ESPN says Bowe gave "more lurid details than we published"

Dwayne Bowe has once again said ESPN the Magazine misquoted him in a story about teammates “importing” women to team hotels, and ESPN has once again stood by its story.

But this time ESPN has upped the ante and said that if the full tape of its interview with Bowe were played, Bowe would be made to look really, really bad — and so would the teammates Bowe named who were involved in the “importing” of women.

ESPN the Magazine Editor in Chief Gary Belsky released a statement on Bowe’s latest denial, suggesting that if anything, the full audio of Bowe’s comments is worse than what the magazine printed.

“As we have said, we will happily allow Mr. Bowe the chance to listen to our recording of his interview, in the event he forgot that he made these comments,” Belsky said, via Sports by Brooks. “He has not asked to do so. Despite his persistence in denying having made these comments-unfairly damaging the reputation of one of our best writers-we have consistently avoided releasing the audio from his interview to spare him and others further embarrassment, specifically because the on the recording he offers more lurid details than we published and because he named several teammates as having participated in the off-hours activity in question.

“We do not know why Mr. Bowe persists in denying having made the comments, but out of respect for him, his teammates and the Chiefs we will maintain our position, which we think is the honorable choice. We believe The Magazine’s reputation for honesty and integrity speaks for itself.”

Eddie Matz wrote the ESPN the Magazine story in question, and although Belsky is surely correct that Matz’s reputation is being damaged by Bowe continually claiming he was misquoted, it’s hard to understand why ESPN doesn’t just make the audio available and put the whole story to rest. Until they do, plenty of readers are going to assume that Bowe is telling the truth.

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  1. No one thinks Bowe is telling the truth. You just want them to release the audio so that you can write about it. God, try to be a little less transparent.

  2. Bowe is in denial now. ESPN needs to make the audio available, then Bowe can take the heat from his teammates for airing everyone’s laundry.

  3. Dwayne Bowie’s response to ESPNs response,
    “Never mind – I’m good!”

  4. Was these comments Bowe suppose to have made on or off the record?
    If they were made off the record and you released part of it so you can get hits and/or help your ratings I hope there is a legal course that Bowe can take against you.
    On the other hand if he made these statements on the record and he’s denying it then it’s just plain stupidity on part.

  5. imagine the teams that are actually good or in a big city, and what they do for importing. miami…holy crap. bryant mckinnie is the father of all half the kids in that city.

  6. You find it hard to understand why ESPN doesn’t just make the audio available?
    agreed with 6:15pm’s comments.

  7. You heard them, they’re not releasing the tape cuz they’re such nice, thoughtful guys. If they were, they wouldn’t have printed this stuff in the first place, out of “respect” for Bowe.

  8. “…it’s hard to undersatnd why ESPN doesn’t just make the audio available and put the whole story to rest. Until they do, plenty of readers are going to assume that Bowe is telling the truth.”
    Not hard to unuderstand, logical in a way. Bowe may have implicated quite a few teammates and ESPN does not want to drag those names through the mud. Unlike a certain site that is happy to roll around the in waste to cover NFL stories in order to get webhits.
    In a way this like when PFT (Florio) reported that Steve Smith “basically thinks Jimmy (Clausen’s)is a punk.” And then PFT stood by its unnamed source and would not talk to Smith. Oh wait- that’s right, Florio has no recording to offer Smith and offers no proof…

  9. He probably just started runnin his mouth [braggin] and didn’t realize how bad it would look in print.
    Gonna be a lot of mad wives and girlfriends in KC.
    But, if everybody’s dirty laundry came out, you could find some degree of this type of activity on every team.
    Boys will be boys.

  10. Because if they post the audio they’ll never get interviews out of anyone again, period. Players and their agents will point to the “Bowe incident” and refuse.

  11. I’m calling BS on PFT. Really? Release the tapes because we poor, unwashed masses can’t read and will assume Bowe is telling the truth? Or could it be that releasing the audio brings you about ten easy articles to write and more site hits? Please, in the future do better than this.
    Not Buying It

  12. Well one thing they didn’t publish is the Bowe revealed one of Larry Johnson’s farts can clean out an entire locker room. Hope the ‘Skins are ready for that.

  13. Umm…maybe they don’t want to release it because they don’t want to out the other Chiefs and get them in trouble? A ton of players would refuse to interview if they went out and gave every detail of everything to everyone just to make a story.
    Plus, they know nobody believes Bowe.

  14. I could care less about the Chiefs. But Bowe is such a dumb#ss. Why doesn’t he just STFU? This story died a month ago and now he has brought it back.

  15. Bowe embellished his little tale, to make it more interesting. There probably is some truth to it (some football players fool around), but he blew it way out of proportion. He should apologize, then shut up.

  16. I don’t think there’s any doubt that he said what he printed. Bowe is playing the “he said she said” game, counting on the magazine not being willing to publish the tape for fear of not getting future interviews with other players……quite the game of “chicken” the two sides have going on.

  17. The only people who think Bowe is telling the truth are Bowe … and ah …. hmmmm …. let’s see …. uh …. Bowe. Oh, no, I mentioned him already. … gimme a minute …. ah … did I say Bowe already? Oh yeah, I did. …Ummm ….
    Never mind.

  18. ESPN, if the conversation was on the record, spare us the moralizing (that we don’t buy anyway), and release the tape. Are you sports journalists or Girl Scouts? Oh and please get Goodell’s thoughts on teams flying “personal service providers” to away games. Just curious … how do violations of the Mann Act apply to the personal conduct policy?
    JimmyY, few players and agents would make those admissions to a reporter–and one stupid enough to do so wouldn’t be deterred by ESPN releasing Bowe’s tape.

