Titans' Kenny Britt says offseason has been "horrible"

Last year the Titans’ decision to draft wide receiver Kenny Britt paid off nicely, as Britt led the team with 701 receiving yards.

But this year Britt has been dropping more than his share of passes in minicamps and organized team activities, and he’s the first to acknowledge that he isn’t making the kind of progress he’d like to make as his second NFL season approaches.

It has been horrible,” Britt said, per Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “I am disappointed in myself. I know I have to get better. They expect me to get better. And that’s what I plan on doing.”

Britt acknowledges that he showed up out of shape to the team’s April minicamp, and he said the coaches’ decision to sit him during that minicamp was a wake-up call. Now he says he’s going to use the month off before training camp to turn his offseason around.

“I can’t be dropping balls out there for no reason. I know I have to focus a lot better,” Britt said. “So I am disappointed in myself, but I am not getting down, I am getting on myself to get better, and that is going to be on my mind the whole month of July. Even though everyone is going to be on vacation, this has to be my grinding time. I want to be the guy everyone can count on.”

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  1. This is what you want to see in a young player; acknowledging mistakes and working to fix them.

  2. This guy screwed himself by slacking off the whole offseason and now he wants to make up for it a month away from preseason. We will be out half the season for injuries and strains. He is going to either still be out of shape, or pushing himself too hard and too late in the offseason. You don’t wait to start lifting right before competition.

  3. man i cant stand the titans but in my fantasy i was planning on keeping this guy as my rookie,but i dont know,maybe he is just being his own harsh critic,last year he looked to have possesed all the right tools,wasnt it him whho made that huge game winning catch against the cards,lets hope he can be youngs go to reliable weapon they need in the wrs corps

  4. Sometimes, it takes a bit for these young guys to understand what it is to be a pro. Some never get it.

  5. The Titans entire offseason has been a disaster. Very sad when you consider the tear (8-2) they went on to end the year. They looked like could contend for the playoffs this year. Now, I wouldn’t bet on it.

  6. remember last off season he was busting his butt in shape for the draft. this year he had a ton of free time. id give him a pass this year. he seems to acknowledge that he misunderstood what it takes to be successful and is willing to adjust. props to him for recognizing what needs to be done…..
    if i were a titans fan, id beg for some of this guy to rub off on VY

  7. Rod Smith mentored Kenny much of last season. Sounds as if the mentoring didn’t sink in. Damn shame. I remember reading an article where Rod emphasized the extra work required in the NFL vs college. Sounds as if Kenny wasn’t listening. The Titans have not had much success with round 1 drafting in recent years and have a long history of receiver problems.

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