Report: Braylon Edwards will escape a suspension

NFL_edwards.jpgWith receiver Santonio Holmes already due to miss the first four games of the 2010 season after his latest violation of the league’s substance abuse policy, the Jets have gotten some good news regarding receiver Braylon Edwards.

Rich Cimini of reports that Edwards won’t be suspended after pleading no contest to misdemeanor assault in an incident only days before he was traded by the Browns to the Jets.

Though many expected a suspension of at least one game, the outcome meshes with the precedent set two years ago, after then-Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter received a fine in the amount of one game check after pleading no contest to beating up former Bengals tackle Levi Jones in a Las Vegas casino.

Thus, as to Edwards, we suspect he’ll be fined in the amount of one game check, which based on his salary equates to $256,176.47.

The development also is good news for Titans quarterback Vince Young, who faces misdemeanor assault allegations resulting from an incident at a strip club earlier this month.

Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to suspend Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger for six games despite never being arrested suggested that a new attitude to offseason misconduct may apply going forward.  The outcome as to Edwards suggests that Goodell will be inclined to inject some consistency into the process of meting out discipline under the Personal Conduct Policy. 

That said, look for Steelers fans to cry foul regarding the perceived inconsistency between the treatment of Edwards and Roethlisberger.  Still, Edwards was a first-time offender.  The Roethlisberger situation proved that repeat occurrences will result in significant consequences. 

So if Edwards gets in trouble again, he can expect a suspension.  The only open question will be its duration.

40 responses to “Report: Braylon Edwards will escape a suspension

  1. Que the 4 Big Ben fans left who say he shouldn’t have been suspended despite the line of women out the door who say they’ve been assaulted by him.

  2. Braylon doesn’t like girls… so there is very little chance he would commit EXACTLY the same offense as Rapelisberger.

  3. Yeah, this is great news for Braylon. I know I’m always happy when I learn I won’t be paid for a week but I still have to come in to work anyway.

  4. Edward Scissor hands can only whip up on 130lb Dweebs . besides the poor hands and attitude he is Soft mentally & physically . glad he is gone from my Browns .

  5. Rothlisberger was never convicted of a crime other than being fatuous.
    To call a man a rapist when the evidence shows otherwise shows a lack of intelligence and total ignornace.

  6. Edwards dropped 4 passes last year as a Jet. His drop ratio was on the low end and much lower than many top WR’s including Santonio Holmes.
    Additionally he was one of the stars of the Jets off season program. Earning praise from the CS and the Jets players. He appears ready to have a big year and cash in on a new contract. Hopefully he will play as well after he gets the money.

  7. WOW, the paper champs are getting every break! Talk about favortism to the Jets and all blacks!!

  8. The Commissioner decided to punish the Jets by letting Edwards play those four games. If he doesn’t behave himself he is going to have to play all six games as a punishment for the Jets.

  9. I didn’t see the usual commentary as to whether or not “pleading no contest to misdemeanor assault ” fit the spelling bee dictionary definition” of thug or hoodlum. Could it be that such standards do not apply to all teams?

  10. i see when you have to plead no contest due to indisputable evidence, you escape a suspension. but if there is no evidence and the accuser admits in a quote that the crime didn’t happen, you’ll be sitting at home for 4-6 games.
    mr. goodell, you seem to be in a panic mode. i’m still waiting for the 7 packers and eric foster to be suspended. how about santana moss for using HGH? sean payton for abusing vicodin? reggie bush for his college cheating? a plethora of players pleading guilty of DUI (vincent jackson, rey maualuga, will allen, ronnie brown), shaun rogers for possessing a firearm IN AN AIRPORT, and now another mike vick thing…
    oh boy mr. goodell. i can’t wait for all these guys to be suspended for half the season.

  11. Ok, so 2 false accusations that don’t even result in charges let alone convictions are 6 games worse than a conviction?
    Yet another case that Roger Goodell is the worst commission in NFL history. His conduct policy is a f’ing joke!

  12. He caught an 80 yard touchdown in an AFC Championship game. Stop hating folks. This guy will be great in 2010 with an improved Sanchez.

  13. So wait…Braylon pleads GUILTY and gets NO suspension, while Ben has NEVER been charged with a crime, and he gets 4-6 games?
    Bull f’ing sh!t

  14. Can’t wait for this alligator armed turd to face the Raven’s D. Ray Lewis will hit this POS hard enough for his daddy to feel the pain!

  15. great , so OJ would still be playing huh. great policy well i only murdered somebody once i’m not a repeat offender , LOL. goondell is a joke as well as you Florio.

  16. GBfanForever says:
    June 26, 2010 7:45 PM
    Que the 4 Big Ben fans left who say he shouldn’t have been suspended despite the line of women out the door who say they’ve been assaulted by him.
    CUE the idiots who bring up Ben Roethlisberger who don’t bother to learn the facts of the case and have no clue about what they are talking about.
    Or how to spell “cue”.

