Players watching Lewand decision closely

Lions president Tom Lewand picked the wrong time of year to get arrested.

With little to distract us during the ssssslow period, the aftermath of his arrest continues to get attention from the media and players.

“I hope R Goodell
holds NFL exec to the same standards as Players,” free agent linebacker Antonio Pierce wrote on Twitter Wednesday.  “Trust me all Players
are talking about that Right now

That’s one side.  Here’s the other, as presented by agent Ralph Cindrich in response to Florio’s recent PFTV segment wondering what to do with Lewand:

“How about giving a decent family guy a break for 1
screw up?” Cindrich asks.

Lewand has wedged Goodell into a tough spot.  Lewand is a first-time offender, but shouldn’t executives set an example for their employees?

Fair or not, a lack of serious punishment for Lewand would be seen by many players as evidence of a double standard.

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  1. I’m not much of a drinker, but if I were president of the Lions.. i would drink heavily… and probably drive… as fast as I could…at brickwalls.

  2. Players can talk all they want. They don’t call the shots. Roger does.
    And what Roger says, goes. And if the players don’t like it, they can find another line of work. The league won’t have any trouble finding someone to take their place.

  3. Seems pretty clear that booze and the car business go hand in hand. So don’t expect Mr. Ford to reprimand Lewand.
    Ford and drinking and driving… that’s ok right?
    But the NFL is supposedly saying that all these guys represent the League. I guess we’ll see ifit’s just the ‘on fiel’ product that’s subject to suspension.
    Only a fine to the team will do here.

  4. Lions fan here
    Watched the entire news feed video (about 15-20min).
    What an embarrassment. I say punish him.

  5. Fair or not, a lack of serious punishment for Lewand would be seen by many players as evidence of a double standard.
    Blah, blah nobody outside of Detroit would even know who Lewand was. Very little impact on the league image as compared to the same infraction with a coach or player.
    It’s not about vengeance… it’s about fairness. What are you going to do? Suspend him for games? B.S. You’re going to fine him millions? I reckon that’s doable, but is it fair?

  6. willie cf wont do it. roger has to.
    lewand has been kissing ford’s ass for years. that’s how he survived and others did not.

  7. Fine him about 10-50k I don’t know what he makes but he should have to give up a nice bit and go get some help. Thats fair for a 1st offense and I am a Lions fan here who thinks Lewand has done a decent job with Mayhew and the rest of the Lions front office then again thats not hard to do with Millen not calling the shots.

  8. Didn’t this guy also get caught for marijuana in a water bottle at the Atlanta Airport? Oh yeah, that was Mike Vick too. LMAO.
    He must have watched the Lions games from last year all over again and the thought of this upcoming year caused him to keep saying ” Bartender….filler’up again”

  9. Perhaps I’m naive here, but how do you punish a team executive.
    Suspending a player is an individual punishment that ultimately could affect how the team plays.
    You obviously can’t suspend him… it won’t have the same effect as suspending a player. You can’t fine him individually, that’s an individual punishment that has no effect on the team.
    I say RG should both take away a draft pick from the team and fine him. And, I think this should serve as precedent for any personal conduct misgivings of team execs in the future.

  10. Although this does seem small, it’s just another indictment against Goodell’s conduct policies. He came in hard and fast with a broad
    Ranging stroke. Kinda like Big Ben! (Just kidding)
    That policy will never work and each precedent he sets will eventually come back to haunt him. That’s why his predecessors never did it. Nice try, though…we understand your frustration!

  11. A double standard?????? Are you kidding me? There are players in the league with 3 or more CONVICTIONS who have never missed a single game while other players HAVE NEVER BEEN CHARGED, yet got 6 game suspensions because they are high profile players…
    Goodell’s entire conduct policy is based on double standards!

  12. ssssslow period
    WOW that expression is becoming tiresome after being used in 37 posts. HOW BOUT A NEW ONE? ??????

  13. I don’t see a DUI as a double standard. Ahman Green beat up his wife twice and never got suspended. Which is worse? PFT should be LFT – Lawyer Football Talk.

  14. Remember, God said these words this week:
    “Our policies apply to everyone: yours truly, club presidents, players, coaches, everybody involved in the NFL”
    Now we’ll see won’t we?
    Saints assistant coach pleads guilty in alleged real estate scam
    METAIRIE, La. — New Orleans Saints assistant defensive line coach Travis Jones has pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges in an alleged real estate scam involving more than 40 people in northeastern Texas.
    A spokeswoman with the U.S. Attorney’s office in Texas’ Eastern District confirmed Wednesday that Jones entered a plea of conspiracy to commit mail fraud last week. Court records show Jones also signed a factual statement admitting his role in the alleged scam, which netted him about $86,000.
    Jones, who hasn’t yet been sentenced, remains employed by the Saints. Team spokesman Greg Bensel said the Saints are aware of the charges but have no further comment.

  15. yes they are all just human beings,but i dont think lewand has thousands upon thousands of kids looking up to him as a role model,these players bask in the celebrity,they should be held to a higher standard,they for the most part make double what these execs make,get 100 times the attention,and yes the players should have the hammer come down on them harder

  16. Several players have been convicted of DUI and not punished by the commish (Khalif Barnes, for one), so it would be a double standard for Goodell to place additional punishment on Lewand.

  17. Goodell did say owners and coaches would be held to a higher standard than the players, so it wouldn’t matter if Lewand was a first time offender or not. He got arrested for driving drunk. Maybe he should have called that safe ride number the league encourages players to call.

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