Warren Sapp to Albert Haynesworth: "Stop the B.S."

Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth has made no secret of his lack of interest in playing nose tackle in the 3-4 defense the team is installing.  And while Haynesworth issued a statement last week regarding his intent to show up for training camp, most believe he’s merely trying to protect his $26 million in bonus money.

So eventual Hall of Fame defensive tackle Warren Sapp has a message for Haynesworth.

Let’s stop the B.S., like we like to say,” Sapp told Vic Carucci and
Howard Balzer on Sirius NFL Radio over the weekend, via Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post.  “I mean, c’mon, son.  You sat at the
table.  The people told you they had a very lovely check for
you. . . .  Albert Haynesworth, you took the check, now show up to the job,
son.  It’s that simple.  You take that kind of check.  I mean, I’ll flip
dogs for you.  I mean, c’mon, what you want me to do, you want me to
return punts?  I mean, what?  C’mon.  Stop it.  Stop it.  Stop it.”

Sapp also thinks that the Haynesworth hype has been overblown, and that he’s not a truly dominant player.  “He’s not consistent enough,” Sapp said.  “The numbers aren’t there.  I mean, I saw
the four plays in a row playing the Atlanta Falcons when he was on the
goal line, he looks like a manchild.  Some of those games he was running,
him and [Kyle] Vanden Bosch, they really had that defense rolling.  He
was playing the game the way it was supposed to be played.

“But you can’t tell me that a man that has, what, [28] sacks in his
life is one of the most dominant players to ever play this game.”

Sapp’s right.  Haynesworth had two big years when chasing his contract.  Now that he has his contract he wants to coast or, at a minimum, dictate the terms of his employment.

So add Sapp to the list of players who have called out Haynesworth.  And when a player, current or former, finally supports Haynesworth, he’ll likely be the first.  And possibly the last.

34 responses to “Warren Sapp to Albert Haynesworth: "Stop the B.S."

  1. Players are going to continue to call Haynesworth out. He’s the poster child for why owners refuse to kick out that type of money most of the time. When guys like Haloti Ngata, Elvis Dumervil, Darrell Revis, Lamar Woodley and other young defensive players or non- quaterbacks get to the negotiation table, guys like Haynesworth, who get the big check and then quit, are going to be the reason that they have a hard time getting big time money in their contracts.
    He’s screwing it up for every other player in the NFL.

  2. Looks like Haynesworth is one step closer to donning the Silver & Black And Raiderkarma will prevail once again, likely to the detriment of all of us in the Nation.
    I’m sure Undead Al will be thinking to himself “I’ve already been burned once by a big money player; lightning can’t possibly strike me twice. Besides, I’m UNDEAD Al; I will always be.”
    Shanahan is surely rubbing his little hands together as he plots his next Napoleonic revenge upon Undead Al.

  3. Haynesworth is a punk who’ll not get any more big money, so he better invest wisely

  4. He could be the best defensive player in the game if he wanted to be. The problem is his ego is too sufficiently sated by occasional demonstrations of his potential that he’ll never know the next level. The whole diva thing doesn’t help either.

  5. and its a good thing the redskins knew that,,,oh wait,they just hoped on the first big free agent they could and now they are acting surprised,and for that reason alone,it to this day,still makes me sick to listen to a vinny cerrato radio interview,the guy had/has zero clue and he is gonna go on radio and rank other GMs,and other orgs,he needs to stick to things he knows like staring contests,bug eye son of a gun

  6. Haynesworth is a POS, but I’m sure DeAngelo Hall will support him. He is also a POS.

  7. Didn’t Al Wilson (who used to play linebacker in Denver) come out in support of Fat Albert? He and that clown at ESPN, Matt Mosely.

  8. @ theReapercalls
    “Sapp is not a current player”
    Who said he was a current player? Nowhere does it say add Sapp as a “CURRENT” player………….

  9. @ “Twinkletoes”, You have to be one of those Fans from the other side of the Bay that wondered in when Rice and Gannon were around.
    Thought your type were long gone. Your needed in the Castro.

  10. Before his comments about Haynesworth, Sapp said he [Sapp] should know about the position because he dominated it for so long. Classy guy. Nothing like shameless self promotion. Did he go to the Theismann school of journalism?
    Good, but dominant? Judging by his pro bowl appearances, maybe, but judging by his stats and comparisons to contemporaries. No. 28th on the career sack list doesn’t make you dominant. Bruce Smith was dominant. Reggie White was dominant. Warren Sapp was very, very good. But just in case anyone thinks that, he’ll be around to tell you otherwise.
    But hey, at least he was a classy guy. Oh, right, forgot about him cheapshotting Clifton and then talking shit to Sherman over it. And there was the little matter of him skipping through opposing team lines prior to games. And then he called the NFL his “slave master” (yeah, Sapp was held as a slave alright – made millions plying his trade, found employment by the league afterwards – tough gig there Warren). Was accused of battery. Yeah, great all round guy – just another hood from the U of Miami.

