Police receive toxicology results on Chad Jones

Buried at the bottom of a USA Today update regarding Friday’s automobile accident involving Giants safety Chad Jones is a potentially significant disclosure.

Police have received Jones toxicology test results, according to his agent, Rocky Arceneaux.

“I’m not certain, but I do not think alcohol was involved in the
,” Arceneaux told USA Today.

Though Jones faces far more important challenges as he recovery from the serious leg injuries he suffered, the question of whether alcohol was a factor in the accident could be a factor in the Giants’ decision whether to withhold Jones’ $320,000 base salary if/when he’s placed on the non-football illness/injury list.

8 responses to “Police receive toxicology results on Chad Jones

  1. What else would you expect from his agent.
    A wasted item what about the police report ?
    Iam almost ready to stop reading about the N F L
    Too many lies.

  2. The disclosure is not “potentially significant” on it’s face. Blood tests for drugs and alcohol are routinely done in any case where there is accident with injury.
    The facts that tests were done and the results delivered to the police- because, after all, that’s who would have requested them- doesn’t signify anything at all.
    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Florio would take an absolutely routine development and report in a way that would bring doubt and innuendo upon a man who has much bigger problems right now.
    And even if it turns out drugs or alc where involved, it won’t change my point that this report was premature and unneccessary.

  3. why does it takes weeks for results of toxicology tests to come out for other people, but 2 days for this guy?
    I’m not complaining nor do i think something nefarious is going on, i’m curious as to why the difference in how quickly they come out.

  4. here is to hoping alcohol was not involved….. for all that he is going through, this would be added insult to injury IMO… to have his salary withheld. Being a Bills fan and having to watch Kevin Everrett, im pulling for this guy…. to have alcohol be the cause of this , would be a total shame because he would be entirely at fault….
    again best wished for a recovery and also to a negative tox report

  5. Sad that it is to the point whenever a NFL player is involved in a serious crash at 6:15 am everyone assumes he was coming home from a night partying.
    Be sadder if they are right.

  6. Hate to see this type of story. I hope it’s not alcohol related and that he can still resume his NFL career.

  7. At 6:15 AM, one would hope he was on the way to the gym to work out, not coming home from a night of partying.

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