CFL unveils hGH testing

CFL_Grey_Cup_Football-24437.largeslideshow.jpgIt’s been a big week for Canada’s version of pro football.  Apart from a deal that puts some of the league’s games on NFL Network, the CFL has struck a new deal that includes a significant enhancement to the league’s testing protocol for performance-enhancing drugs.

Some might call it steroids testing, on steroids.

The new program includes blood testing for hGH, something that the NFL wants to use on its own players.

Per the Globe & Mail, via SportsBusiness Daily, testing for a variety of compounds will occur randomly throughout the year with only 24 hours’ notice. 

But the penalty provisions pale in comparison to the NFL’s policy.  In Canada, a first-time offender gets counseling and mandatory testing; in the NFL, one positive test results in a four-game suspension.  Under the CFL’s program, a three-game suspension comes only after the second positive result.

Still, the fact that the CFL has implemented blood testing for hGH could represent a major step toward persuading NFL players to agree to doing the same.

Currently when it comes to hGH, NFL players are on the honor system.  The only flaw with the honor system is that folks inclined to cheat already have resolved the “honor” dilemma.

11 responses to “CFL unveils hGH testing

  1. Man, I don’t know. I’m glad they have a test, but really, it’s a blood test? That they force on the players?

  2. Just think, if the NFL had a HGH testing program – a certain young rocket-armed QB wouldn’t have diabetes right now.
    Of course he would not have shot up the draft boards to take him from a mid 2nd round prospect to a high 1st round pick without it – so maybe it evens out.
    Arm strength is by far the easiest QB talent to judge during a college career; so if you see all the scouts “surprised” at the combine and the private workouts – something unnatural has happened.
    Was anyone unsure of JaMarcus Russell’s arm strength before the end of his college career?

  3. Yeah, right. The CFL guys are about 40 pounds lighter at each postion, on average, than NFL players. Logic certainly tells you to check them out first.

  4. I’m not a big fan of relying soley on the Doveryai part of “Doveryai, no proveryai” (trust, but verify) equation.

  5. @brownsfn
    If there is no testing how do you know that “3/4 of them are using it”?

  6. Thank goodness.
    It would be just crushing to us all to think that the CFL didn’t have high moral standards regarding the conditioning of their players.

  7. Honestly who really cares if they test for HgH it has very little anabolic activity without testosterone, and even with the testing for anabolic steroids anyone with a little knowledge will know how to circumvent the test easily. What they need to do is to allow Hgh because it aids in the healing from injuries with very little anabolic effect and gets our players back on the field faster. This is even more important given the talk of an 18 game season.
    Hopefully one day the US government will get its head out of its rear and allow proper study of these substances so that they may be used effectively for injuries.

  8. CFL players are so scrawny they probably qualify for HGH by doctor prescription.

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