Seahawks' decision on Kevin Ellison puts Chargers in a bind

The news that the Seahawks already have parted ways with safety Kevin Ellison due to the conclusion that he failed a physical could mean that his relationship with the Chargers has not completely ended.

Per a league source, the Seahawks’ move creates a potential problem for the Chargers.

Given that Seattle’s doctors have determined that Ellison can’t pass a physical, it means that Ellison (in the view of the men in the white coats) came in the door too injured to play.  Which means that the Chargers possibly waived him while he was injured.

Which fuels a potential injury grievance against the Chargers.

Conspiracy theorists may wonder whether Seahawks coach Pete Carroll was hoping either to do a favor for his former USC pupil, who could end up recovering all or part of his 2010 salary from San Diego, or to stick it to Chargers G.M. A.J. Smith for various possible reasons (e.g., wanting too much for Charlie Whitehurst, essentially telling the Seahawks to get bent when they called about Vincent Jackson, or generally being in the way of what would have been a much more ideal NFL destination for Carroll). 

Still, the motivation doesn’t matter; the maneuver creates a potential problem for Ellison’s original team — unless and until someone else claims him on waivers and he passes the physical.

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  1. Again, Florio, you have to consider that the different teams have different criteria and standards for their physicals. Just like some teams might remove a draft prospect from their draft boards (i.e. Ravens TE Gronkowski (back), Chargers OT Marcus McNeill (neck), Bears OT Chris Williams (back), other teams might pass off on the prospect and not remove the player from their boards. The same thing applies here.
    The Bucs waived S John Lynch several years ago because they didn’t think his neck/shoulder would ever hold up and that he would fail their physical… they cut him and the Broncos passed him on the physical and he continued his career for several years.

  2. Yeah, a former average player who pops and/or deals pills and can’t pass a physical.
    I bet a ton of teams will give him a chance.

  3. Carroll is a corrupted lying sob. they got screwed in the trade they made w the charges earlier in the year and now they realize what a dumb trade that was and they want revenge.

  4. Or…. Ellison was a player Carroll thought could help his team but was injured.. Carroll is the one who told McChrystal to make those comments about Biden too.

  5. Ellison was reported to be practicing with the 1st team defense in OTAs before being cut by the Chargers after returning from his minicamp “banning”.
    He’s had all sorts of knee problems, so I don’t find it anywhere out of the ordinary that a player fails one team’s physical examination. This happens all of the time.
    Nothing to see here IMHO.

  6. I always believed that Seattle way overpaid for Whitehurst. What did he ever do to deserve such a high price?

  7. Conspiracy theorists may wonder…and bloggers who are too lazy to spend three minutes googling to discover:
    1. Ellison had three knee surgeries in college.
    2. As a result, Ellison slid to the 6th round of the 2009 draft.
    3. Ellison did not further injur his knees in 2009.
    4. Ellison used the Vicodin due to pain in his knees.
    Ever hear of a “debilitating” injury, Florio?

  8. ninerdynasty..
    how does he feel he got screwed.. they still got a receiver in the 3rd round this year, and droped a pick to light a fire under matt hass ass. maybe you shouldn’t comment on things you know nothing about. Go talk to sign.. he might drop his shorts for you.

  9. tht entire 5th paragraph was so far out,and way too left field,is this the modern day journalism,just make stuff up at random to get us to argue over,and if you dont care for a coach or GM,you throw out all these crazy guesses,tht entire post was a figment of your imagination

  10. sergep. we’ll see how this turns out for you in a year or so.. hopefully your players stop stealing doughnuts, whitehurst throws a pass in the nfl, pete stops lying and the seahawks win the division. i’ll eat my word then… by the way, drop his shorts? haha.. boy, i hadnt heard that one before.. i’m lmao.

  11. lol.. digital bath. i agree with you… although, there are barely 4 paragraphs here. the other two are just filler sentences from the idiot writing this story.
    they spent too much money on Whitehurst but he will be a pretty good QB after Hasslebeck teaches him how to play.

