USC probe reveals that Reggie Bush stood up Percy Harvin

NFL_harvin1.jpgOur pal Brooks of has done a great job breaking down the NCAA’s case against USC.  In one of his latest items, Brooks raises substantial questions regarding the NCAA’s conclusion that Trojans running backs coach Todd McNair knew or should have known that prospective marketing agent Lloyd Lake had been providing money and other things of value to former USC tailback Reggie Bush.

And Brooks has tracked down an intriguing nugget that pulls Vikings receiver Percy Harvin into the story.  Harvin, then a recruit, made an official visit to USC in October 2005.  Bush had agreed to entertain Harvin, but Bush was with Lake and his partner, Michael Michaels, on a “post-game outing.”  So Bush left Harvin waiting in his hotel room while Bush had dinner with his family, Lake, and Michaels.

Apart from whether the NCAA botched the investigation regarding USC’s knowledge of the payments made to Bush, the fact that Bush would treat a key recruit like Harvin that way suggests that he cared only about his own interests, and not about whether USC would still be successful after he left.

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  1. He may be getting closer to losing that Heisman but he still put it on Kim K…
    Dude has scoreboard..

  2. AND,…that type of selfishness from athletes surprises you, HOW?
    Reggie is a cheater and a liar. Not surprised he is that selfish…

  3. …who cares?
    I’m sure he’s not the first (or last) person to stand up a potential recruit.
    You’re really stretching for stories…

  4. WTF? Michael Michaels?
    The guy has a name like that and no one knew anything was up?

  5. Bush is a douchebag and he does only care about himself. That is why his large-assed ex is with Miles Austin now!

  6. So how do you see the USA-Ghana match breaking down, Mike?
    You think Ghana will park the bus?
    You think USA needs Findley’s speed?

  7. For the idiots who can’t understand the point of the story……..Bush has recently made such a big deal about how much he “cares and loves USC and how he is so stressed worrying about them, blah blah blah…….” he was obviously looking for the sympathy vote and for the idiots who can’t understand the connection with this story, reggie fooled you. My mama always said, 7 outta 10 are complete idiots.

  8. so McNair is going after the supposed top recruit in the country, and he had Reggie Bush, then 19 years old, take care of it?
    hey Florio…. when you were 19, did you care about anything other than yourself?
    tell the truth.

  9. Percy was a bigger recruit than Bush was. If Lake was better at this stuff he would have been writing Percy a check rather than partying with a player on the way out.

  10. Good for Reg for taking some money away from the corrupt system. I consider him to be a pioneer.

  11. Well if this is true, I am glad and I am an sure Harvin is/was glad. The reason I am glad, is because I love the Gators and I am glad a great WR like Harvin was playing for them. Plus I love Harvin and I am glad he got to play for a better team and in best conference in college football SEC baby.

  12. and Percy never recieved anything oin Florida…hold your breath!!!
    Florio strikes agin with his Anti Reggie Bush propaganda……he’s probably the next NFL’r waiting to beat down your door…lol.
    In other news, Brett Favre had an interview and stated he doesn’t know if he’ll return but will make his mind up if Brazil and Slovakia make the finals and if he can drink a case of Millwakee’s best (The Beast) before his wife comes back from the store….if all this takes place…and oh yeah…if South Miss gets a sophmore committment from a kid in North Dakota to play tennis…then I’ll play next year!!!!

  13. @ Cornflorio: I had a long post, but said “f” it.
    Bottom line: not Bush’s responsibility, it is the coaches job to recruit. There are many scenarios that could’ve happened, but to call him selfish, over this, is just mind numbing.
    You know very little about college sports. Hell, I call into question your general knowledge of all sports and, to a lesser degree, NFL football.
    You can dig up drama, I give you that, though.
    But the more you dig into the NCAA’s case against USC, the more it becomes clear that the NCAA failed to indisputably prove that USC had direct knowledge of Bush taking hundreds of thousands of dollars of improper benefits.
    That cannot be ignored.

