Ricky Williams says Pat White is the Dolphins' most improved player

Last year, Pat White matched new WVU Athletic Director Oliver Luck as the quarterback drafted highest in Mountaineer history.

A year later, some think White will struggle to stay in the league.

Though we doubt that he’d be cut by the Dolphins, a sense has emerged that he could end up moved to a new position or traded if his development at quarterback doesn’t accelerate.

Or maybe he needs to do a better job of fitting in with his teammates, perhaps by getting arrested once or twice.

At least one of his teammates has found a spot in White’s corner.  According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, running back Ricky Williams believes there’s “no doubt” that White is the team’s most improved player.

He’s a quarterback now,” Williams said.

Whether White has improved enough remains to be seen.  We’re partial to him because of his exploits in Morgantown.  But we realize that, like Major Harris 20 years ago, a guy has to be good enough at the next level or he won’t last. 

In 2009, White simply wasn’t good enough.

In 2010, maybe he will be.

61 responses to “Ricky Williams says Pat White is the Dolphins' most improved player

  1. Perhaps, you should be arrested for your overuse of lameass comments. Color commentary is obviously not your strength

  2. It never fails. Everytime you write about the Dolphins you have to say something stupid regarding arrests. Florio you’re a clown.

  3. Don’t know for sure, even from Ricky…I won’t believe Pat White is anything more than a bounce-around-the-league 2nd/3rd string qb at best…has shown, so far, that his game from college just hasn’t been able to transfer to the NFL…

  4. I remember Major Harris came out a year early; everyone went “WTF is he thinking?” This was truly amazing, because the abbreviation “WTF” hadn’t even been invented yet.

  5. Pat White, meet JaMarcus Russell. I bet he was your mentor, because you have as much chance of being an NFL success as he did of winning a Super Bowl.

  6. So Florio has 2 options. Go with the same lame “arrest” joke that he thinks every Dolphins post needs to have in, or else he could take the “Ricky Williams must again be high as a kite to think Pat White has ANY chance of being an NFL QB given his horrible performance last year.”
    Of course he went with the arrest. Parcells kicked Florios dog, ya kno.

  7. I don’t envy the cleaning lady who has to clean the stains around Forio’s desk when he read the words “Pat White is the most improved player.”
    Hell, she’ll probably have to get a ladder to clean the spots from the ceiling too.

  8. Also, I wonder why Florio cracks on the Dolphins so much. Did Parcells ask if his mom is a prostitute?

  9. The only way he gets better is if they let him where stilts and a red jersey on game day.

  10. Since it is a slow news day, I am sure it is a matter of time before Florio posts something to bash the city of Jacksonville or the Jaguars. It never fails.

  11. Tom Brady: 1 of 3 for 6 yards with 0 TD and 0 INT.
    Brett Favre: 0 of 4 for 0 yards with 0 TD and 2 INT.
    Jeff George: 181 of 334 for 2152 yards with 16 TD and 13 INT.
    Yeah, it’s REAL EASY to see how great a player will become after their rookie season, isn’t it?

  12. I’ve been reading all the Dolphin coverage for awhile and have particularly enjoyed all the Dolphin/jets talk back and forth; only chiming in when someone definitely deserves to be put in their place(i.e. NYJALLFINGDAY), but this is ridiculous. How many times can you make these unprofessional, off-beat comments about one team?? You are such a joke florio…

  13. Mike, he said “no qeustion” not “no doubt”
    if you’re going to quote a player, don’t change the words …

  14. Mike, he said “no question” not “no doubt”
    if you’re going to quote a player, don’t change the words …

  15. wow,cant stand the doplphins,but isnt that guy only going into his second year,so whats with all these articles about pat white not making it,geez give him a little more time before you blame him for how bad the dolphins suck,,,,,,,,,,,
    GO RAVENS!!!

  16. Complete list of people that give a rat’s ass about Pat White:
    1. Pat White (presumably)
    2. Mike Florio

  17. Give it a rest, Florio. You’re as much a West Virginia homer as Browns fans are OSU homers. Seriously, the Pat White drooling is getting embarrassing.

  18. @2buku4u
    Hahahaha, i’m honored you spend your valuable time “putting me in my place.”
    Welcome to PFT, where the writing is terrible and nobody has a single positive thing to say about anybody.
    Suck it up and learn to deal with it, Nancy.
    If it makes you feel better, Florio does not know what he’s talking about, ever

  19. Hey Florio. isn’t there a job working for the Enquirer or Star Mag. that would be more suitable to your style of journalism? Leave the real writing to the professionals you hack.

  20. Dude spun a tight and accurate ball in college.
    There’s no reason he couldn’t do it in the pros…as long as he took the time to train, learn, and figure out where to go with the ball in the NFL.
    He can throw with enough velocity to beat LBs and safeties on medium range throws of 20-40 yards.

  21. If Dan Marino himself never won SQUAT, then what is this borderline NFL player gonna do? He’ll be introduced into the lineup in “situational situations”.

