Chad Jones headed to New York

The next stage of Giants safety Chad Jones’ long recovery from leg and ankle surgery will take place close to his new professional team.

Jones will be transferred to New York Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center for plastic surgery and possible additional orthopedic procedures, the Giants announced on Tuesday.

The NFL often gets criticized for treating its players coldly, so we’d like to applaud the efforts of the Giants and the NFL here.  The Giants’ Director of Player Development Charles Way has been with Jones in New Orleans and will travel with his parents to New York.  Jones will travel with his girlfriend.

“Chad has received outstanding medical care from the doctors and nurses in New Orleans since his accident. They’ve shown great compassion,” said Giants vice president of medical services Ronnie Barnes. “After consulting with our doctors, Chad’s doctors at LSU and his family felt like this move to New York was the next logical step in his care and recovery.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell also called the Jones family and offered to take care of hotel accommodations while Jones is treated in New York.

13 responses to “Chad Jones headed to New York

  1. I really hope the kid makes a full recovery.
    But…If this kid never plays football again, the giants are out a million dollars and a third round pick through no fault of their own?
    “Fair” Is a two way street (maybe not in N.O., pun intended ) The giants should at least get another 3rd round pick next year…This incident wasn’t football related.
    I’m sure they won’t though, one of the mindsets destroying america is “entitlement” and the process of rewarding irresponsibility and passing the punishment to the nearest responcible person or entity.

  2. This is nothing new for NY fans. The Maras and Wellingtons have always treated the franchise as a family operation and players are taken care of. Even Plaxico was treated like a wayward son.

  3. Why not Hackensack its alot better Hospital and a whole lot better place then New York Presbyterian Hospital

  4. I think it worth a note that the G-men gave this guy over $800,000 two weeks ago; I think it is not jaded to ask if they would be acting the same if that signing bonus wasn’t paid yet.

  5. I am not a Giants fan, but they are a class organization. Good to see the Giants are looking after Chad Jones and I hope he can walk, run, lead a normal life and maybe even play sports again.
    The Giants are class and being a class organization should help them out in the long run.

  6. The only surprising statement in this story is the very last sentence. Wow. All this support for him will surely buoy his attitude in recovery.

  7. Mike, you so seemed to have missed the point. No idea how you manage to pull a “sense of entitlement” rant out of this story.
    In any case, kudos to the league and especially to the Giants (coming from a Cowboys fan). Class move.

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