John Elway would like to be an owner

John Elway will turn 50 on Monday, and as the Hall of Fame Broncos quarterback reflects on what he’s already accomplished in life and what he’d still like to do, owning an NFL team is on his mind.

Elway told Woody Paige of the Denver Post that he’d love to buy a piece of the Broncos from owner Pat Bowlen, and that if that doesn’t happen, he’d also be interested in being involved in another franchise.

“That’s always a possibility, but it really depends on what Pat’s going to do,” Elway said. “Would I like to be a part owner? Yes. I’d like for it to happen here. If not, and there is an opportunity somewhere else, I’d definitely look at that, too.”

Elway doesn’t have the kind of money to buy a team outright, but after selling his car dealerships for more than $80 million, he does have the money to be an investor in a team.

For now, however, it appears that Elway is focused mostly on rebuilding his relationship with the Broncos, a relationship that became strained after his retirement, as he and ex-coach Mike Shanahan didn’t always see eye to eye.

“Honestly, some things went on between Mike and me,” said Elway, who wouldn’t give any details.

Elway says he has bonded with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, and wants to help the Broncos in whatever role he can. For now he doesn’t have any kind of formal title with the team, but in the future he could be McDaniels’ boss.

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  1. good so see his professionalism about it. sometimes you just don’t need to give details and let it be

  2. Elway says he has bonded with Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, and … will also bond with whoever the coach is in 2011.

  3. Yeah, so would I. Look, there is a difference between being rich, which Elway is, and wealthy, which Bill Gates is. Wealthy people own professional sports teams. Rich people, including entertainers, own token bits, like in Miami, as a marketing ploy. Elway isn’t in the multi-billionaire catagory, so he should just focus on selling a bunch of cars and enjoying his priviledge celebrity life.

  4. Bonded with Josh? Will Tim be jealous??????
    What to see the exciting conclusion of “Brokeback Broncos” at a theater near you.

  5. Like BF, I always “hated” Elway when he played…..against my team becuz they were both magicians as QB’s who could win any game just on their own skills and willpower to win. They both have been great for the NFL and will go down as 2 of the greatest QB’s ever. I think it would be good for the NFL to have Elway involved in some capacity. As for Shannahan….who cares, he gets far too much credit for being a great coach at a time when the AFC West was not that competitive as a division and he did it all with “smoke n’ mirrors”. I give him credit for getting the most out of marginal players but he didn’t know how to motivate or use star players. It may have been his ego that caused him to trade star players becuz Shannie definitely wanted all the adoration and I suspect that is why he and Elway never got along. Shannie knew he could trade Portis and other good players but Bronco fans would go for him trading Elway.

  6. “This site is really in the internet dark ages in terms of comment processing”.
    GBfan, no truer words were ever written.

  7. Citizen Strange – The front office in Denver never would’ve allowed the Tebow pick if they didn’t plan on having McDaniels there for another three or four more seasons regardless of his record. He’s supposed to be a quarterback guru and Tebow is the biggest project of a quarterback arguably ever drafted. If Bowlen ever wants to see Tebow flourish and buys into McDaniels being the QB guru people say he is, this guy will be in town until they officially declare Tebow a bust. I think Broncos will have a new coach for 2014.

  8. # TexasBubba says: June 27, 2010 1:23 PM
    Elway ; buy the broncos> Fire McDaniels cut Gods grandson. Please.

  9. Maybe Jom Kelly could give him a call if things dont work out with the Broncos. i know Kelly is ALWAYS looking for potential partners to buy the Bills and keep them in Buffalo. Why not Elway?

  10. Al Davis should sell a share of the Raiders to Elway just to chap the Broncos’ ass. How pissed off would every Denver fan be seeing Elway in Silver & Black in the Raiders’ owners’ box every Sunday? Awesome.
    Little known fact: Elway should’ve been a Raider. Al Davis had a deal in place with the Colts for Elway’s rights before then-commish Rozelle, who had a running feud with Al Davis from the AFL-NFL days, pulled the rug out from underneath it.
    It’s hard to say who the greatest QB of all-time was. Hard to go against Montana with all his hardware, but he was surrounded with ridiculous talent and tremendous coaching pretty much his entire career. Elway burned the Raiders — and just about every other team — enough times late in games to get my vote as one of the best. Certainly Top 5 all-time.

  11. jim kelly,thurman thomas and john elway team up and buy the bills!! jim and thurman gotta tell john that he dosent have 2 live in bflo 2 be part owner just might intice elway 2 say OK IM ALL IN!!!!

  12. He should buy the Jags, bring them to LA where John can come back to where he grew up. His family is here.

  13. Yeah, I’d laugh my A$$ off when Elway drafts some stud who threatens to to play MLB unless traded to another team.

  14. I recall a reference to Elway and Shanahan not liking each other much during that Eddie Kennison, “We’re gonna bus their ass,” speech in ’03, lol. I just thought it was a former player venting frustrations at his former coach, but now this rift between the two has teeth.
    kennison specifically said at the time that Elway retired early because he was tired of Shanahan. Wow, that team might have been able to three-peat. The media always portrayed the two as if they were attached at the hip like Brees and Payton…interesting to see that they dropped the ball as usual on this one. And since Shanahan has won a total of one fluky playoff game against a very underwhelming Patriot team since his retirement, it continues to underline who was more important in that marriage of convenience.

  15. Elway has already married a former Raider cheerleader, and Davis is looking to sell minority stakes in Oakland. Al always wanted Horseface to play there, but taking his money to help pay down Russell’s contract is better than nothing.

  16. CanadianBillsFan says:
    June 27, 2010 2:18 PM
    Maybe Jom Kelly could give him a call if things dont work out with the Broncos. i know Kelly is ALWAYS looking for potential partners to buy the Bills and keep them in Buffalo. Why not Elway?
    Maybe because Elway is waiting to buy part of team that he can be proud of?

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