard Stern has given you numerous jobs hosting sporting events on Howard TV, plugged you on Sirius radio, and even allowed other Stern employees to appear on your shithole of a show (Gary, Artie, Fred the Elephant Boy). I hope you relapse and Imus drops dead.
    …and Baba Booey to you all.

  15. Jesus Florio, you’re worse than Vick with the company you keep.
    Why not keep those casual “our friends at…” lines for quality reporters? There are plenty out there.
    Sid is an effin douchebag who doesn’t deserve anything he has. His show sucks and he’s only concerned with digging up dirt and causing controversy. There is a VERY good reason people don’t want to do his show, it’s not always a story.
    We should send Marvin Harrison down there to do his show, maybe Marvin can do us all a favor.

  16. South florida people hate Sid because he’s a New Yorker…with allegiances to the Giants and Mets.
    Sid never fails to let the Dolphin fan base know how DUMB most of them are…and he’s correct….The IQ @ Dolphin games is quite low…though credit them for being loud.
    Go to Green Bay, Chicago, NYG, NE, Pitts…and you find fans w/alot more FOOTBALL knowledge than Dolphin fans…so yes, he’s correct.
    For all his substance demons…Sid has brass ones, puts people on the spot,,,and is damn funny.
    Funny..Dolphin fans don’t like being called dumb…even tho they are.

  17. Mistrezz – for someone who can’t write a single sentence without a spelling or grammatical error, you sure do throw a lot of stones.
    We don’t like him because he’s a hypocrite, a racist, and a very closed-minded person. He’s not concerned with a story, just making waves, a name for himself, you name it.
    The fact he’s from NY is just the icing on the cake.

  18. @MistrezzRachael
    Wow. You’re one of a very few people who can hold and intelligent conversation with 70-80 thousand people around you screaming their heads off. I’m pretty impressed. Either that, or you’re just an idiotic jest fans who, like all of them, makes things up. Oh, you’ve got to be a jests fans if you like that idiot Sid. My bad.
    SAME OL’ JESTS!!!!! It’s in their DNA.

  19. The Dolphins front office are full of a bunch of pansy’s!!! If Brandon Marshall or any player is too scared to talk with Sid or any radio host, then they should be playing a gay man’s sport like soccer!!!
    Man-Up you wuss!! Sid’s the man, asks the best conversations in a non-offensive manner to get to know you and by the end of the interview Brandon Marshall would have admitted to his recent trip to Tootsie’s, life on South Beach being a Millionaire NFL Reciever and what really happened with Josh McDaniels when no one was looking (wink/wink)…..
    Then they would have been best friends moving forward and heading to NY Prime for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate their love for each other!!!

  20. I think the Dolphins should not only let any Dolphin player interview with Mr. Rosenberg. I believe the team should not make ANY player available to ANYONE at WQAM as long as Mr. Rosenberg is employed there. He is perpetually taking shots at the team and their fans. This is South Florida and we love the Dolphins. Too bad for Sid. Many of us love sports talk radio as well. However, I personally quit listening to 790 because of Mr. Rosenberg and his Crass New York attitude and now I have stopped listening to QWAM for the same reason.
    I applaud the team for advising our huge offseason acquisition against doing an interview with a clearly biased jack-ass who’s admitted only intention was to try to belittle or embarrass not only Brandon Marshall but also the Team.
    Major kudos to the Dolphins.
    Sid should take his cocaine loving but back to New York and work for the Giants. What’s that….they don’t want him either. Wonder why.

  21. The hatred spewed towards Sid from the ignorant Dolfans is so typical. He’s right. They are they dumbest fans in the US. His show is good, if you actually want to listen to a quality interview. My only beef is that they switched his time slot and now I’m stuck listening to buffoon’s from 10 to 2. I also hate NY fan’s but enjoy his show. It’s amazing how many keyboard tough guys are out there.

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