Greetings from the middle of nowhere

I’m taking advantage of the rare sssslow period on the NFL calendar at a family cabin on the Buckhannon River located somewhere smack dab in the Middle of Nowhere, West Virginia.

Thanks to my Sprint mobile hot spot, I’m drawing just enough juice to sluggishly post an item or two.  But Rosenthal, MDS, and Silva will be doing the heavy lifting for the rest of Tuesday and most of Wednesday.  I’ll make a cameo from time to time, in between catching some fish (I’ve already gotten three, and if you line them up nose to tail they almost are as big as a normal-sized fish), enjoying the finest wild mushrooms nature has to offer, and generally resting and relaxing, for maybe 24 hours.

So keep checking in for more and more info as the sssslow period continues to be disrupted by season-ending injuries and DEA raids of team facilities and a guy who may have jeopardized his freedom and/or his status as an NFL player by speaking with forked tongue to men with badges.

20 responses to “Greetings from the middle of nowhere

  1. “Enjoying the finest wild mushrooms nature has to offer.”
    You lovin’ on the Shrooms?
    Don’t get lost!

  2. Do I believe that Michael possesses the skills to survive in a hostile environment? Let’s put it this way… no I do not.
    ~Dwight Schrute~

  3. Hey Florio, I bet you can squeal like a pig. Weeeeeeee! Weeeeeeee!
    Better watch out for the mountain men!

  4. You visiting the Hatfield’s or McCoy’s?
    Either way, the following quote needs a response.
    “TryTheVeal says:
    June 29, 2010 10:28 PM
    Don’t you make enough coin to take the family out of West Virginia?”
    I’d suggest Germany during the summer; in particular, Bavaria. How can you go wrong with an area that has a great brewery in each town you go to?? A nice biergarten, unreal castles and great food. Oh yea.. and redlight districts.

  5. Drink some more of that moonshine with SprintDog SprintWife and SprintKid and soon we’ll be getting stories from the mountains about Rothlisberger becomng a nun and the Jets receiving a team lobotomy.

  6. so basically we’ll be getting some *quality* stories for two days.

  7. Don’t you make enough coin to take the family out of West Virginia?
    Bet your wife is having a blast in back country WV while you talk about your trip to NYC.

  8. “Finest wild mushrooms nature has to offer” gotta love comments like that. Florio i’ve been reading you since the days you were begging for money and contemplating shutting down the site. I’m glad you didn’t keep going strong the web is a far better place and if the wild mushrooms are whats doing it maybe a trip to Germany would be a good idea, just make sure to book you travel through Amsterdam and hit the Magic Mushrooms store on the to Germany. You can take Mrs. Florio on a two week trip down the Romantische Straße its well worth the “trip”

  9. Middle of Nowhere, West Virginia. Isn’t that the capital city? Or just the largest by population? I forget.

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