  11. Someone should give Jeff Fisher and Mike R. the GM a medal for seeing this “BS” coming TWO YEARS AGO!

  12. Napoleonic revenge? Why can’t Florio phrase it like that? Still, I don’t think Albert will wind up in Oakland. Uncle Al either changed his tune this year or let someone else call the shots, because he hasn’t made the mistake of trading for a tool like Haynesworth, even though Albert might possibly help that sad defense. If he feels like it.

  13. Like Sapp has room to talk? I saw Sapp pull out of a game in Chicago. To me it looked like he just didn’t want to play cause the Buc’s were getting their ass handed to them, and it may have been a little too cold for him. Only reason Sapp is even being considered for the HOF is because of his BIG MOUTH, not because of his play on the field! Go beat up some more women Warren, you piece of CRAP!

  14. Alright to the idiots who dont know anything… Haynesworth will not be donning silver and black any time soon and thats for the same reason hes wanting out of the Nations Cap. he wants to play in a 4-3 defense duh try paying attention to more stories than just one also in the post it says current AND former players which sapp falls under, also sapp was the most dominant DT of his time, again for his position, not on defense. The only other player that falls close is John Randall but he didnt transform a franchise like sapp did, an dont forget about brooks and lynch but sapp was the face of that transformation. So for everyone with there awesome cases sorry to shoot them full of holes now maybe you know how the writers feel when they read your comments! PCE

  15. What i love is that I am just a simple beer swilling NFL fan….and even I could figure out this idiot was just chasing a contract. The Redskins got what they deserved for their stupiidty. Thats why they never win. Ever.

  16. Good for Sapp. He, of all people, has a right to criticize Haynesworth for what he has been doing. From one of the most dominant defensive linemen ever to play the game, to a player who likes to put himself on that kind of pedestal, I believe if Haynesworth was smart he would listen to those comments, and prove everyone wrong by flourishing in the 3-4.

  17. # boysroll says: June 28, 2010 11:13 PM
    the whole org is a POS…next story. LMFAO.
    Dude, what does your name mean? you like the chubby parts of lil boys…. or you worship that stupid star? the north texas football cathedral – WTF – the guy(JJ) is a f’n psyco but that’s not even close to the people… talk about some holy sh!t…. you know why he had to name it that? he out-foxed himself when it came to the naming rights… I don’t thing JJ knows we are in a bad economy, he set his price WAY too high, pretty much priced himself out of the market and had people thinking that they would bankrupt their company over it, I read something like 100 mil over 10 years.. but that’s just the short version of the story look it up for yourself…. all I’m tryin to say is dude is crazy and ya’ll even more for buying into his BS…. talkin about OUR org. please son. even tho vinny and the danny were in charge, they knew what they were rolling the dice on… they got snake eyes with ah…. they hit big on RAK

  18. MeAngelo Hall defended Haynesworth.
    No surprise there.
    They’re both the same flavor picklepuss.

  19. I am still in total disbelief after this animal stepped on the face of Andre Gurode. What does it take for these jerks to realize how lucky they are and to put their behavior in check.
    I bust my ass for a mere 75000 a year. It’ will take 20 years to earn what the average player gets in a year. In other words I can work my entire career and hope to earn what these guys make in a few years. Jeez and they can’t behave. They have to go to strip joints and cause a raucous. Haynesworth stomps on Gurode’s face and the behavior is deemed excusable. The nfl is a joke in terms of monitoring behavior. Wait until one of these idiots charges the stands when a fan yells something and then ends up suing the nfl for a billion dollars. I’m gonna start yelling things at Haynesworth. Sure he’ll beat the snot out of me. But, my lawyer will have a hay day with the nfl. Get these morons in check

  20. I don’t understand why he cares what defense he’s in.. 3-4 , 4-3..why does it matter? He’s cashed his check…he doesn’t have to get sacks to earn more money..its about a ring now, right? right? he’s not getting another big check. not going to happen. dummy.

  21. Good, but dominant? Judging by his pro bowl appearances, maybe, but judging by his stats and comparisons to contemporaries. No. 28th on the career sack list doesn’t make you dominant. Bruce Smith was dominant. Reggie White was dominant. Warren Sapp was very, very good. But just in case anyone thinks that, he’ll be around to tell you otherwise.
    He was dominant. You’re comparing his numbers with defensive ends. He had to rush the passer from the DT position, while first focusing on the run.
    The definition of dominant: when the offense has to know where you are every play, gameplan around you, and double-team you nearly every snap.

  22. Mr. Sapp is right of course. You could ask the average man on the street and get the same answer. There are people having one last meal on a tuesday, waiting for friday in order to get paid. I don’t care what sport, or what occupation it is when the man pays you to work you don’t pout you put up and shut up. It really is an embarrasment for this young man and if he has any sense he should apologize and step up to the plate of reality and play the game.

  23. Sapp usually sounds like a dumbdumb, but I don’t see how you could disagree with him here.

  24. who is warren sapp? C’mon Haynesworth to oakland , you would be the best DT the raiders would have there in the past 8 years.

  25. haynesworths ajoke so are the redskins also i doubt sapp will ever be in the hall of fame he had an average career

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