Brandon Jones fighting uphill battle for roster spot

Signing Brandon Jones was not one of former 49ers G.M. Scot McCloughan’s finer moments. 

Originally drafted by the Titans, Jones received $5.4 million guaranteed last February despite very little career production and a history of injuries.

Jones got hurt in training camp last year, then was lost in the shuffle behind Michael Crabtree, Isaac Bruce, and Josh Morgan.  Jones caught exactly one pass all season.  (To be fair, his 18 yards-per-catch average was impressive.)

Now entering year two in San Francisco, Jones looks unlikely to even make the team

Right now, he’s on outside looking in,” Matt Maiocco of Comcast Sports Bay Area writes.  “[Jones] needs a
big-time training camp.”

With a $2.145 million salary, Jones probably needs more than a big camp.  He needs players in front of him like Jason Hill and Ted Ginn to get hurt.

3 responses to “Brandon Jones fighting uphill battle for roster spot

  1. If Ted Ginn is in front of you it might be time to pack your suitcase and start calling your agent.

  2. Four things:
    1. Beggars can’t be choosers. And when you’re fixing a problem position in FA, you’re going to have to over-pay.
    2. Jones, when healthy, was a pretty darn good WR for the Titans. Despite the rather pedestrian QBing there.
    3. Injuries are part of the game. It’s easy to point fingers in hindsight and say “Injury Risk.” It’s harder to know the future… Especially when the injuries are all contact-injuries that scream “bad luck” — broken shoulder, groin pull and ACL.
    4. Shouldn’t you be bagging on Vick now that the rapist is no longer front page news?

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