Browns sign Clifton Geathers

Cleveland Browns sixth-round draft pick Clifton Geathers has signed a contract, the team announced today.

Geathers, a defensive lineman from South Carolina, was taken with the Browns’ final pick in this year’s draft, 186th overall.

The 6-foot-7, 300-pound Geathers was a three-year letterman for the Gamecocks.

Geathers was criticized by Browns coach Eric Mangini during the team’s minicamp this month for throwing punches at some offensive linemen.

18 responses to “Browns sign Clifton Geathers

  1. 7, 300-pound Geathers .Thinks he’s alittle overweight Smith learn how to write its 6″7 and not 7,300 pounds

  2. Clifton Geathers….WOW. Cleveland loses Layy…Bronnn….but they sign Hymie Schmidlap’s brother..Bwaahaahaahaa
    The Superbowl is within their grasp with Geathers…Bwaahaahaahaa

  3. ….who is the younger brother of Robert Geathers of my Cincinnati Bengals. See Michael D…. that wasn’t so hard was it??

  4. @ravenmuscle
    You are the most worthless human being on the face of this earth. @Raventrash would be a more fitting screen name for you.
    Baltimore is by far the worst city I have ever been to…full of Section 8 housing and just a dump of a town! Bwaahaahaah

  5. Rollinyou – LOL struck a nerve huh. Baltimore has some great qualities they just all happen to be in Washington DC. Baltimore’s greatest asset is it’s close to some much better places.
    I lived in both Cleveland and Baltimore. I don’t live in either now but if I had to go back to one, it would be Cleveland. People that put down Cleveland are from one of two camps. Those that have never been there and those that have never been out of there. Once you’ve lived in several places you start to realize the good and bad of all cities. You have something to compare against……

  6. Ravenmuscle is the true definition of a troll. He makes up stats that aren’t even real or writes some of the dumbest shot on the planet (LeBron leaves Cleveland, so the Browns sign Geathers— as if the cavs and Browns are the same team), all just to try to get under someone’s skin. It’s easy to tell this is a guy who’s pretty unhappy with life, ’cause the only fun he has is trying (and for the most part, failing miserably) to piss people off.

  7. Jerseykingpin…perhaps 6’7″ (instead of 6″7), 300 pounds…don’t criticize someone else’s mistakes by making one of your own while trying to correct them…makes you look like, well, you are from Jersey

  8. they better sign david copperfield or they will vanish! 6-10 tops for the orange +brown boys!

  9. Geathers was criticized by Browns coach Eric Mangini during the team’s minicamp this month for throwing punches at some offensive linemen.
    If this gig in the NFL doesn’t pan out, the Heavyweight division in boxing could use some competition.

  10. Is this the nephew of old “Jumpy” Geathers, who was part of that great “Dome Patrol” defense the Saints had when Jim Mora coached them to some NFC South titles?

  11. Trickbunny you are so right.
    Everyday I come to this site to get a large laugh out of the inane comments made by Ravenmuscle.
    Clearly he is the Jerry Lewis, the Lloyd Christmas of this web site.
    I mean no one takes him seriously, do they?

  12. @Ravenbadyjackasspenismuscle
    Find a new career, boys. Trolling on another team’s message board doesn’t count as a job search activity.
    If you don’t believe me, ask your parole officer. They will confirm it.

  13. @ Omega
    Some losers are devoid of any social skills and have no personal relationships. So they will take attention (negative or positive) any way they can get it.
    Even if it means being a complete fool to solicit it.
    See Ravenmuscle and Badyjackass.

  14. Look at their names…just the fact that they have to use “muscle” or “badass” tells you all you need to know about these two.
    They must live some pretty sad and empty lives that they both troll the Browns site and spout out sophomoric humor to get a rise out of Browns fans. Its like bratty kids in need of attention, even if that means negative attention…sad really.

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