Chiefs sign rookie Kendrick Lewis

The Kansas City Chiefs announced today that they’ve signed fifth-round draft pick Kendrick Lewis.

Lewis, a defensive back out of Ole Miss, was taken with the first of the Chiefs’ two fifth-round picks, No. 136 overall.

As a three-year starter at Ole Miss, Lewis had six interceptions, four forced fumbles, three sacks and two blocked kicks.

Lewis grew up in New Orleans but was displaced before his senior season because of Hurricane Katrina. Within months of his family moving to Georgia, he was named as an all-state wide receiver in his new home state.

5 responses to “Chiefs sign rookie Kendrick Lewis

  1. Nice to see someone who lost so much in the Katrina tragedy land on his feet. Best of luck to him….

  2. Training camp fodder and too developmental list candidate… nothing more.
    The Chiefs best safety is Page who is waiting for KC to ‘get real’ – until/unless they do, the Chiefs have the promise of youth (translates heartaches by the number & troubles by the score to borrow from old song. Without Page they have nothing in the mid-portion backfield defensively outside the veteran McGraw (a good player) and those this as every season rookie overhypes who courtesy the crap shoot known as NFL draft have proven nothing: lewis & berry will be no different.
    Page and McGraw will start, the rest will vie for the scraps; if Page does not play for KC, the TD passes & long runs will be legion in KC 2010.

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