Report: Shanahan "a big fan" of Vincent Jackson

Somewhat buried at the end of a Tuesday blog post by ESPN’s Bill Williamson is some juicy information on Mike Shanahan’s background with Vincent Jackson, for whom Shanahan’s Redskins are rumored to be contemplating a trade.

According to Williamson, Shanahan has been “a big fan” of Jackson dating back to the 2005 NFL Draft, when Shanahan’s Broncos reportedly considered selecting the eventual Pro Bowl receiver.  Williamson was covering the Broncos for the Denver Post at the time, so he’s a credible source.
Williamson says Jackson was next on Shanahan’s draft board when the Broncos selected the late Darrent Williams with the 56th overall pick.  Jackson, who played at Northern Colorado, was drafted 61st overall by San Diego, “and the Broncos were not happy about it.”
Jackson was relatively slow to develop in San Diego, but went on to post games of 95, 73, and 77 yards against Shanahan’s Denver teams during the 2007 and 2008 seasons.
Interestingly, Williamson also “heard” that left tackle Marcus McNeill “may not be as dead set as Jackson on holding out for the long haul.”  Both players have threatened to sit out through Week Ten of the regular season.

42 responses to “Report: Shanahan "a big fan" of Vincent Jackson

  1. Jackson is a punk who spends way too much time in bars, even during daylight hours. He’s good as gone. Then the Bolts are going to sign McNeill and Gates and kick some booty once again. We don’t need Jackson. Trade him for Fat Albert and go 4-3.

  2. man charger fans were all over this dudes nuts about 5 months ago,they sure do turn fast,,,its not like this was his first run in,yet they still adoured him,now they want to run him out

  3. Free agent Superbowl Foreskins! Their WR core is trash and if they sign him, it will still be trash. Might want to bring back James Thrash for 5.

  4. If I was a Redskins fan I would be a huge drunk, just like all of the Redskins fans I know.
    I guess it is the only way to deal with being such a shitty team every year.

  5. I think V-Jax is a beast, but WR’s are a dime a dozen. Especially ones that are awaiting a suspension from the NFL because of 2 DUI’s and got their car impounded on the morning of the biggest game of the year and needed the QB to come pick him up!
    Gates is the focal point of the passing game and Rivers has the ability to make any WR look good. Trade V-Jax, lock up McNeill long term, lock up Gates long term and let’s move on.

  6. LOL…. this tool gets 2 DUI’s, gets arrested for driving with a suspended license afterwards, shows no remorse about it at all, and nobody says word one. The Lions president is at a charity event, has never been in trouble, owns up to his mistake and gets put through the ringer for the next half week. Now, both deserve to be in trouble. Tell me why there’s such a difference in attitudes. Stinks of hypocrisy!!!

  7. @digitalbath
    Well we all know Chargers fans… They’re on their teams nutz one minute, the next they want to run people out of town and think it’ll still be the same…
    Charger “fans” are the most pathetic out there… They’re all on the bandwagon… Honestly, where were they some 10 years ago when they sucked… Where have they ever been throughout their existence… It seems like they only pop up out of nowhere during their good runs…

  8. Is it just me or are all the AFC West teams trying to give the division to the Raiders? It just doesn’t seem like anyone is making good or smart moves. Surprisingly its like the Raiders are having an offseason head and shoulders above the rest, but they aren’t even doing much.
    Oh well, I hope he gets out of the division for good. The Raiders should trade for, and throw a shit load of money at McNeil. That would be great. I still have little faith in the O-line. Too bad we are stuck with what we have.

  9. @Los_Raiders
    Bandwagon charger fans huh. So where was the “diehard” fadernation during all those blackout home games last this year??? Pathetic, u guys aren’t fans ur just a culture of uneducated delinquents

  10. I’m a Raider fan, and I’m neither uneducated nor a delinquent. I can”t go to the games, because its a long ride from Jersey. But I do have Sunday ticket, so I can watch every game. I’m still as die hard as ever, and Charger fans are worse than Cowboy fans… Why don’t you go get hammered with V Jax, and drive around. Afterwards you and Shawnee Ferryman can beat some women. Enjoy your preseason super bowl like every year. The Chokers are still a joke, and I can’t wait for the season to start.

  11. Hey Los_Raiders–
    If you morons are such “big” fans then how come almost all your home games were BLACKED OUT on network tv this year??? Plus, the Raider contigent that USED TO show up in SD for Raiders vs Bolts games has gone away. You sir, are a typical Raider fan moron.

  12. are you serious Charger fans? he was your whole offense last year, Gates is getting old and breaking down fast. Jackson is a freakish talent…too tall and too strong for defensive backs.

  13. trust me, I’m a Dolphins fan, Wide Receivers are not a dime a dozen. That’s one of the crucial 4 or 5 value positions….and sometimes you can go a decade without having a truly great one.