  14. Given Harvin’s history of not showing up for work and meetings it seems Harvin learned nothing from the experience.

  15. There were 3 one-minute calls from McNair to Bush/Lake on that date. Bush had given McNair Lake’s cell number to call Reggie to arrange his meeting with Harvin since he did not have his with him.
    The NCAA decided that McNair, the USC running back coach who was recruiting Harvin, was calling the number to discuss the terms of Reggie leaving USC early with Lake (why, and why only for 1 minute?). They flat out do not believe it was to find out why Bush was not with Harvin.
    This is like the majority of the evidence that the NCAA is using to tie USC in with knowing that Lake was Reggie Bush’s agent. Flimsy.
    It was also determined the McNair was lying about receiving a phone call from McNair at 1:30 in the morning. Unfortunately, the NCAA asked him if he had received the phone call on January 8th, 2005, instead of January 8th, 2006, when the call was actually made.
    They screwed up the dates.
    When he said that was right after the 2005 Orange Bowl and he was on the road recruiting, he was not believed.
    When they realized they asked him about the wrong date, they didn’t bother to re-interview him.
    There were plenty of reasons to sanction USC. However, the biggest one is the NCAA’s claim that McNair knew who Lake was. Without that, USC is arguing their penalties should be cut in half. They would have a very good case anywhere except in North Korea or if dealing with the NCAA.

  16. If you agree to play tour guide for a visiting recruit for the sake of helping your team, you either follow through on your commitment, or you tell them to get someone else. His actions likely had everything to do with USC not getting Harvin, and that’s how this is a story. Team player? No chance. Selfish player.

  17. Worst story ever. I am going to sue you to get the minute back I wasted reading it.

  18. oh well. Percy went on to dominate the SEC, a superior conference and get two rings. I gurantee USC would have won a ring with a player like Harvin on their squad. AMm i the only one that could care less about Reggie getting paid in college? Hell he(football as a whole) is responsible for generating a majority of a big school’s revenue anyway, I dont think its a a big deal for a athlete to get paid for his services. Yes. people will say he was paid in education, but thats not enough. While athletes are in school, football is their job. Football and schoolwork. Their is no time to develop any type of income for the players, so I agree with taking money. Imagine if it was a poor kid from the ghetto or rural areas, whose family has no money. Damn right they should take the money

  19. blmonroe12 says:
    June 25, 2010 3:13 PM
    He may be getting closer to losing that Heisman but he still put it on Kim K…
    Dude has scoreboard..
    WHAT after her Sex tape with Ray-J and god knows who else befroe Reggie… It wasnt on his scoreboard but hers….. Kim K, put it on him, dont get it twisted…
    Dont let your DinGle DanGle.. DanGle in the Dirt…

  20. Kid is a millionaire, SuperBowl Champion, Heisman Trophy winner, and been all up inside KK. I wanna to be a bust too!
    Sure they could take away his Heisman, but even then it doesn’t diminish what he did on the field. Calling him a cheater would imply that he was doing something that gave him an advantage over the other 21 players on the field with him….that was not the case.
    What it boils down to is that the NCAA is mad b/c they are the only ones that are supposed to benefit monetarily when it comes to the exploitation of student athletes.
    Bunch of haters and troll bitches.
    Don’t hate on Florio, he’s like the Glenn Beck of sports jounalism. You know he don’t know shit, but you keep reading and complaining anyway. Who’s the idiot here?

  21. why would McNair trust a 19 year old to do his job? especially when it was supposedly the top recruit in the country?
    and to describe a 19 year old as selfish is an awful lot like describing a 19 year old as 19 years old. what were you doing when you were 19, Floria? probably a whole lot of late night selfishness…

  22. Agreed with DasBoot504
    What it boils down to is that the NCAA is mad b/c they are the only ones that are supposed to benefit monetarily when it comes to the exploitation of student athletes.
    And what this also means is that Florio is still too heartbroken from the NFC Championship loss to give any Saint a break.
    Ps. Nobody cares Florio, Reggie bagged a Heisman, cash, a contract (more cash), a SB ring and KK.
    Guy is a bust and a career loser…….NOT

  23. Can’t we just stop denying human nature and acknowledge that every man’s primary concern is, and should be, the fate of himself and his family?
    A man has no greater responsibility in this life than to secure the well being of his family- past, present, and future generations. All of you myopic fans who feel like Bush should have acted in the best interests of the future of the USC football programs are fools.
    He gave them what they asked for, under terms they accepted, and owes them nothing.

