Lions' minicamp ends with a brawl

A month ago, a fight broke out at the Lions’ organized team activities, and coach Jim Schwartz joked about it, saying, “I think they all know in OTAs that I can’t fine anybody. So they didn’t miss their opportunity to get a free one in.”

But today a fight broke out at the Lions’ mandatory minicamp — not an OTA — and Schwartz says fines will be forthcoming.

“That is not acceptable what happened,” Schwartz said afterward, per the Detroit News. “We weren’t able to finish a period. It’s going to get hot and you’re going to get to the end of practice and you are going to have things that come up, but when you can’t finish practice and when you have guys entering fights that aren’t involved in it, it’s unacceptable and they are going to get taxed pretty heavy.”

The Lions are done with OTAs, and today was the final day of minicamp, so the Lions won’t be together as a team again until training camp. Schwartz doesn’t like the way things ended, with what has been described as an all-out brawl between the offense and the defense.

“That was too intense,” Schwartz said. “We had that situation come up before on OTAs and we sort of laughed that we can’t fine the players, but guess what, there are going to be a lot of fines from today.”

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  1. Oh man. Just when I thought the Lions may have had the slightest chance in coming in third in their division, they prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt they cannot do anything right and if you try to coach the lions, your just putting yourself in a situation where the only winners are your opponents.

  2. @ jibfest
    You’ll be eating those ignorant words once you see the “fight” these Kittens bring to the NFC North!! Theyre on the war path this year, and the 1st casualty will be that turd sandwich Aaron Rodgers

  3. “Lions won’t be together as a team again until training camp.”
    Great line, clearly they aren’t “together as a team” even at this minicamp.

  4. The fight escalated because everyone was desperately trying be seen doing something so awful that the team would have no choice but to cut (free) them.

  5. Aaron Rodgers is the best quarterback in the league. (fantasy football league- that is) lol

  6. This is probably a good sign. Maybe they can channel it into a few more wins this season, rivals or not, I don’t mind the Lions, and its kind of sad to see them constantly on the downside.

  7. “# Bob Nelson says: June 25, 2010 1:00 PM
    Where is the term “catfight” in the story?”

  8. @ 81megatron81
    You’re a beast… is “mean and nasty”
    As for you, you’re a complete worthless idiot. “We can’t do anything right”…..How about taking Matthew Stafford and leaving Mark “prettyboy” Sanchez for you piles of scum. We’ll see you and your fattest man alive freakshow head coach come Nov. 7th in D-Town……And its gonna be feeding time for the Lions!!!

  9. After cheering for the Lions for 23 long years (cue the jokes…LOL), I am beyond happy to hear about fights in OTA’s and Mini camps. It’s about time we see some emotion and heart out of the Lions. I know, I want the team to gel as much as the next person, but if nobody gets hurt, and only fines get handed out, I’m all for the emotion. And I guarantee that the coaching staff secretly loves the emotion as well.

  10. Megatron81:
    I know you’re just trying to have pride in the Lions, as I do as well, but I think we should at least get a couple wins under our belts before we start calling out the NY Jets. I hope we win but that’s a bit premature

  11. Yea, and at the start of the season they’ll be too tired to play football from all the infighting.

  12. Thank God the hack “journalist” and useless lawyer Florio didn’t write this article, or we would have seen at least four Steve Smith bashing references.

  13. When I hear about the Lions brawling, I envision slapfighting, hairpulling and scratching at each others eyes with lots of crying afterwards.

  14. I wouldn’t say taking Stafford has proven to be right thing. The book is still out on him.

  15. As a lifetime Lion’s fan, I love hearing this. I understand as the coach he has to say and do things the “right” way, but maybe we are starting to see a real attitude change in Detroit.
    I don’t expect us to win many games this year, but I want us to be competitive from start to finish!

  16. @ Simple_Simon1
    We’ll have plenty of wins under our belt by the time Nov. 7th rolls around. Also, beating the Jets on our homefield should be a given…..They’re mediocre at best. They couldn’t even beat the Dolphins last year, and as we all know they shouldn’t have been in the playoffs either. I actually truly believe they are one of the easiest teams on our schedule this season. I’m more worried about the Bills than the Jets. Honestly, look at their QB, he’s a laughingstock!!!!!

  17. I heard the whole thing started because someone said something nice about Matt Millen.

  18. “….I know you’re just trying to have pride in the Lions, as I do as well, but I think we should at least get a couple wins under our belts before we start calling out the NY Jets. I hope we win but that’s a bit premature”
    LOL Yeah, the Jets…the powerhouse of the NFL over the last two decades.
    Detroit hasn’t won anything, true, but the Jets haven’t either. Call ’em out all you want.

  19. I know that the day ended with a FG kicking competition and Suh kicked the winner….guy can do it all 🙂

  20. F*** all you hater’s who shit talk the lions. IT’s showing intensity. Fights broke out on my football team but it pushed guys to step up and get better or get out of the way of the guy who’s fighting you. Go Lions

  21. @Outfoxed
    Nice comment little buddy…..You have strong writing skills and even better critical thinking ability. I’m sure you’re also good at playing with G.I. Joes and Legos.

  22. Why can’t we call out the Jets? They are damn near as bad as the Lions and their management is decidedly worse. Add to that a fat, loud douche of a coach and the fact that nothing good ever came out of New Jersey, and I’d say they’re one of the few teams any other team can legitimately call out.

  23. These are some good fans. I normally spend most of my time on but you guys have just as much passion about this.
    Here is how I feel, if the offense and defense are going at it, it’s because one is getting dominated by the other. I can see one side getting beat up pretty good and the other running there mouth. Now, everyone is still getting in shape, guys are tired and im sure it doesn’t take much to get a little pissed.
    Question is, who is getting dominated? I would guess the offense if making the secondary look bad.

  24. Those people commenting on this website who think football practice fights are a sign of a problem with the team should reconsider their position. Hard contact sports like football are played by people who enjoy, hard contact, and yes that may even mean getting into fights from time to time. Mix in competition for jobs and a little fatigue and fighting during practice becomes a common thing. The only reason the Lions coach was upset is because he is afraid the team will be sanctioned again by the league and he doesn’t want to lose the practice time.

  25. Mean and Nasty says:
    June 25, 2010 1:22 PM
    @ jibfest
    You’ll be eating those ignorant words once you see the “fight” these Kittens bring to the NFC North!! Theyre on the war path this year, and the 1st casualty will be that turd sandwich Aaron Rodgers
    —Yeah thats great and all but wake up. They are still the worst team in their own division. I’m an Eagles fan, we will see their “fight” in week 2. Another top five pick in the draft is on the horizon.

  26. Not a Lions fans, however this team sure sounds like it has some spit and fire in them this year.

  27. I see no reason we can’t call out the Jets. We might not win, but that game is going to be Calvin Johnson’s coming out party for the year.
    Rex Ryan is just cocky enough to put Revis out there with him one on one, and that plan is going to fail miserably. Revis is one of the best in the game, but NOBODY can shut down Megatron by himself, not even if he’s stuck on Revis Island.
    Don’t believe me? Calvin saw man coverage for exactly ONE HALF of football last year; away at the Bears. That worked out well for Chicago. Something like six catches for 130 yards and a TD he was robbed of. They weren’t so brave in the second half.
    Fortunately for us, now teams have to focus on several other weapons on the O. So go ahead, single up CJ and he will destroy you. Double or Triple him and the other guys will make you pay for it.
    Not to mention the new D-Line. SEE YOU SUH-N MARK SANCHEZ.

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