Agent says Chad Jones could opt for baseball over football

The dire news that came out of Friday’s automobile accident involving Giants rookie safety Chad Jones has yielded to optimism, with doctors not only saving Jones’ badly-injured leg but also giving his family and agent cause to believe that Jones will walk again and, eventually, run.

But it doesn’t mean that Jones ever will play football again.  Per Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post, agent Rocky Arceneaux says that Jones has not ruled out ditching football for baseball, since baseball would result in less stress on the leg.

It makes sense, but Arceneaux would be wise to be a bit more coy at this point.  The Giants have yet to publicly commit to paying Jones his $320,000 while he presumably spends the entire 2010 season on the non-football injury/illness list.  If Jones eventually could play football but chooses not to do so, he could be required to pay back all or part of his $848,000 signing bonus.

It’s possible that Jones, a pitcher and outfielder on LSU’s College World Series-winning team, ultimately could be medically cleared to play baseball but not football, given the fundamental differences between the sports.  Arceneaux should using terms like that if he sees fit to talk about Jones possibly playing baseball instead of football.

Even better, Arceneaux should be saying nothing at all about the difficult choice that Jones may eventually have to make.

21 responses to “Agent says Chad Jones could opt for baseball over football

  1. Isn’t that a post for “Hardball Talk” get that garbage out of here. Write about someone that has actually played in the NFL!!!

  2. Sucky situation for him to be going through. I know alot of Giants fans are expecting Kenny Phillips and A. Rolle to tear that backfield up this season with Grant filling in when needed.

  3. You are dead right about this one Florio. Arceneaux should be saying things about “hoping for a full recovery” and that Jones, “would like to resume his professional athletic career”. If he can play football again then he can make that choice in the future. Until then, his agent should say that Jones wants to get healthy again. The Giants are a fairly class organization (cue the G-Men haters…..) and I think they would pick up the base salary for Jones in 2010. That would be a nice chunk of change to have lying around during the rehab.
    I hope Jones can walk, run and play organized sports again. He is/was a heck of an athlete and I believe the only college athlete who was a starter and major contributor on teams that won the College World Series in baseball and the BCS Championship in football. As a side note, he was a pitcher on the LSU baseball team as a lark and a short term answer because they needed another pitcher. He told the coaches he could try pitching and was pretty darn good at it. He is also a darn good safety who is big, fast and can hit hard. Hopefully he can play both sports again.

  4. His agent isn’t helping him any by making that public. What incentive do the Giants have to pay or help the guy if they think he’s bailing on them ? The sympathy factor will only go so far when there is that much money involved.

  5. Anthony says:
    June 28, 2010 9:03 AM
    Isn’t that a post for “Hardball Talk” get that garbage out of here. Write about someone that has actually played in the NFL!!!
    This is a post for here, because he’s a rookie drafted by a major NFL team and he might not be playing football ever again even though he got almost $1 mil to do so.
    It sucks that it seems his agent is goading him into a career change. I think it’s a major misstep as you’re not only pissing off the team that drafted you, but what MLB team would take a shot on someone who just had major surgery on a leg?
    Very dumb. Hope he comes to football and does well.

  6. yeah, what a weird freakin’ comment, only a couple days after a horrible accident. what is this guy’s agent doing?

  7. Rocky Arceneaux = A-Hole if I was Chad Jones I would fire him ASAP! Hope Chad has a speedy and full recovery!

  8. Cool. The Brewers need all the pitching they can find. Too bad it happened this way.

  9. Glad to hear he’s doing OK, but isn’t it a little premature to talk about his career until he heals up?

  10. Agreed this agent should STFU. The young man is not out of the woods yet. His leg has been saved-for now. Complications can crop up with an injury this serious. Until he’s stable he doesn’t need an agent, especially one that can’t keep his foot out of his mouth.

  11. The only thing Arceneaux should be saying is thanking God and the EMTs, the Fire Department, and the entire medical team that 1) the guy is alive and 2) he still has his legs. Since I doubt Jones in any condition to monitor what this moron is saying, one of the family members will have to step up and shut this sideshow down.

  12. have they given details of the accident yet? Like what caused it? I think I read there was no other car, and he just hit a pole.. I hope he recovers fast, but that is rarely accomplished “unassisted.”

  13. I thought this kid had an opportunity to be our best draft pick this year and once I read about his injury this is the first thing I thought of. I know the Giants said they made sure this kid was 100% in to football and wasn’t going to switch to baseball but after hearing about his accident and now this scenario it looks like the G-Men need to admit they wasted a 3rd round pick.
    They should just cut ties with this kid if there is any chance he’s going to jump to baseball when he’s recovered. In any other circumstance I’d say pay him the $320,000 and don’t sour him towards the team in case he can ever play again. But if he has baseball as a possibility he’s not going to risk it playing football so just cut him.

  14. I always thought his best career option was baseball anyway but I think he just likes football better. He’s a more polished football player at this point but hard-throwing, left-handed pitchers are in great demand in baseball. He throws in the lows 90s and has had very little formal instruction in pitching. I think he’s a great prospect. Moot if he doesn’t get well, though.
    Oh, and Chad is not the only young man to play on NCAA championship teams in football and baseball. The other is his teammate at LSU, Jared Mitchell.
    Good Luck, Chad.

  15. Chad will use the down time to put in some serious work on his chess game, in case the other options don’t work out.

  16. Was it the leg he uses to push off of when pitching and throwing and hitting? In baseball you are going to push one of your legs much harder than the other one, especially if you are a pitcher who isn’t required to run very much. So if he injured what I would call his “off leg” or non-dominant leg or whatever then he should be fine to try a pitching career.
    Football though is really hard on your legs with hitting and cutting and running with pads. Sure his agent shouldn’t be running his mouth at this point but it seems like almost a no-brainer that he should switch sports.

  17. If I was advising him, I’d say Chad should use the down time to finish his degree, robertethen. Probably not advice his agent is giving him.

  18. Wow
    Mr. Mara and Mr. Tish now have to decide do we pay him or not
    Knowing the class of the team if the agent would STFU the kid would have gotten his full pay but at this point why bother.
    Unless he fires his agent this kids is screwed

  19. “dklein82 says:
    June 28, 2010 9:56 AM
    yeah, what a weird freakin’ comment, only a couple days after a horrible accident. what is this guy’s agent doing?
    Um….he’s being a typical sports agent/lawyer. He’s worried about his “meal ticket” and his next pay check not the player’s health.

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