Albert Haynesworth settles two lawsuits

It’s getting difficult keeping up with all of the people that want Albert Haynesworth’s money.

The disgruntled Redskins defensive tackle settled two small-claims lawsuits last week in Nashville, according to the Tennessean.  [These are the two lawsuits first mentioned by PFT on Thursday.]

Haynesworth paid $50,000 in “unpaid engineering expenses” for subdivisions that were never

For those scoring at home, Haynesworth is also being sued by a bank for defaulting on a loan, his ex-wife is seeking child support from him, and a stripper has filed a paternity claim against him.

15 responses to “Albert Haynesworth settles two lawsuits

  1. maybe that is what his teammates need to do to get him on the field… file a lawsuit against him

  2. You sure that was Haynesworth and not Gore II?
    Hard to tell the Fat Alberts apart these days.

  3. Setting aside our emotional comments and almost-universal dislike for Haynesworth, I have to wonder – – seriously – – if the effect of having these lawsuits hanging over him will affect his training and performance.
    I can’t imagine anyone, faced with multiple lawsuits for millions of dollars, being able to concentrate on business at hand and also getting a good night’s sleep

  4. Good! Since he hasn’t doesn’t squat to earn all that money.
    I hope he ends up in a back alley offering BJ’s to cab drivers in a few years!

  5. Gore II?
    Since when did this site become a forum for personal political views?
    Stick to talking about ball issue robert ethen.

  6. @markwhct. What exactly is a “hood athelete “? Enlighten us with your wisdom …..

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