Finnegan, Revis will work out together

NFL_finnegan1.jpgTitans cornerback Cortland Finnegan apparently is looking to get an island of his own.

Next week, he’ll head to Phoenix for a series of workouts with Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis.

“I plan to work about three weeks with the fella,” Finnegan told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean after the Titans concluded their offseason program with a voluntary minicamp.  “I
just want to learn something from him because he is so good at what he
does. It is going to be beneficial for me for me for sure.”

Finnegan realizes that the flow of advice will be one-sided.  “I could probably teach him how to wear Vans, that’s about it,”
Finnegan said.  “We are two totally
different players, really.  He is asked to shut down a receiver and our
defense is totally different from their defense, what we’re asked to do. 
But I can learn from him for sure.  I wish I could teach him something,
but I’ve got nothing for him.”

In an industry fueled by ego, lies, and testosterone, Finnegan’s candor is refreshing.

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  1. “In an industry fueled by ego, lies, and testosterone, Finnegan’s candor is refreshing.”
    You can say THAT again.

  2. There have been a few very good corners in the NFL of late. Forget what a coach, owner and to a degree even receivers say abot a corner as they can all hold a bias.
    The person that tells you what corner is the top corner and so on is the NFL QB. I know Champ Bailey is getting older and was a good corner. But NFL QB’s threw at him 80 times in 2009.
    Revis is another good corner but NFL QB’s threw more passes at Revis in 2009 then the NFL QB’s threw at Nnamdi in 2007, 2008 and 2009 combined. That is right combined. They threw at Revis even with the Jets being soft at the other corner positions.
    Corners can also be made to look better then they really are by the D they are playing with and the pass rush they have. So if you really want to know about a corner and just how respected he is by NFL QB’s just take a look at how often they take a shot at them.
    Revis may be a good QB as is Champ Bailey but there is only 1 corner today that they very seldom test and that is Nnamdi Asoughma. He is also a stud against the run and is a takling machine.
    The last corner to play in the NFL that had his style and traits was the HOF Corner that Al Davis stole from New England, Mike Haynes.
    You will never hear Nnamdi telling people how good he is or that he is the best like you do these other corners. Nnamdi lets others say it and NO ONE SAYS IT LOUDER THEN THE QB’S PLAYING IN THE NFL TODAY.

  3. Since Florio won’t say it I will…
    Offering something for nothing looks good on Revis’ behalf as well.

  4. When I watched the late rounds of the 2006 NFL draft and first heard the name Cortland Finnegan I imagined a pasty red haired Irish guy. Damn was I surprised.

  5. snnyjcbs Dead wrong buddy. The reason Nnambi doesn’t get thrown at is because teams generally run the ball when they are up 21- 0 against the Raiders.

  6. Finnegan is an overrated, short-tempered punk. He got owned by Roy E. Williams (yes, it was preseason, but Finnegan was jawing and shoving with Roy back and forth the entire time they were on the field and pissed each other off). You gotta be pretty pathetic to get handed by Roy E.
    He always gets into a shoving and jawing match on the field yet never shuts down that same receiver he goes up against.

  7. Finnegan can teach him how to be a dirty player that talks too much trash. Jacoby Jones makes the catch in that picture.

  8. he can practice with reevis all he wants, he plays against Andre Johnson 2 games a yr and gets murdered everytime, idk WHY he trys to talk trash and do cheap shots to him, if he was smart he wouldnt try to piss Andre off.
    I red that finnegan will no longer play sides, will cover the teams #1 all game long, so this will be interesting.
    even though i HATE finnegan, he is a good player that brings a fire and intensity to a team

  9. “In an industry fueled by ego, lies, and testosterone, Finnegan’s candor is refreshing.”
    Man- what a hard, cynical world Florio lives in. Oh yea, that’s right- he’s an ex-lawyer. Enough said.
    Except- why do you cover a sport that you have such disdain for the athletes, coaches, and owners? Maybe you too are driven by ego, lies and the almighty paycheck.

  10. Since you are asking… I will ask: Where did anyone say it was for nothing? Floria just decided not to ASSuME. 🙂
    joey-pickles says:
    June 25, 2010 4:01 PM
    Since Florio won’t say it I will…
    Offering something for nothing looks good on Revis’ behalf as well.

  11. i actually like finnegans game. he’s physical which is not typical of corners in the nfl these days. not afraid of contact that’s for sure. if revis can help him with his footwork then i believe finnegan could take his game up a notch

  12. @ snnyjcbs
    —Rex funneled his entire scheme around Revis. Everything from the side they blitz/overload. Rex developed a scenario where the blitz was on, every receiving option was doubled and/or covered…and the QB’s go-to/#1 WR was in single coverage with Revis. Regardless of who is covering, a QB who has his #1 type WR will put that in the air for a jump ball 9 times out of 10. Revis just shut it down and his stats show…even despite his 100+ throws his way, no success…which is telling about his talent. Rex is a good coach, b/c he uses the talent to the maximum potential…and that’s why he loves Revis. He made that system work last year…without a true pass rusher.

  13. Say what you want… Nnamdi is the BEST corner in the NFL today period…
    All Quarterback, defensive backs, offensive coordinators, head coaches, etc know it… The only ones that don’t seem to know it are the fans of “the other NY” team that have their heads up Rex’s ass…

  14. Appropriate that you used a picture of the Texans 3rd string WR beating burnedagain for a TD.

  15. i’m kind of a nerd for DBs…Nambi is a great corner but Revis is a once in a generation player.

  16. @ snnyjcbs & Los_Raiders:
    Maybe in your minds Nnamdi is the best CB in the game but in the minds of all the experts, players, including QB’s, and coaches, Revis has far and away already overtaken Nnamdi as the best CB in the game in every aspect of the CB position. The main reason Revis is considered much better than him and also probably why Nnamdi does not talk up his game is because he is afraid at people responding with the one huge knock on his game which is “he can only do his job 50% of the time.”
    Revis is always shadowing the other team’s opposing #1 receiver. Nnamdi is only covering the other team’s #1 target when he is on his “good side.” All you need to do to get your #1 receiver going is put him in motion to Nnamdi’s “bad side” and he wont even be able cover him, the Raiders will switch over to another DB for coverage. You cant consider a CB who can only cover people well on only one side of the field as the best CB in the game,no matter how good his cover skills are on that one side. Revis can cover any receiver on ANY part of the field, Nnamdi can’t.
    If you want to reject this notion, the announcers never fail to mention this in a Raiders game and all you need to do is watch the Giants/Raiders game from this past season as the perfect example. Steve Smith is torching the Raiders the entire game but there is not a thing they can do about it since Nnamdi can’t guard him since he is lining up on his “bad side.” Talk about your best player being useless a good part of the game.
    Instead Nnamdi cannot be relied upon to cover the giants #1 wideout so some scrub (I forget his name) is getting torched. But that’s Nnamdi’s problem too, he is not getting torched because he cant even guard him to begin with since he is on his “bad side.”

  17. its crazy that in a story about an athlete finally being humble,people still find ways to bash the hell out of him, i think its refreshing how honest he was,im sure he can find a way to return to form

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