Union takes issue with CBA remarks from Jerry Angelo

NFL_angelo.jpgAs if Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo didn’t have enough problems as he runs an underachieving football team that has him on the hot seat as the 2010 season approaches, the long-time exec has waded into the labor battle between the NFL and the players’ union.

And the union has returned fire.

At a meeting earlier this week of the City Club of Waukegan, Angelo touched on a variety of topics, two of which caught the attention of the NFL Players Association.

First, Angelo had this to say regarding NFLPA Executive Director De Smith, per the Lake County News-Sun:  “I have some concern that the new Players Association chief might not recognize a good deal when it’s on the table.  Not that
he’s not competent.  But he’s so new.”

Said NFLPA Assistant Executive Director, External Affairs George Atallah, “Any deal that takes players back to the 1980s in terms of All-Revenue,
increases their risk of injury, decreases their ability to get post-career
health care and makes them pay for their own training facilities is a bad deal
regardless of how ‘new’ you are.  Maybe Jerry Angelo should try to sell the
owners’ proposal to the Bears players.  That would be a new experience for him

Second, Angelo explained the labor unrest by explaining that “[t]he owners are just looking for the players to share in costs of
infrastructure and all the new stadiums being built around the league.”

Said Atallah:  “Players have contributed to stadium costs and infrastructure improvements for
years.  That’s not new.  For the new Meadowlands and Cowboys stadiums, players
invested more than $1 billion towards financing those stadiums through the G-3
program.  Players expect to invest in the growth of the NFL business and be
treated as business partners by the owners.  That’s not a new concept for

Atallah pointed out that the G-3 program resulted in $800 million for the new Meadowlands Stadium, and $300 million for one-year-old Cowboys Stadium.

Though the parties likely will agree to continue to disagree as to the merits of their respective statements and positions, Angelo’s decision to go beyond his job duties and comment on the status of the labor negotiations represents a first for a guy from football operations — and it could result in Angelo making a sizable contribution to a charity of the NFL’s choice.

14 responses to “Union takes issue with CBA remarks from Jerry Angelo

  1. Its amazing how the league ALWAYS kisses the A$$ES of the New York Teams and Jerry Jones.
    I’ll bet that the league figures out some back door way to slip the JEETS money for the PSLs they can’t sell.

  2. Why is Angelo even worried about a new CBA? He’ll be out of a job next year. . .

  3. I agree, we’re in a win win situation really.. If we suck this season, lovie’s out and so is jerry

  4. Angelo is up to his eyeballs just trying to run the Bears and he does a lousy job at that. He needs to concentrate on the job at hand.

  5. I thought the commentors here made it clear that the tax payers gave Jones the money for the stadium?

  6. Really dont care. This is all posturing. Let me know when football is being played. Then let me know if they wont play football in 2011, so I can start planning some sunday golf trips.
    All these folks are worth a lot of money, the players, the union head, the owners etc. I could give two fat rat sh#t$ who says what, about whom. I work for a living(coworkers may disagree) and really get tired of listen to spoiled brats whine about how they are going to share billions of dollars.

  7. just tell me where it says jerry angelo can’t say what’s on his mind when he is giving a speach to a group of city boosters.
    the spokesman for the union is just trying to muddy the waters some more to acheive a tactical advantage,puerile.

  8. Union Sucks plain and simple! DeSmith way over his head on this, owners will win. Bet on it! It is called Free Enterprise and it is what our country was founded on.

  9. Not a down has been played and you’re calling the Bears underachievers? Maybe we should all live in the past, and worry about it so much that we become too pretified with fear that we can’t do our jobs.

  10. The NFL will win this. No doubt about it. And they should. If the players and their union don’t like it, too bad. Players are employed, and unbelievably well by the way, by the NFL. You can go work somewhere else if you don’t like it. Not to say they shouldn’t have rights, but give me a break. They’re already highly protected by new rules. They’re paid well. Now get to work!!! If you don’t like it, see ya

  11. Angelo’s gonna take so much crap, he’s gonna look in the mirror and think he’s wearing a turban. But he can take the crap, he understands the crap comes with the terrority.

  12. To those who think unions suck: I would rather the players get the money than some dusty old fart with wrinkly balls who inherited the team from a family member. Now if I was running a team and a player wanted a record contract I would tell him to put up record numbers and then we will talk.

  13. Butkis-n-Ditka says:
    Why is Angelo even worried about a new CBA? He’ll be out of a job next year. . .
    Fire Angelo? Why?
    He’s not perfect, but you guys still don’t know how good you have it. We’ll trade you Ted Thompson for two large pizzas…

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