Report: Redskins interested in Vincent Jackson

Last week it was reported that the Seahawks expressed interest in a trade with the Chargers that would land restricted free agent Vincent Jackson in Seattle, but that the Chargers said no thanks. Now another team has been identified as a suitor for Jackson: The Washington Redskins.

Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune quotes an unnamed source as saying “several other teams,” including the Redskins, are interested in acquiring Jackson from the Chargers.

However, it’s not known how much other teams are willing to give up to acquire Jackson, or how much they’re willing to pay Jackson, who apparently wants a new contract worth more than the four-year, $47.5 million deal Brandon Marshall got when the Broncos traded him to the Dolphins.

Chargers General Manager A.J. Smith has indicated that he’ll play hardball with both Jackson and left tackle Marcus McNeill, who also hasn’t signed his restricted free agent tender. Both players are reportedly considering sitting out until after Week Ten, when they need to report to accrue a season toward unrestricted free agency.

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  1. What is wrong with these players? How many great years has Vincent Jackson had? One. And he wants more money than Brandon Marshall got??

  2. In these situations I almost always side with the team (especially when a scumbag like Vincent Jackson is involved), but A.J. Smith is such a miserable, condescending prick that it really is a draw……

  3. “several other teams,” including the Redskins
    Of course they say the Redskins. Helps drive up his price…

  4. Albert Haynesworth – see ya. Tell the Chargers you won’t play the Nose.

  5. SaintsXLIV says:
    June 29, 2010 5:22 PM
    What is wrong with these players? How many great years has Vincent Jackson had? One
    try two. last year he had 1167 and the year before 1098.
    he is a head case but he isnt a cancer at least.

  6. @90ragtop says:
    June 29, 2010 5:25 PM
    The Redskins are really starting to look like the Island of Misfit Toys…
    especially if you’re a complete MORON and believe everything you read (or that someone reads to you if you’re a Cowboy fan).

  7. I’m with the players because AJ Smith has a reputation of being a hardass. He wants everything his way but it’s not like that. It’s no surprise, especially Rivers is their franchise quarterback.

  8. NO WAY? Teams are interested in players who can produce?
    Guess what… I bet every single team in the NFL is interested in Peyton Manning. That doesn’t mean he’s available.
    The Redskins best receivers are both 2nd year players in Devin Thomas and Malcolm Kelly. Of course they are interested in Jackson. They are probably interested in Brandon Marshall, Andre Johnson, and Larry Fitzgerald also.
    What they need to do is sign Terrell Owens before Carolina does. The guy did nothing last year to hurt the Bills. Playing with McNabb… he’s guaranteed to have better numbers than he did in Buffalo. He doesn’t have to lead the team, he’s just a solid receiver to help a very poor receiving group.
    Terrell Owens and Chris Cooley would form a nice receiving threat and open the field for those younger receivers.

  9. Since footballs players can get a more money than a player with a better resume just by asking. I too would like more than the 47.5 million Brandon Marshall got for watching and following. Thats about right. Thank you.

  10. I can only assume…………….That Sam and Wilma McNabb will chime in about getting Donnie Boy some weapons…….Doesn’t matter than when the Eagles got TO, he had his best year, it was a black on black crime that TO didn’t deliver a super bowl win, oh wait……..He showed up with a broken leg, and donnie boy puked under pressure…..

  11. Sooooo long devon “bust” thomas. you were worthless since day 1

  12. What is it with every player comparing their contract to the currently-highest-paid player’s contract?
    If I ever become filthy rich, I’m going to buy a football team and start purposely overpaying mediocre players just so I can watch the heads of the rest of the league (and their agents) burst open in greed.

  13. It is week 10 he is talking about. Players under contract have to report to camp by Aug 10 in order to get a year of credit toward free agency. If you aren’t under contract you only have to show up by week 10 and play the rest of the season in order to get the credit. Since Jackson isn’t under contract (he has yet to sign to restricted tender) he can wait til week 10, sign it, then play out the year and get his year toward unrestricted free agency.

  14. habib..even acting like TO is a good player makes your post a joke. but adding to it that the Skins want him makes your post the funniest one today.
    good job..

  15. The Chargers would love to give VJ the same contract Marshall got, the only problem VJ doesnt. Marshall’s deal has stipulations and guidelines he must meet. I’ll bet VJ dont want none of that sheeet.

