NFL Matchup will return

Great news, football fans: ESPN is bringing back NFL Matchup.

Michael Hiestand of USA Today reports that ESPN will formally announce today that the show is coming back for the 2010 season.

In May it was reported that Matchup, beloved by hard-core football fans for its Xs and Os analysis using the “all-22” camera angle, was in danger of being taken off the air. But apparently the outcry from fans who want a substantive look at the games, rather than fluffy personality profiles, was sufficient to convince ESPN to keep the show on the air.

We urge all football fans to reward ESPN by watching the show every week this season. And we urge ESPN to put the show on at a time when football fans are actually awake.

13 responses to “NFL Matchup will return

  1. its an alright show they only talk about plays that everyone has seen a million times on Sportscenter i hate that

  2. Smart move.
    Reiterate: please put it on a decent hour– you’ll get more viewers, and you’ll look like a genius…at which time you’ll act like it was a no-brainer to re-up the show ,when in fact you almost squashed a highly beloved show.

  3. Terrific!
    I simply ask ESPN to put the show on at a HARD AND FAST TIME, not subject to College Football games running over.
    Also, to Direct TV – figure out how to make the show be ‘found’ by their own DVR’s!!!

  4. The problem is, knowing ESPN, they’ll want Dennis Leary to host it now with Kim Kardashian doing weather.

  5. I watch it every week, I wish they would play it on Friday’s too, like they did years ago. By far the best pre-football show there is. I wish it was an hour.

  6. Happy to hear this news, especially since I now have a DVR to offset its ridiculous broadcast time.

  7. Despite Hoge it’s still a great show. Expand it to an hour and make it available at specific time(s) when people are awake. How can that not be possible between all the channels espn has?

  8. Here let me save you some time…Merrill Hoge will harp on the factor back…and Jaws will say the passing game puts up the points…there I saved you countless hours of mundane TV…

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