  19. # Otis Taylor 89 says: June 29, 2010 6:24 PM
    Dwayne Bowie’s response to ESPNs response,
    “Never mind – I’m good!”
    LOL. Post of the day my friend.

  20. Correct me if i am wrong here Florio but couldn’t it just because ESPN is avoiding a possible legal issue if they do this? Dont they need more than just hearsay from one guy before they publish accusations that these other players have participated in these acts? What I am unclear on is that if even though Bowe said it would ESPN still be responsible for publishing it? It seems that they just cant publish something that one moron was babbling about without any legitimate proof behind it? I mean thats why they are taking pride in their credible writers, because they have proof before they say something. I mean we all believe it, but until there is actual proof that “insert players name here” is importing women wouldn’t espn be responsible for slander or does the audio of Bowe actually saying it get them off the hook? Or i could just be completely full of crap..

  21. Chief Gary Belsky cleared his throat and said:
    “We believe The Magazine’s reputation for honesty
    and integrity speaks for itself.”
    If you were honest, you wouldn’t have filtered what Bowe said at all. And you wouldn’t have anything to hold over his head now, because it would all be out there. As it should be.

  22. Since that human cess pool “brnsfn” hasn’t made a meaningless, negative post here yet, I’ll fill in for him:
    Chiefs suck

  23. MDS: “it’s hard to understand why ESPN doesn’t just make the audio available and put the whole story to rest. Until they do, plenty of readers are going to assume that Bowe is telling the truth.”
    Ummm MDS, virtually no one (outside Bowe’s mom, and perhaps YOU) believes that Bowe did not say what ESPN the Mag says he said.
    Why would they make up a quote like that and risk libel in a widely read magazine such as that ???? It makes no sense.

  24. “… it’s hard to understand why ESPN doesn’t just make the audio available and put the whole story to rest. Until they do, plenty of readers are going to assume that Bowe is telling the truth.”
    you know that’s a lie. Florio knows that’s a lie and the only reason either of you keep saying it is because it will give you one more thing to whine about. in doing so you guys are damaging your own reputation. it’s actually insulting to me that you would insinuate that the reader’s aren’t smart enough to figure this one out. f*ck you and f*ck this site until football season starts again because you guys are officially full of shit now.

  25. Looks like ESPN The Magazine has much higher journalistic standards than Rolling Stone Magazine….

  26. Who really gives a shit what he actually said.. I dont think there are many people that really think he was misquoted, and im sure that in his quote he was telling the truth. I bet there were girls brought in to the hotel; wouldnt doubt it for a second…
    The only thing I do really care about is what D-Bo does this year.. He needs to focus on catching the ball, bottom line! If he does that this year, next year nobody will even remember that there was an interview…

  27. i’m sorry for my earlier comment. i love you PFT *hugs site* you’re still full of shit though, haha
    PFT does NOT have to equal TMZ. i can’t speak for anyone else but i’m hoping people who care enough to keep coming to this site over and over, day after day would much rather read about how their team’s depth chart is shaping up or how the new offense/defense they’re installing is working out than the type of off the field garbage that every other news outlets tries to force down our throats all day, everyday.

  28. What the heck is Michael Smith talking about in this article? No one in their right mind thinks that Bowe is telling the truth. If you think ESPN is bluffing here, you must be pretty dense.

  29. this is gonna end terrible ,, i see Bowe going a la Ron artest on some fools.. he’ll be ‘exporting ‘ some Haymakers soon.

  30. No one believes Bowe. Why doesn’t he sue ESPN if they’re lying….cuz he said it.

  31. As long as ESPN continues to garner attention from this story, there isn’t any reason to release the audio. It isn’t about respect or integrity, it’s about selling magazines.
    Regardless, somebody close to Bowe should advise him to just shut up about it already

  32. If ESPN releases the audio and players are indeed named and Bowe is revealed, it might damage ESPN’s ability to get other athletes to do interviews.
    I don’t think ESPN cares about protecting Bowe as much as they have interest in making it well-known they will exercise *some* level of discretion.
    I don’t think anyone believe Bowe didn’t say those things. Only Bowe is in denial.

  33. I don’t know who to believe. ESPN doesn’t have to release the whole tape. Why not just release the clips of the stuff they quoted. They probably don’t want to because I bet they butchered it and took it out of context. Just release the tapes already and bleep out the names of any players he names. It’s not that friggin complicated.

  34. @jas7n …
    Yeah, I would MUCH rather read about depth charts. I DON’T CARE what players do in their off time because I know they’re not choir boys. They get paid millions to pay a brutal sport, so why would I expect them to be more angelic than any other guy? People who think they’re sitting at their mom’s reading Little House on the Prairie books each night are out of their minds. And actual grown men on a football site who don’t know NFL players are targeted by VERY willing DTF women just like those who flew to San Diego to service the Chiefs are brain dead.
    But since the NFL commissioner has decided to focus on the personal conduct of players, then this irrelevant stuff has now become relevant whether we like it or not. That’s why PFT has to cover it.

  35. Does Bowe know what Pollard did?
    The first a #1 pick, the second a #2…neither suffers easily the epilectic environ that KC’s management has created since ’09 & in the wake their embarrassing 16 loss piece of sh- er ‘work’ season hope amongst Chiefs fans is now at an all time low.
    C’mon egoli & hailme – cut him for nothing – then watch it blow up in your faces AGAIN just like it did last year when S Bernard Pollard made you two whom football favor forgot look like the rank amateurs you are.
    S Pollard became a starter elsewhere… an ALL STAR caliber ‘starter’… so too no less 3 others you errantly let go became spot starters…how’d that Mike ‘Toasty’ Brown serve ya fellers? Aw, c’mon eg & ha, CUT BOWE: DO IT I DARE YA!

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