Giants rookie injured in car crash

chadjonescar.jpgGiants safety Chad Jones, a third-round pick in the 2010 draft, has been injured in a car accident in New Orleans. 

A member of the local media sent to us a photo of the vehicle.  It’s a frightening image.

Per WWL, Jones was alert when taken by ambulance to the hospital.

Two weeks ago, Jones signed his rookie deal with the Giants.  He also was drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers after playing both football and baseball at LSU, winning a national title in each sport.

We wish him a full and complete recovery.

32 responses to “Giants rookie injured in car crash

  1. This is a little eerie considering another former LSU star, Dominique Byrd was hurt in a car wreck not long before he was drafted… and that former LSU star, JaMarcus Russell has been a train wreck since being drafted.

  2. The other LSU player that had a similar auto accident was Demetrius Byrd, not Dominique Byrd.

  3. @brasho
    Russell never was in a train wreck….oh, I see what you did there. Bravo, Brasho!

  4. My God. I hope he is okay. It sucks to be all happy because you got drafted and never get to play a single game (kinda like the ending of “Unthinkable”-if you haven’t seen it go and see it).
    I hope he comes out of this fine. And I hope he had insurance because I don’t think he even signed his rookie contract, yet.

  5. godofwine,
    He signed his rookie contract two weeks ago. It was right in the post.

  6. Hope he ends up alright. It’s go to help him that he is undoubtedly in great physical condition.

  7. I haven’t seen anything get that smashed up in New Orleans since Brett Favre in the NFCC game.

  8. Based on his left leg injury, he was most likely the driver. He is 6’3″, so it is safe to assume he doesn’t have a ton of space in the occupant compartment for his legs, and the hit was an angled impact at the driver’s position right at his left leg. There is virtually no structure there for his vehicle to absorb the impact, and a nasty left leg injury is typically the result of this kind of crash. Damn! That is a very unlucky crash, and my best goes out to him.

  9. looks like he tried to take on a street car (Carrollton streetcar maybe?). you can see the tracks in the street. yikes… that’s a battle a car will never win. hope he turns out ok.

  10. EverybodyGotAIDS says:
    June 25, 2010 12:08 PM
    I haven’t seen anything get that smashed up in New Orleans since Brett Favre in the NFCC game.
    except for this was an accident and those hits favre took were blatent illeagal and on purpose, cause they couldnt win without cheapshots,hopefully the police wont look the other way like the refs did in that championship game

  11. That appears to be on a neigborhood street…and he would of had to be going at least 50-60 mph to smash up an suv like that. If he was driving, and if the accident was his fault….he is an idiot.

  12. Looks real bad
    Damn thank god he liked SUV’s and not sports cars
    Good luck get healthy that is all that matters.

  13. Oops, good catch, geaux. Dominique was the USC TE I believe. It’s sometimes hard to keep the NFL washouts straight.
    Forget football, I hope the guy can at least keep his leg. He signed his contract and that signing bonus is his so hopefully he can do something with that and get on with his life.

  14. Unless he was going 100, it doesn’t say much about the SUV.
    HOping for the best outcome possible at this point.

  15. This is sad. Unfortunately, young male drivers have a high accident rate in cars. They think they are invincible and the cause is testosterone poisoning. There are old drivers and there are bold drivers, but there aren’t any old bold drivers.

  16. @broncosteviep
    You don’t think it’s possible that whatever hit him was going 50-60 MPH?
    No, you automatically assume he is at fault. pffft.
    I hope he pulls through, and I hope they can save his leg.

  17. He was driving his 2010 Range Rover and lost control of the car and hit a streetcar pole.
    5 am.

  18. Bjorno says: June 25, 2010 3:01 PM
    You don’t think it’s possible that whatever hit him was going 50-60 MPH?
    Single vehicle accident. nothing hit him.

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