  12. ninerdynasty.. of course we will see how it turns out.. i mean the niners were suppose to win the division since 03, so maybe wait and then talk and look stupid. I was just reminding you what happens in your locker room behind closed doors. I’ve stolen candy before so i wont pass judgment i’ve learned from it, i have also coached basketball teams and i didnt’ know what happens of court.. but i do beleive pete left usc because he knew the sanctions coming down. But i’m not sure if he knew what the agents were giving reggie’s mom.. so i wont pass judgement there either. Did whitehurst get overpayed?? oh hell yeah, but atleast he wasn’t a 1st roudn bust that we spend millions on and set our team back 5 years.

  13. sergep:
    You think the Whitehurst trade was okay because it lights a fire under Matt’s ass? The seahawks traded what now to motivate a player who never had motivation problems, he has injury problems. If Whitehurst can not beat out J.P. then this was a failed trade just like the L. White trade.

  14. Seems pretty straight-forward to me ; the Hawks thought Ellison could add to the competition at safety and so claimed him off waivers when he was released , then got him in for his physical and obviously the knee didn’t hold up in the team doctors opinion . I highly doubt this has anything to do with any ‘revenge’ factor .
    It’ll be interesting to hear his side of the story in court about where he got the vics . If he claims some sort of backdoor connection to the Chargers trainers or doctors , and now after failing the Hawks physical exam , he may well have a legit claim against the Chargers for releasing him while injured .

  15. it almost makes you wonder if Seattle can do anything right during this years off season???

  16. Well how can you say it was okay or not okay? I mean 9ers got smith = BUST, not only he sucks, but the fact that he has missed more games then injury prone QB Matt H. Alex also cost them a bunch of year contract with a bunch of money.. everyone knows you give 9ers a decent QB and they are set. Matt Before didn’t’ have any competition so is it going to fire under his ass? Maybe/maybe not bottom point is a 3rd is not that bad considering we didn’t’ give up a 1st, also he could turn out just fine we haven’t seen him play, but we’ve all seen alex play. BUT also as a FAN I do agree we gave up too much for him, but again we don’t know what we have.. Hahaha who cares about L. White we BARELY gave anything up, and it showed the rest of the team the coach isnt’ going to be putting up with players crap.. How did you want the coaching staff to send a message? Maybe drop his pants?

  17. drop his pants or just leave a university right before the shits going to hit the fan and put it on a coach whos already under fire with the media. no one is comparing quarterbacks here. but come on really, rely on hasselbitch or hope that whitehurst is worth more than a waste of time. i know that the SF qb isn’t going to take the team to the playoffs. but who says he has to, when you have the best defensive player in the NFL leading the way. Oh and he wasnt drafted in the first 5 picks unlike that one guy who made a name for himself as a rookie i think it’s Aaron Curry from that big football school Wake Forest??? yeah he put the fear in running backs around the league.

  18. sergep:
    You start by saying we have no idea how good Whitehurst will be because he has never played, then you say you agree you gave up too much for him? How can you come to that conclusion until you know how good he is?
    It is probably because you hear he is getting beaten by J.P.Losemen for clip holding duties. Seattle would be better off just having Loseman and using their 3rd round pic (didn’t they flop seconds as well?). As a final point : We want the ball and we are gonna score!

  19. What was he suppose to do when Reggie Bushe’s mom wanted a bunch of free shit, do you think they the coaches knew Reggies mom was getting free washer and dryer? Yes Hassleshit has gotten us to the playoffs and also the SB, so your argument is stupid. Best Defensive player in the NFL?? He isn’t even the best MLB in the NFL, check your facts your ignorance shows. Aaron Curry performance went down as soon as Lofa injured him self, a Running Back like Steven Jackson who is the best RB in the NFC complained only about curry, meaning he couldn’t handle curry’s hitting. Yep Matt hasslebecks remark did get him to the SB a few years later.

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