  24. cookiecrumbs says:
    June 25, 2010 3:35 PM
    Good for Reg for taking some money away from the corrupt system. I consider him to be a pioneer.
    Granted people are making money off these althetes, but to say he didn’t receive any compensation is BS. How much does USC cost a year? Quick google says about 50k a year. So he got free tuition, free room +board, and all the other perks of an althete.
    So he needs another roughly 75k a year from the corrupt system? He probably took money that booster could’ve given to the school to let someone else have a scholarship or improve the school. He’s about as good as a thug and he’s still stealing. The Saints have paid him top dollar to do nothing amazing.
    Hope the US government goes for all the taxes on that money, and he has to give up his Heismann. He’s a scumbag.

  25. This is the biggest “reach” of a story in the history of PFT reaches. I hate USC, but this is rediculous and may have just been a miscommunication or anything for that matter. Are you filling your daily quota again Florio?

  26. The least he could’ve done was leave behind a Kardashian sister to entertain Percy.

  27. Florio just can’t stand that the Saints beat his Vikings. It’s sad and funny and pathetic all rolled into one. It’s safunthetic.

  28. I love what we have become!
    If we can’t find something on ya right now or make up something about ya, let’s reach back to god damn 6 or 7 years ago and find the most thoroughly insignificant absolute piece of shit unsubstantiated nothingness we can.
    It’s not the site, it’s the sycophants!

  29. Hey Florio, what would you rather do: have dinner with your family, or be told by NBC that they want you to show your future replacement around and make him feel wanted?

  30. You Saints fans chiming in are such complete turds. The Vikings,fans and state are way over the game we handed {fumbled} away to you. For the record, Bush can’t hold Harvin’s jock. Enjoy talking shit until we steamroll your stinky swamp asses first game of the season!

  31. Thc conclusion is that Florio knows how to generate clicks by tapping the hot buttons for Vikings fans/haters as often possible.

  32. Hope Percy leaves Bush on the sidelines for most of September 9th 2010 SKOL :O)

  33. “The Vikings,fans and state are way over the game we handed {fumbled} away to you.”
    Yet you continually bring it up over and over and over and over and over…
    Methinks thou doth protest too much.
    “Can anyone come to any other conclusion than Bush is a complete POS?”
    Because he didn’t host a recruit? Seriously? Yeah all that charity work and donations and the fact he’s never once complained about playing time or his role despite coming in overhyped, that all points to him being a “POS”.
    I swear, some of you should turn on your brains once in awhile.

  34. Hey Pervy Harvin, unlike Viking fans, Saints fans live in reality. You keep dreaming about steam rolling us. If you’re so over it why do 50 Viking fans post whinny ass complaints on every Saints post on this site. You better start making your next batch of excuses for the next ass whipping. It’s coming real soon. Look out Percy, Adrian, and Brett the Saint’s will be stripping balls again!

  35. MrHumble says:
    June 25, 2010 3:27 PM
    My mama always said, 7 outta 10 are complete idiots.
    Wow. Interesting.
    So, did all 10 of you have the same Father?

  36. I will take a wild guess here that Percy had a little stash to keep him occupied and didn’t even realize that Bush didn’t show up.

  37. LOL…..screw Percy Harvin….and shaincoe too! Bitches just wish they could have our Lombardi

  38. wow this is a piece of sh&t worthless story. YOu really hate Reggie Bush huh Florio? Why? He’s a good player and he’s done a lot for the city of New Orleans. I’m sorry that his team beat your team in the NFC Championship game. That’s how the game goes. You don’t always get what you want. It’s life in the football world. No amount of Bush bashing will ever get your team to win that game. Don’t worry you’ll have your chance on opening day. If the Vikings don’t win again I don’t want to hear anymore of this senseless embarrassing partisan bashing of a team that your team simply cannot defeat.

  39. What the Vikings fans cannot stand and what you Saints fans cannot seem to get through your skulls is this:
    You did not dominate, blow out or take it to the Vikes.
    You’d think that you would understand that you were lucky. Yes, you did win, but it was far from the dominate performance you allude to it being.
    The chest thumping is tiresome.
    Congrats on your win. NO deserves to have a trophy. It’s the total lack of class and lack of reality that people are sick of.
    5 turnovers and to only win by 3? That isn’t domiantion. Most teams that get that many gifts win by 14 or more.
    I’m not making excuses, its just that you people are making it out to be something it was not.
    It was a close game, when it actually shouldn’t have been. You should have blown them out, but you didn’t. Please come to grips with that fact.

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