Source: Doctors trying to save Chad Jones' leg

The news regarding Giants safety Chad Jones following his scary car accident on Friday continues to get more sobering.

Per a league source, PFT has learned that doctors are currently working to save Jones’ leg.  It was previously reported that Jones fractured his left leg, with arteries and nerves exposed.

Jones remains in critical condition.  We’re sure you will all join us in continuing to wish the best for him and his family. 

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  1. just as i make the “hope he has better luck than dennis weathersby” comment… damn, son!

  2. Oh MAN. This is terrible. Positive thoughts to you, Mr. Jones.
    I hope his agent took advised him to take out an insurance policy.

  3. Anyone know what caused the accident? His vehicle was crushed.
    Best wishes for his full recovery. You never want to see anything like this happen to someone; especially so young.

  4. Absolutely wishing the best for him and the family.
    Hope to see you walking soon Chad.

  5. Dude, that sucks.
    Getting messed up in a car accident is one thing, but being a professional athlete and losing your leg before you even get a chance to play really, really, really sucks.
    Hope and prayers go out to this young man.

  6. “We’re sure you will all join us in continuing to wish the best for him and his family.”
    I hope so, but I wouldn’t make that assumption with this crowd…

  7. Not a giants fan but hate to see news like this. Thoughts are with ya man!

  8. I’m a huge Redskins fan and normally have nothing nice to say about any Giants, Eagles or Cowboys player, but if anyone has anything but prayers and best wishes toward this guy then they are heartless. I’m sure he won’t read this but in the unlikely event he does… Get well soon and fully and get back on the field quick.

  9. This is horrible, but I would like to point out that teams should consider adding no driving to the contracts now that we know flag football isnt the only way to get hurt

  10. Right now, the only thing that anyone should be concerned with is a full recovery. In this situation, football is definitely secondary.

  11. That isn’t fair. A young kid losing his leg? Awfull. this article makes me sick. All we can do is pray to god for his speedy recovery.

  12. I just hope that this wasn’t his fault – that would be very difficult to live with. Best of luck to him.

  13. nice to see everyone has their priorities straight on here. This is bigger than football and this is a refreshing site to see everyone come together and put out well wishes for this kid.
    I hope they save your leg first and foremost and you have a full recovery. after that I hope you get fired up and come back! I would love to see you on the field 2 times a year.

  14. This is terrible.
    Thoughts & prayers.
    Hang in there buddy, everyone is pulling for you!

  15. Hopefully he can come back from this. Here’s to a speedy recovery and saving your leg.
    Also how crazy is Jerry Reese looking for adding an extra safety via free agency and the draft? Kinda ominous that he foretold what could happen.

  16. A perfect example of a player that deserves a 2nd chance. A 180 (360 in Vick terms) to Vick himself.

  17. @IronWolf:
    According to the original article, the police are charging Jones with the accident, something about failure to maintain proper control of his vehicle….so I’m guessing they’re pretty sure it’s his fault. Unfortunately.
    My best wishes for him to make it through.

  18. Not a Giants fan either, but my prayers are with him and his family regardless who at fault of the accident. God Bless.

  19. a sobering reminder that we’re all here on a temporary basis. My prayers to him and his family for a full recovery.

  20. Chad Jones won national titles in both football and baseball at LSU. Here’s hoping that Jones is able to make a full recovery, but the more I hear about the situation the less optimistic I am about it.

  21. How big of all you non-Giants fans to feel bad for Mr Jones. HELLO, we are all human beings. Chad Jones was a hell of a baseball player and probably could have made it to the Bigs. And one tough SOB on the football field that would knock your D in the dirt and make play after play both in the run game and pass game. I loved watching him at LSU. Best of luck.

  22. Cleveland Browns Fan, but saying a prayer for this kid. First and foremost, I pray they save his leg. God willing, we will see him in the Meadowlands with Giants blue uniform.

  23. As a Steeler fan, my thoughts and prayers go to him and his family in this apparently unfortunate situation, regardless of what caused it.
    Reminds me of when Gabe Rivera, Steelers first round draft pick many years ago, got launched out of the back window of his 2 seat sports car on the parkway in Pittsburgh, ending his career. He was a huge man with huge promise. Not sure if he was able to walk again after that, he may have been paralyzed.
    Just a shame.

  24. Get rid of the team allegiances when posting on subjects like this.
    I am a Redskins fans, and hate the Giants, but hope this kid gets better.
    Nobody cares who you root for when matters like this arise. You can put down your super fandom and be human for one post…its ok.
    Best wishes to this young man.

  25. This is terrible news. From the picture, it looks like the crash occurred not to far from where i live in mid-city, near the intersection of carrolton and canal. Sad to see this happen to a fellow new orleanian. My prayers are with you and your family Mr. Jones.

  26. Great to see all the prayers and all offered up for this young man. Lord knows I did some stupid stuff when I was that age, and it’s only by the grace of God that I am here to tell of it!

  27. What an unfortunate turn of events. You never know why things happen when they do. I said a quick prayer for him and his family.

  28. Everyone sets aside team loyalty when something tragic happens to any player on any team.
    I am a life-long Giants fan, but was heartbroken when the Redskins saftey Sean Taylor was shot and killed in his own home when it was broken into. A great All-Pro player who seemed to have his life squared away with the birth of his daughter after a couple of troubled years. Now that child grows up without him. I have three kids and a home. How could anyone not empathize?
    If the doctors are trying to save Chad’s leg like the article says then this kid’s career is most likely over before it had a chance to even begin.
    I just hope and pray that his leg can be saved. It is just so sad to see this kind of thing happen.
    God bless and keep you strong, Chad.

  29. native, you bringing that up shows you are just as bad as he is. this is a sports site and we are rivals on the field. he was merely saying that it IS beyond that for him.
    you cant let go of being a tool for even one full post, can you?

  30. Too bad it did not happen to Vick. Oh wait if it did ESPN would be feeling sorry for him and make him out as a saint!

  31. Such a shame. A kid becomes a pro for two whole weeks… then never gets a chance to see the field. I hope they can at least save his leg.

  32. ouch, hope Chad’s leg will be all right, this is such a sad thing to happen, tragic.

  33. I think its dumb that anyone would be concerned about the Giants in all this…or compare him to Kenny Phillips. phillips got hurt playing….chad jones is fighting for a limb…Phillips never had to do that.

  34. Tool? You just said “WE are rivals on the field.” Who do YOU play for?
    In a matter like this, most good natured people will deep down agree with me. Most Super Fans will agree with you.
    Again on this story, nobody cares who you root for super fan.

  35. yeah, Im sure you have NO clue what it means when someone says “we” when referring to a team.
    cant teach a dumb dog any tricks.

  36. Damn, even as a Redskins fan, I have to wish this guy well. I hope he gets out of this OK.

  37. That really sucks!! Sorry to hear that and hope all goes well in the end for Chad!!

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