Kevin Ellison's stay in Seattle is a short one

Earlier this week, the Chargers cut former USC safety Kevin Ellison.  And Ellison’s former college coach, Pete Carroll, gave Ellison a shot, claiming him on waivers.

It didn’t last long.

Howard Balzer of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat and The Sports Xchange reports that the Seahawks have waived Ellison

But the move didn’t come because of Ellison’s on field performances.  Ellison, per Balzer, failed a physical.

Something doesn’t make sense on this one.  Not long ago, Ellison was participating in offseason workouts with the Chargers.  And we’re aware of no reports of any injuries being sustained.  Likewise, he had to pass a physical with the Chargers in order to be permitted to participate in offseason workouts in the first place.

So maybe the Seahawks simply had second thoughts.  Or maybe the left hand didn’t know what the right hand was doing when making the waiver claim.  And maybe the left hand has since found out.

6 responses to “Kevin Ellison's stay in Seattle is a short one

  1. Or maybe he was released from the Chargers because of the pending suspension coupled with an injury sustained during OTA’s, and when Seattle found out about the injury, he’s off to Lendale Land.

  2. i think we are starting to see a trend with pete carroll.. he used USC for all its worth, getting money and laid left and right with coeds and fame, and bailed on them when the timing was right… he has not even coached his first training camp since getting back into the nfl and he has already dropped two of his former players….
    maybe he realizes that many of his former players just arent cuttig it anymore

  3. Or maybe he had a pre-existing injury.. Hens 100 vicodin to last him through the season.. Im sure the Chargers knew about this, as should you, Florio.

  4. Florio,
    We get it. You hate Pete Carroll and, by extension, the Seahawks.
    But try doing some actual reporting. Ellison has already admitted he had the Vicodein tablets because he was in constant pain in one of his knees.
    Every team has their own criteria for physicals. A player can pass a physical for one team and fail a physical for another. You’d know this if you spent half the time studying NFL teams as you do bashing the teams you personally don’t like.

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