    Hahahah…there he is! Yeah, I’ve noticed all of that since I started reading here. I was a little bummed you never came back the last time we were at it though, oh well…maybe next time.

  23. And while he has “improved”, unfortunately he still sucks and is still undersized.

  24. What’s wrong with weed? I’m sure many players smoke down for a few days (or weeks) after their season ends. At least Ricky acknowledged it.

  25. Nostorio is the most deimproved internet hack. I know it’s not a word, but this is hardly a site either.

  26. @2buku4u
    I don’t remember when we went at it but it’s 90% probable that I got sick of coming here and waiting a million hours for my posts to get approved, or I just got outnumbered OR the discussion was just going in circles.
    I tend to not post unless theres massive amounts of stupidity going around.

  27. Hey Bubba thought everyone posted comments here because we didn’t have a life.
    Go Dallas Cowboys !!

  28. i think ricky’s smokin the ganga again. pat should go to the cfl or arena league because he will never hang with the big boys!

  29. It’s a toss up as to what would be a better existence, a back-up on an NFL team or a blogger of questionable ability and limited grammar like Florio.

  30. likes edgy1957’s comment.
    Short, sweet, and to the point.
    but dislikes Florio’s stab at getting arrested.
    The Bengals are still the bad boys of the NFL. And no, not the good bad.

  31. If Ricky Williams says that White is the most improved player, I see a drug test in Ricky’s near future.

  32. # BAtkins says: June 27, 2010 10:37 PM
    “If Ricky Williams says that White is the most improved player, I see a drug test in Ricky’s near future.”
    and if he’s right, the Fins are in trouble ..

  33. Pat White was a waste of a draft pick.
    He looks horrible on the NFL level and got clocked for it. Tyler Thigpen came in and made White look like a high school player.
    What team would even be stupid enough to want White in a trade? I can think of none.
    Let Henne start, noodle arm Pennington be the veteran backup, develop Thigpen more, and wave bye bye to Pat White. Drew Brees can keep laughing, the Phins really f’d up on letting him get away.

  34. My four year old could have posted a more interesting story. Pat White looks like an eighth grader under center. He’ll never make it as a QB.

  35. I just hope Ricky is correct and not speaking on the weed. The Dolphins can use a third string quarterback.

  36. Hey Florio why don’t you and your girlfriend Sid Rosenberg just go to New York and report on the Jets/Giants. Keep your “insightful” garbage to yourself.

  37. White was a rookie last season… and like more than 95% of all other rookie QBs he struggled. When will you geniuses figure that out?

  38. NYMut is so obsessed with Dan Marino- can’t say I blame you.
    Remember the clock play there loser? That put your “so called franchise” back 3 years. What did you lose 33 out of 37 after he knocked you off? He was a jet killer and is always mentioned as one of the best of all time. You’re just to stuck in envy and stupid to post anything revelant.
    Jests have NO players that get that respect. Go figure.

  39. I believe Pat White could be a good QB in this league if given a legitimate chance and backing confidence from the team, good players eventually prove they belong. You can’t go changing the system on the guy every year and trying to trade him for some other teams QB or talk about drafting another QB (IE Jason Campbell) and expect the guy to mature, gain confidence, and play to his ability. The guy did it at West Virginia, threw strikes against NC in the last bowl game and has proven he can get out of the pocket and make plays like Vince Young but I think he’s better. Good luck Pat, this guy will turn out to be a steal.

  40. “I tend to not post unless theres massive amounts of stupidity going around” (then you should feel right at home loser)
    Pot, meet kettle. Best laugh so far this morning from the jest trolls.

  41. Black QB Post = People trying to be funny and failing miserably in the comment section.
    Its really to the point its pathetic on your part. Really? Everytime a black QB post on here, everyone is a comedian.
    Yet David Carr gets a post and his comments are full of “Yeah! Lets hope the 49ers start him” and “David Carr Yeah! He’s white so he gets a pass on being the worst #1 pick ever” and my personal favorite “Its the Texans O-line that ruined him”…..You people really make me sick.

  42. @Cmoney20
    shut up, leave the racism out, and wake up you a-hole. Pat White is a grown man and I’m sure he could care less about what us Internet-idiots have to say. I was a huge Pat White when he was in college and I hope he gains some weight so he can have more success. Did I say that because he’s black? No, I said that because the only color that matters in this world is GREEN!

  43. Congrats, Florio, you are officially the Perez Hilton of Sports.
    If Seneca Wallace can remain in the league and make good money all these years, Pat White certainly has a chance.

  44. EaglesFan83 says:
    June 27, 2010 4:36 PM
    How do you have a job…I’m serious.
    Couldn’t have said it any better. Truly awful. Why do I keep coming back to this site? Boredom got the better of me, yet again.

  45. I wouldn’t trust Florio to man a cash register at a gas station, much less post something of written value on this site.

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