  16. How in God’s name does Vincent Jackson want more money than Brandon Marshall?! Ludicrous. The guy has underachieved until last year. He’s a physical specimen and should have put up HUGE numbers, but simply hasn’t. Good player, but not the caliber of Marshall at all.

  17. Let’s get rid of Merriman to the Skins also and get some guys that are serious about playing.

  18. Man, the Redskins have REALLY changed under the Shanahan regime! Same old Redskins, still the laughing stock of the NFL.

  19. it has to be august 10, ain’t nobody sitting out until week ten.
    Actually, unless something happens to change things, right now it looks like both Jackson and McNeil will hold out in San Diego. Mankins doesn’t seem like he’s ready to play for his RFA tender either. Too many teams are acting as if the rules for the uncapped season gives them the right to do anything they want to do. They seem to have forgotten that when you push a player too far, they can simply say no.

  20. Tinister says:
    June 29, 2010 6:23 PM
    What is it with every player comparing their contract to the currently-highest-pa id player’s contract?
    If I ever become filthy rich, I’m going to buy a football team and start purposely overpaying mediocre players just so I can watch the heads of the rest of the league (and their agents) burst open in greed.
    I think Dan Snyder already has.
    VJ, you couldn’t hold B Marsh’s jock

  21. As a Cowboys fan, I really hope they don’t acquire Vincent Jackson. He could be a difference maker for that team.
    If they are really smart they’d try to figure out a way to get Shawn Merriman as well.

  22. I think the redskins have had one of the best off seasons and adding vincent Jackson would but them as one best teams in the NFL

  23. Unnamed sources, the journalists best friend.
    An unamed source told me Peyton Manning is about to quit football and move to Brazil, where he will share a flat with Jimmy Hoffa and Elvis.

  24. Why not throw me 47.5 mil to fix that team, Danny Snyder? I’ll do more to help the skins than Vincent Jackson, Albert Haynesworth, et al.
    First thing I’d do is sell the team to an owner that has a clue!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sooo… let’s see. According to the original article written by Kevin Acee, he says…
    “The Seahawks maintain interest, as do “several other teams,” according to one source. Among those teams, sources said, are the Washington Redskins. It is not known whether the Redskins have spoken to the Chargers regarding Jackson.”
    Aw yes, “several teams” have interest, but the “unnamed source” only mentions the Redskins. Gee, wonder why the “source” only mentions the Redskins? Note that he says “according to one source” but then follows that up with “sources said,” as if the number of sources somehow increased by the time he wrote the next sentence.
    Gee, this one is a real mind twisting mystery.
    The “unnamed source” here is Vincent Jackson’s agent who is trying to drive up the price or bluff the Chargers into an expeditious resigning of Jackson.
    Jackson is a RFA and any team wanting him will have to 1.) give up something huge in a trade and 2.) sign Jackson to a huge long-term contract. Ain’t happening, especially with the unknown future of the CBA.
    The Redskins are ALWAYS mentioned in every trade rumor or free agent signing. Just like all the bogus rumors that in an uncapped year, Snyder was going to drive up in a Brinks truck for the signings of Julius Peppers, Karlos Dansby, Anquan Boldin and every other high priced player. How’d that work out? So, just like those other bogus rumors that never came to fruition, I’m betting this one about the Skins chasing Jackson is bogus too.

  26. The Redskins are not the laughing stock of the NFL anymore Vinny Cerrato is gone so that one move made the Redskins a respected Franchise again.The only that is a laughing stock is the Raiders because of al Davis. Dan Synder hasn’t had anything to with these off season moves the Skins have made.

  27. Brandon Marshall money!?! seriously?!!
    Brandon had 3 consecutive years of 1000+yds/100+ receptions
    Brandon Marshall did this with a younger gunslinger QB-Cutler AND KYLE FREAKING ORTON!!!
    Broncos have not had a serious run defense nor the other explosive weapons on offense to take the pressure of Brandon Marshall a bit…. yet he still has outplayed Vincent Jackson.
    Vincent Jackson is an overrated scum bag and his success could be duplicated by any other player who had the #1 WR role on the high-0ctane offense known as the San Diego Chargers.

  28. you dont have to report by August 10th, if you are holding out cause of contract issues. Does anybody remember Michael Crabtree last year? I think he came back week 10 also.

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