"Several teams" in the mix for Flozell Adams

The Hotel, tackle Flozell Adams, made brief trips to Denver and Pittsburgh this offseason to display his wares.  But he remains very available, his agent would like to remind you.

Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports Adams continues to look for “the best fit.”  (And by “best fit” he means “most money.”)  A signing with Pittsburgh doesn’t appear imminent — it’s uncertain if the Steelers are willing to meet Adams’ price.  It sounds like the left tackle remains happy to see if there are any more injuries in training camp that could spark a bidding war.

If Adams doesn’t choose the Steelers, La Canfora writes that Pittsburgh plans to change around their whole offensive line.  Max Starks could move from left tackle to right tackle, and Trai Essex would move from right guard to left tackle.  (That leaves right guard open, for the reading impaired.)

We’re curious if the Steelers fans out there think Flozell is worth the money and if Essex on the left side scares the crap out you.

19 responses to “"Several teams" in the mix for Flozell Adams

  1. Depending on what he is after……I believe the Steelers should pop for a 2 year deal, front loaded in case a new CBA is consummated. Trai Essex at LT scares me to death…….

  2. If Adams doesn’t choose the Steelers, Pittsburgh plans to change around their whole offensive line. Max Starks could from left tackle to right tackle, and Trai Essex would move from right guard to left tackle. (That leaves right guard open, for the reading impaired.)
    “Max Starks could from left tackle to right tackle,…”
    Well, it’s “Max Starks could MOVE from left tackle to right tackle” for the writing impaired Gregg.
    And I’m interested to see where you got this information that the Steelers do in fact plan to change around their whole offensive line. Most time’s people cite things as fact, they usually, you know, cite the source.
    Unless you’re Chris Landry.
    But I didn’t know the “whole offensive line” was going to change either…I guess Kemoeatu and Hartwig are out of their jobs? Schmuck.

  3. ROFL,
    Just how much does Flozell think he’s worth?
    Last season he was arguably the worst lineman in Dallas –
    8 sacks, 7 QB hits, & 34 QB pressures (yes, that’s 34)
    that along with the 5th most penalties for an offensive lineman in the NFL (12).
    Looking at that he was personally responsible for disrupting/killing approx 4 Offensive drives/game. How many offensive possessions does a team normally get in an average game – 8-10 – so the guy disrupted half of Dallas offensive possessions.
    They guy is toast. anyone who signs him is wasting their money.

  4. Concur. Adams has clearly over-valued his “worth.” His play last year was awful and Dallas currently isn’t happy with their line, but have absolutely NO interest in their former starter. Shouldn’t that tell you something?
    Essex simply has never been good enough to play the edge, not even RT let alone LT. Can’t imagine that the Steelers would move Starks to RT & then play Essex at the critical LT spot. No team could be that stupid.
    Message to Steelers – please check out a more serviceable option like Mike Gandy, and maybe Willie Anderson. Also, may I suggest a phone call be placed to San Diego re Marcus McNeill.

  5. They guy is toast. anyone who signs him is wasting their money.
    It isn’t a question of whether or not he’s good. We can all agree he isn’t GOOD. It’s a matter of HOW BAD he is. Is he WORSE than what a team already has? If so, move on. If he’s BETTER than what a team currently has….you’ve at least got to look at it. An upgrade is an upgrade even if you’re moving out of the septic tank and into the toilet.

  6. Wouldn’t it make more sense to leave the LT (Starks) alone, move the RG (Essex) to RT, and then move either Kraig Urbik or Maurkice Pouncey (if he’s not going to start at center) to RG? The transition from RG to LT doesn’t seem like it would be an easy one – a different position, plus a different side – and one you don’t want to screw up since it is such an important position. The other option would be to move Jonathan Scott in to RT, and now you’re not asking anyone to learn a new position.
    If Essex was a weak spot for the Steelers’ line at guard, wouldn’t he be even a weaker spot as a starting tackle? I think moving Scott to RT makes a whole lot more sense than moving three players around.

  7. one also has to consider future growth or improvement potential.
    the rummy u have now may have some future potential.
    commander leg whip has hit the wall and will not get better.

  8. Flozell is available because he’s terrible. Not worth any money.
    Essex scares me sitting on the bench never mind at tackle, never mind at left tackle!

  9. Didnt Essex play left tackle in the 2007 playoff game against the Jaguars ? Didnt he play for the hurt Marvel Smith ? Hell bring back Marvel smith to play right tackle over Adams .

  10. Neither “Blind Willie” Colon or a Hotel that is open past closing time seems to have protected Roethlisberger very well in the past.

  11. False start flo
    I am sure he will bring his a game to what every team he plays for.
    I also know that Justin Tuck would love to line up againest him one more time
    Flo is a bum and a cheap shot artist
    He should go to his other job on the back of a trash truck

  12. the whole line is crap so what makes a difference. It’s been patch work for the last few years. No change here same crap different year. Oh yeah and they want to run the ball….ahhh okay.

  13. Ravens Fan says:
    June 30, 2010 4:57 PM
    Please put Essex over at left tackle. I beg you Squeelers.
    Haha..That was actually funny considering it was from a Ravens Fan..But can’t you Hamburglars talk amongst yourselves in your own Team News? Quite flattering that you always weasel in on Steeler news, but damn..Go stalk out the Bungles, or what’s going on with your buck- toothed QB who looks like Bert from bert&ernie…

  14. Max Starks could move from left tackle to right tackle, and Trai Essex would move from right guard to left tackle. (That leaves right guard open, for the reading impaired.)
    If your best left tackle is your right guard, there is more to the story than an open-hole joke, Greggg.

  15. Yeah, I totally don’t get this – why move your blindside tackle (Starks) to RT to move a guard out of position to take on the other teams’ best pass rusher? Neither Big Ben or Leftwich (I’m presuming he starts the first 4-6 games) are lefties. What gives?
    The only thing I could possibly think is that the feeling is that Starks is more of a roadgrader than Essex and they want him to be part of a strong right side of the line. But that makes no sense because you mess up the right side of your line moving Essex from guard. And if Essex can’t push the pile why the hell was he the right guard in the first place?
    Essex has played tackle before, I guess the feeling is Essex and Starks are their best tackle combo and they are better with Starks on the right for some reason.
    I really don’t understand this…

  16. Starks isn’t nasty enough for the right side.
    Urbick has the disposition to play RT if he can physically handle it.
    Essex wasn’t going to start at RG this year anyway.

  17. Im gunna start blogging to shut u idiots up who no nothing about football. u throw stats out there ask tony romo will he miss flo. i bet he does when he is running for his life. 4 million reported asking price for adams is cheap, im a cowboys fan i hate he has to go to another team. he shut down peppers, tuck, osi, trent cole, dude from washington. premier pass rushers are on the right side of the defense. he didnt miss a down until the 2nd playoff game. 8 sacks romo threw over 600 passes . and how many of those were coverage sacks. orlando pace got 6 million with the bears was super done, adams is twice the player he was at this age. ohh and the panalties jason witten and mark columbo had more penalties than adams.he does struggle with super quick smaller guys like the linebacker from denver. but hell who didnt. you idiots need to watch football and learn it before u go talking about something u dont no. 4 million is a bargain. i just hope he doesnt end up in nfc east

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