What to do with Tom Lewand

Florio may be away, but the PFTV show rolls on.  (Plus I’m looking for some posts to fill space while I put the finishing touches on our second fantasy magazine.)

In this episode, the boys discuss the fallout from Lions president Tom Lewand’s arrest. 

Roger Goodell plans to speak with Lewand soon.  After that happens, will Lewand get suspended and for how long? 

You don’t have to watch the whole video, but just click it so we get credit.  These 24-hour vacations (when you still put up posts anyway) aren’t free.


14 responses to “What to do with Tom Lewand

  1. Well, first off send his ass to rehab.
    2nd, and a worse punishment. Force him to stay in Detroit for 5 years!!

  2. Hahahaha overkil2. That’s punishment enough for him. Should make him sign an extension with the Lions. OR tell him he’s being transplanted to the Raiders.

  3. Don’t you guys ever report on anything “FOOTBALL RELATED”????
    Last time I checked, Goodell wasn’t handing out any huge fines or suspensions to anybody for a first offense DUI ticket.
    This guy is squeaky clean except for one speeding ticket, 35 in a 30 mph zone.

  4. Thats everyones answer: Rehab. Though he probably will go so that he will look good in front of the court system.

  5. Tell Florio the fish he catches in those mine tailing polluted swamps may not be big, but the malignant tumors they create after being eaten can be massive.

  6. Give the guy a break already… it’s not like he got out of his car and went after the cop, brought him to the ground and attempted to grab his sidearm. He got a D.U.I.!!!! HE WAS DRIVING DRUNK! Yes, that’s a STUPID thing to do but jesus fargin’ christ…
    no more articles please, stay on vacation.

  7. How much of a problem is it to the Lions? If he’s in “Active Recovery”, and he’s at a charity function of a former player where others are present that know of his “problem”, then why isn’t anyone stepping in?
    This is just systemic of Lions’ management starting right at the top. Lewand is a YesMan, so WCF will back him just like he did Millen. This crap isn’t stopping anytime soon. Anyone who negotiated a deal to sign Nate Burleson at $10 million guaranteed and $5 mill a year obviously isn’t good at his job.
    I hope Coach Schwart survives his two or three years under this regime with enough of his reputation intact to get a head coaching job with a team willing to do what it takes to win.

  8. Second fantasy magazine?
    Just finished reading the first from cover to cover and I did not notice one typo. Congratulations.

  9. I can’t believe you guys are still talking about this ridiculous NON FOOTBALL story!
    ….oh wait….actually, yes I can.
    What else is new?

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