Ford Sr. issues statement on Lewand

Many observers are calling for action to be taken against Lions president Tom Lewand following his Saturday arrest for suspicion of drunk driving.  If Lewand is to be disciplined, however, it won’t be coming from his employer.

On Sunday, owner William Clay Ford Sr. gave Lewand a strong vote of confidence.  
“Tom made a very serious mistake and he appropriately owned up to that mistake,” he said of Lewand, whom Ford tabbed along with G.M. Martin Mayhew to replace Matt Millen under two years ago.  “As he continues to seek professional assistance for this problem, the Lions will support and help him in any way possible.
“I continue to have full confidence that Tom will positively lead our organization as he has since assuming his current role of team president.  He has all my support.”
Clearly, Lewand is not in danger of losing his job.  It’s now incumbent upon the league office to investigate the matter as it would any player.  NFL spokesman Greg Aiello has confirmed that Lewand is subject to the Personal Conduct Policy.

26 responses to “Ford Sr. issues statement on Lewand

  1. I too have a drinking problem and feel that I would be an inept leader for your organization. Please consider me for a position with either the Lions or Ford Motor Company.

  2. Did you inquire as 2 why Vincent Jackson is expempt from the personal condunct policy??????

  3. You act like the guy should be fired for this. I don’t condone drinking and driving by any means, but lets not start taking away careers because of it. Also, in no way does Sr.’s comments say that he is not going to punish him in some way for it. He just showed his support like an owner should. A fine from the team could still be coming.

  4. Maybe if Matt Millen drank a lil more then he might have been a better GM.
    New Fords and a round of drinks on the old man !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Senior staff and players get a slap on the wrist for drinking and driving, while the rest of staff gets cut, with no questions asked! Interesting implementation of policies!

  6. Vincent not exempt he will be suspended between 2-4 games and will occur after he done sitting out

  7. What a stupid clueless response, “Hey he didn’t kill anyone, no harm no foul” Not that I expect much more from the guy that let Millen have his job for so long.

  8. Qoojo said:
    What a stupid clueless response, “Hey he didn’t kill anyone, no harm no foul” Not that I expect much more from the guy that let Millen have his job for so long.
    Well said. Of course he is just following along with the rest of our society, since people just get a slap on the wrist for drunk driving.

  9. Great response by Mr Ford. AJ smith and the Chargers organization should try working with they’re players a little more instead of their, if you make a mistake, you are gone policy. Let the league handle the dicipline.GO BOLTS

  10. Surprised this story attracts so few comments. This is a big deal IMO. This guy runs a freakin NFL team.

  11. GBfanForever:
    You’re right. This is a big deal…. Probably as big of a deal as when Brett Favre was addicted to pain meds and everybody got on board to support his loser ass…. I say, at least he said sorry and owned up to it…. I’ll always support that… Will you? Or is this simply a “pot” vs “kettle” story for you to deal with because it’s a team you don’t care for much?

  12. Does this mean that WCF and Lewand are forming an association which will be called Lions Anonymous? HI my name is —– and I’m a Lion’s fan.

  13. GBfanforever, that would be the GM buddy, not the president. He actually just words contracts…. thats all.
    What do people expect? He can’t be suspended for X amounts of games. He’s not going to get in trouble, so quit crying already, you look pathetic.

  14. I think he should get a stiffer penalty than normal because he’s running an NFL team.
    What kind of an example does this set for the players?

  15. My point is…. what kind of punishment?
    Money isn’t going to hurt him. He’s a retired NFL player, lawyer, and been in the front office for 18 years. His retirement plan probably has a retirement plan. Any fine that the NFL could hand down would be paid easily.
    He doesn’t play “x” amount of games, so you can’t suspend him. With no games played, theres no way to hurt him this way.
    He wasn’t out shooting people, slapping strippers, getting in fights, etc. He didn’t kill anyone while behind the wheel, nor cause an accident. He had been at a charity golfing event. The league does take these things into consideration (ie, he wasn’t out looking for trouble at the same time).
    He may have trouble drinking (and driving) but I don’t believe he’s been in trouble before, at least not publicly since he’s been with the team (that I know of). The league has a system that benefits those that don’t have reoccuring problems.
    If he was a player and was a first time offender, he would probably get a small slap on the wrist in the form of a fine. So, if the league is going to do anything, it should be a fine 2 times that of what a first time offending player would receive, because he is supposed to be leading by example and he could have easily paid someone to drive him home.

  16. Well, at least he wasn’t caught trying to get through the Burger King take out window naked.

  17. “It’s now incumbent upon the league office to investigate the matter as it would any player.”
    PFT- the self appointed NFL watchdog. Execpt when it’s own bias is involved. Everyday PFT gets more a little more pompus…

  18. It’s just a DUI. Now, don’t get me wrong, if he had hurt someone while driving drunk, that’s a different story, but instead of trying to legislate behavior, why don’t we just punish the action when someone actually does something wrong (like hurt/kill someone because of recklessness/negligence, regardless of the actual cause of the recklessness/negligence)?

  19. That organization will drive anyone to drink. Losing his job should not be up for discussion let’s move on to the next story.

  20. Hilarious Magoo. nice
    Who wouldn’t be drunk if you were responsible for the Lions? The funny thing is for having a .21 he didnt seem that tanked up. He handles his booz better than he he handles player personnel decisions.

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