  17. Braylon won’t get in trouble again. It has to be difficult finding midgets to whoop.
    The Jets fans that post here deserve that bitch.

  18. Roger Goodell needs to be investigated by the FBI for his attempt to rig outcomes.

  19. “Edward Scissor hands can only whip up on 130lb Dweebs . besides the poor hands and attitude he is Soft mentally & physically . glad he is gone from my Browns .”
    Yeah, you guys only like guys from Ohio State or the local high schools anyway.

  20. bronxville jets fan,
    Come up with something more original. You say the same thing every time and it’s lame.

  21. If he played for any other team he is suspended but Goodell is a Jets fan so they can do whatever they want.

  22. “The Roethlisberger situation proved that repeat occurrences will result in significant consequences”
    Yeah that’s why Vincent JackDaniels is still a free man in Goodell’s kangaroo court.
    Maybe when he finally kills someone driving drunk Goodell will get around to suspending him.

  23. @blitzburgh1
    LOL, I may have spelled it wrong but at least you followed it!
    There are only so many ways people can try to explain that a conviction is not required for an employer to suspend an employee. Also, sexual assault is one of the most difficult crimes to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt. I know the facts, I think he committed a crime(s) and I’m disappointed justice wasn’t served. You can’t argue that he didn’t at least embarrassed himself, his team and the league which IS grounds for suspension. OJ Simpson was never found guilty of murder but I’m sure you thought he did it just like everyone else.

  24. Edwards dropped 4 passes last year as a Jet?
    First, wrong and #2- I guess you aren’t counting all those that dinged off his facemask… loser.
    Perfect fit for the bottom feeder jests.

  25. there has never been a ham sandwich’s worth of evidence that ben roethlisberger ever did anything illegal, no probable cause, no arrest, no nothing…
    now the 6 packer fans wouldn’t be expected to understand this, their response to the notion that a grand jury would indict a ham sandwich is, “what about the cheese, mmmmm cheese, brett farve’s dong tasted like cheddar” so their thoughts on this and any matter have to be taken in context.
    the bottom line with florio, fugitive from the legal profession that he is, is that he thought he had a scoop on espn on the first allegation, but disney has real lawyers, some who have lawyer friends, and family, even in nevada, so they knew the charges were garbage. the equivalent of what anyone could do with 300 dollars in filing fees. as he bit hard and foolishly on the first charges, he has to chase the windmills on the second, which is why he has to pretend there was any merit to the second. which is why he acts as if roethlisberger was even a first time offender. that of course is giving florio the maximum benefit of the doubt possible, the other option is that he was to the legal profession what packer fans are to sentient life forms. the west virginia bar association must have the same standards as the west virginia university mba program.

  26. Hey stop with the Ben is innocent, please it insults my intelligence!
    Makes me angry.
    Mr. Goodell aka Commisioner. Start docking teams draft picks for infractions and this will stop.
    Teams will cut the malcontents instead of risking their future! You’ve done it before, you can do it again! Except this time, their may actually be something of value to discipline a team for ie rape, domestic abuse, vehicular homicide!
    Hit them in the wallet and this crap will stop! Any second offense 5th round, third offense 3rd round. Teams will unload these troublemakers so fast it’ll make your head spin!

  27. If you do that, all the best players will go to Cincinnati and win the Super Bowl and the rest of NFL will be left with well behaved boys that can’t play worth a crap.

  28. if the fact that no charges were ever brought insults your intelligence, then it doesn’t speak well for your intelligence.
    your capacity to believe unsubstantiated gossip might be insulted, but somehow i think it will recover without missing any practice time.
    that said, then what should the patriots have lost for spygate? surely since you are one to believe the gossip and rumor, than you must believe that without the added help, the patriots would never have succeeded in the early part of the last decade. we know they received a paltry punishment that reflected the least impact of their actions, but for the whole impact? what a smu like death penalty for the franchise? it’s about the only thing that would fit.
    btw how many years should tom brady be suspended for shooting at people trying to cover his wedding, because unlike what you choose to believe, that shih actually happened yo, even nino brown didn’t shoot first

  29. Surprise, surprise, this turned into yet another debate about Roethlisberger’s suspension.
    Too many focus solely on the guilty or innocent aspect, and that Ben was neither charged nor convicted. That’s not what the suspension was for; it was because his actions and choices resulted in so much negative publicity for the league. And it is also because it was not the first time he had done something that resulted in negative publicity which diminished the NFL brand.

    Back to the original topic of Braylon Edwards and his not facing a suspension. Since Roger Goodell grew up as a Jets fan and once worked for them, he should recuse himself from any decisions involving the team. Regardless of whether or not he actually is letting his past affect his decision making, anything he does that involves them is going to have the appearance of impropriety.

  30. True to the style of Braylon Edwards, Roger Goodell has–once again–dropped the ball.

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