Producer of Vick's BET show potentially complicates Mike's predicament

Falcons receiver Roddy White has said that he attended Mike Vick’s now-infamous birthday party on Thursday night, and that he left with Vick before the party ended with the shooting of former Vick dogfighting business partner Quanis Phillips.

But the man who produces Vick’s reality show on BET has spun a different yarn.  Appearing Friday on WGFX in Nashville (via, Ahmadu Garba talked about the shooting.

“I got a call last night from this guy whose name is John, he’s Vick’s wife’s assistant, Kiafa.” Garba said.  “It was probably about 4:00 a.m. Nasvhille time.  He told me that, ‘Something just went down.  We’re at this party and shots rang out.’  As far as I know from what it sounded like, Mike was there and they left shortly after that. . . .  I have a couple of years of law school experience, so he was asking me,’What’s going on?  Is everything going to be OK?'”

Garba also used his “couple of years of law school” to interpret the terms of Vick’s supervised release from federal custody.

“As far as his probation goes, the first six months he couldn’t be around certain people,” Garba said.  “Mike had a couple of parties, some house warming parties a few days after he got out.  Some people tried to come to his house and people had to block them off and tell that they couldn’t come.  As far as being on his parole, being around those people doesn’t matter now, but he was around weapons and there was violence, so that could be an issue. . . .  Mike couldn’t be around his codefendants within a six-month window of when he got out of prison.”

That last disclosure is news to us, and likely to many others.  It widely has been reported that Vick must avoid his codefendants (like Phillips) for all of Vick’s probation, not just only a slice of it. 

Garba may be right; we’ll defer to the terms of the probation order, a copy of which we probably should track down.  But if he’s wrong — and if Vick has been relying upon the notion that the limitation applied only for six months, Vick may have a far bigger problem than anyone realized, if he began associating with his codefendants after the six-month anniversary of his release.

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  1. Vick has a bigger problem is he is relying on someone with “a couple years of law school” for legal advice. Which again shows his lack of judgment. He doesn’t even call. He has his fiancee’s (they ain’t married yet) assistant call some schmo for advice.
    Probably the same schmo who thought a public birthday party at club was a good idea.

  2. Vick is one of the most overpaid, over hyped players in the history of sports.He isn’t even a good QB.I doubt if he has the speed to run away from defenders anymore.That was the one thing he was good at.He obviously doesn’t use his head and is lucky to have a job.

  3. You can take away his starting job but not his street cred. Vik represents in the hard streets of being a millionaire.

  4. My spouse’s first cousin’s second best friend’s mother’s sister called her neighbor who’s a cab driver, who was there and he said…
    Even if you asked 10 people, who were looking right at the guy who did the shooting…none of them will agree on what color shirt he was wearing.
    I’m not believing anyone’s “word of mouth” report that wasn’t there and this guy should keep his mouth shut, even if he was. That he wasn’t means his opinion doesn’t count, even if he’s a Supreme Court judge.
    He wasn’t there, so he can’t say, absolutely positively Vick was there, when the shooting happened.

  5. Ahmadu? Ahmadu you wrong or Ahmadu you right?
    This clown can’t come in here with a couple years of law school and piss on Florio’s hydrant. You tell ’em Mike.
    And why the hell does Vick’s wife need an assistant?

  6. Dont get Florio started with Vick. Jesus Christ knows he’s obsessed with this man and will do everything in his power to bring this topic up a number of different ways. Mike Vick is priority #1 in Florio’s life so get ready. No more football talk until Vick is finally cleared…I’ll check back to PFT in a month or so to see if the coast is clear…

  7. Least we can all get an eyeball break from all the Steve Smith bashing headlines for a moment.

  8. If Vick had a brain, he’d just attribute all the action to the “reality T.V. series” being filmed at his residence.
    No cousins were harmed in the making of this documentary.

  9. Dungy is coaching the Brazilian national team these days. Except his name is pronounced “Dunga” in the local dialect.

  10. Im starting to think Florio has a vendetta against all black QB’s…the post on QB’s is 5 to 1 in favor of black QB’s and there is like 4 in the league. Your a racist florio. the worst kind. a passive aggressive racist.

  11. Vick’s wife has an assistant? Are you kidding me?
    Did she hire one of Father of the YEar Andy Reid’s paroled sons?

  12. I love this, all these idiots are so stupid they will contradict each other left and right. “He wud there”. “He wudn’t dere”.

  13. “couple of years of law school”
    This quote should be on Florios tombstone

  14. @cmoney20
    Maybe it’s the fact that Vick committed a crime, then put himself in a bad position after getting a second chance? But, hey, don’t let race-baiting get in the way of fundamental truth!

  15. “Im starting to think Florio has a vendetta against all black QB’s…the post on QB’s is 5 to 1 in favor of black QB’s and there is like 4 in the league. Your a racist florio. the worst kind. a passive aggressive racist.”
    How quickly it turns to race for Cmoney20. When in doubt, scream racism.

  16. Confucius say:
    “Ignorance can be fixed. Stupidity is forever”.
    Hey, did you get that, Goodell?

  17. Ah- I get it! PFT means ProfootballTabloid. It’s obvious because Florio likes to wade into all of the bad things that happen to the NFL and rarely prints somethig nice about what the players accompish.
    You can talk a lawyer of of court but you cannot take the court out of the lwayer- no matter who buys the website.
    Because a TV producer says something Vick is obviously hiding something. I say based on PFT’s coverage and this evidence Vick should go to jail for life!

  18. While there is no 6 month expiration noted for association with felons, there is an exception if the probation officer grants permission for him to do so. So reviewing the release conditions was not entirely conclusive.

  19. crap,its all crap,sounds like somebody is just trying to get some intrest for his show,he has no first hand knowledge of vick telling him that,he says,somebody told him something,somebody else said,nonsense,just trying to grab headlines

  20. robert ethen says:
    June 28, 2010 4:51 PM
    Dungy is coaching the Brazilian national team these days. Except his name is pronounced “Dunga” in the local dialect.
    That is effin funny…classic!
    (3-0 winners today…)

  21. I agree with ZombieRevolution, send Vick to jail for life. Waste of human flesh, and the most overated QB ever.
    Comparing Kordell and Vick is garbage and feces, they both suck, kordell on more things than I care to think about.

  22. ok so one OBVIOUS question….is Vick’s wife Mrs. Mexico??? In other words, does she get that burning feeling of desire too?? And if so, how pissed was she when Ron shared that loving feeling? These are the details we need to know!!!

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