  14. Los_Raiders says:
    “Well we all know Chargers fans… They’re on their teams nutz one minute, the next they want to run people out of town and think it’ll still be the same…They’re all on the bandwagon…”
    So, in your opinion, the proper response from a fan upon learning that a player on their team is a complete P.O.S. should be to ignore it and to forgive and forget?
    You must really miss JaMarcus Russell. I’m sorry for your loss. 😉

  15. Charger fans are loyal to the Chargers. Especially when they’re kicking Raider booty. Jackson is a problem. He can’t stay out of trouble. And he’s acid in the locker room and on the bench. Whoever takes him is takeing on a problem. Besides, we can beat the Raiders without him.

  16. Juveputazo
    A true Charger fan will be the first to admit they have the most bandwagon and fairweather fans. It’s not even a contest.
    You wanna talk about showing up to home games? Where are these Diehard Charger fans when the Raiders come to town?

  17. SD should totally trade Jackson, that way AJ Smith can piss away those picks like he’s done every year.

  18. @johnaschimpo
    First of all no shot the Redskins trade a 1st rounder. You think you are so funny to say it would be a top ten pick. You nothing but a front running loser. You have no idea what goes on in the off season.
    There is a new culture at Redskins Park. Future Hall of Fame Coach and QB, teamed up with the up and coming young OC, who had the #1 passing attack last year. The OL is not only revamped but will be solid with the additions of T Willians and J Brown and a new zone blocking scheme. The D will be solid as usual.
    Who the hell is your team tough guy??

  19. You’re joking right Juve? There’s a difference between paying a ton of money to see your team get beat into the ground and hopping off the bandwagon. Even at their team’s worst, Raiders fans were still talking trash (about their own team too at times, but more about other teams) and accusing every official to ever wear a striped shirt of some sort of league wide conspiracy against the Raiders throughout the years. You can say a lot of things about Raiders fans, but being disloyal bandwagon fans isn’t one of them. Actually, I respect the fact that they could at least point out the bad moves made by both the players and the organization. It’s better than Packer and Charger fans who talk all the time about the superiority of their players, right up until they have a problem with the front office and go to another team or threaten a hold out. When that happens, a miracle occurs…the most dominant players in the league suddenly become the worst players out there. The funniest part is that this change seems to be retroactive. Favre went from being the greatest QB in history, to a pathetic joke who can’t complete a pass and who apparently suffers from brittle bone disease according to some Packer fans talk. Now, Jackson goes from being a dominant WR to being a useless drunk who adds nothing to the team. Oh well, root for some laundry all you want. Personally, I’m an Eagles fan in good and bad times, and I’m honest enough to admit when the team or a specific player messes up. You didn’t see Eagles fans turn on Dawkins when he went to Denver did you?

  20. Juveputazo says: June 29, 2010 11:57 PM
    Bandwagon charger fans huh. So where was the “diehard” fadernation during all those blackout home games last this year??? Pathetic, u guys aren’t fans ur just a culture of uneducated delinquents
    You forgot to mention 3 time Super Bowl Champs.
    You know, the REAL Super Bowl, not the one you guys win every year in July.

  21. I hope the Redskins pull the trigger on this trade. Everyone knows they’re just one wide receiver away from being a Super Bowl contender.
    I think The Danny is already rubbing off on Shanahan.

  22. is this the 20th yr in a row the 4skin base thinks they are going to the SB only to finish last?
    roll another one and pretend you won a SB. LMFAO.

  23. If the Skins get Vincent Jackson we will have a chance to win the duvision because our Offense has improved this off season no one can deny that because it’s just a fact. Also the Cowboys have only won 1 playoff game in 15 years also a fact.

  24. @boysroll
    It wont be as funny as watching the cowgirls cry and sit at home while anybody else plays in the superbowl in their stadium. Kinda like a dog lifting it leg on a tree…….

  25. If Vincent Jackson comes to the Skins we will be a contender for the division title because our WRs position and Olines will be improved and we have a good defense already. As for the cowboys they have only won 1 playoff games in 15 years that is just a fact.

  26. @ Steve W.
    Eagles fans sure did turn on the player that is the reason the Eagles went to so many playoffs over the last decade. If you listen / believe most Eagles fans, Kevin Kolb is far superior to a six time probowler.
    Point is, Eagles fans aren’t exactly rational either. However, I do agree that Chargers fans are extremely fair weather. My Skins have sucked for nearly 20 years, but they still have one of the most loyal fan bases in the league, for whatever that’s worth.

  27. Are these Raider fans serious?
    What has it been? nearly a decade since the Raiders put up any type of competition against the Chargers? So, let’s not bash the team, lets bash the fans right? lol. you guys make no sense. I laugh because most Raider fans bring up all those SB trophies but fail to remember that they weren’t even born to celebrate those championships. losers.
    And go back to the threads talking about VJ’s drunken driving arrests and we were very very critical of VJ. In fact, there were many many people talking about trading him while his value is high. Now that the time has come rival fans are saying we loved him but that was just not the case. A drunken driver nearly killed my father so I’d rather see VJ leave for high value, to be honest.

  28. V Jackson is a perfect pick to take pressure off Moss at wide reciever !!! Take him ,who cares about the suspension !!! Week 4 sounds great !!! Mcnabb needs another target !!!

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